TBLF Ch. 80

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The little chick from the first grade held his stomach and knelt on the ground for a long time but didn’t get up. Ji Rang glanced a few times, then turned around and said to Yu Zhuo: “It’s better not to resist beating.”

Yu Zhuo: “???”

Damn you!

Ji Rang shook his head, squatted down in front of the little chick, grabbed him by his neckline with his fingers, and pulled him up. He asked, “What’s your name?”

The little chick had finally learned the strength of the school bully, thinking that he used to be evil in junior high school, thinking that he had been on the top of the pyramid, and now he understood what the Qingshan Building was outside the mountain[1].

However, these teenaged boys had always valued principles and morals, and he had to admit defeat when they were singled out and said, “Cheng Nuo.”

Ji Rang thought that the name was quite special, and smiled: “Do you want to be a master of the sea?”

Cheng Nuo bit his lip and didn’t speak, thinking that the boss was taunting him. Ji Rang loosened his collar and patted him: “If you want to, let it be, you can do it.”

Before everyone knew what was going on, Yu Zhuo had already blurted out: “No!” Ji Rang glanced back at him, and Yu Zhuo said angrily: “I’m still in line!”

Ji Rang felt that the brother-in-law was hopeless.

He stood up and shook his hands. He was too lazy to mess with the second and first grade boys again and felt that he almost lowered his IQ: “Then you two discuss it and see if it’s a showdown or a turnaround year after year.”

What the hell can be done by taking turn???

Ji Rang didn’t care about them, and whispered to Qi Ying: “Let’s go, go eat.”

Qi Ying nodded, and before leaving, she told Yu Zhuo: “Don’t fight, I’ll tell uncle.”

Yu Zhuo: “!!!”

Why was he always hurt?!

Ji Rang didn’t care much about how the matter was resolved in the end. It’s like he never thought about being a school bully before, but he just fought casually and beat people, and later became the Haiyi school bully that everyone was afraid of somehow.

This was not a good reputation; he really didn’t understand what was the need to be competitive about it.

He kind of wanted to remove this label before graduation.

It took a few days for Qu Dazhuang to remember this and ran to him and told him that the two juniors had discussed it for a long time and felt that with him in school even for one day, their name as a school bully would be unjustified, so they decided to wait first. And decided to talk after his graduation.

The wrongdoer only would dominate.

Cheng Nuo was pretty mixed in junior high school, and his family was rich. From the beginning of the first year of high school he had been doing things every day, and he became famous faster than Ji Rang back then. As a result, when he was as quiet as a chicken in less than a month, everyone said he was cleaned up by Ji Rang. Now even the freshmen in high school knew that there was a big devil in the school.

There were too many legends about Ji Rang, even if he was now obsessed with learning, they still felt lingering fear when they talked about him. The freshmen heard a lot of rumors, and they automatically filled the image of a big and savage bully. The school sisters showed the photos of the big guy in the bulletin board, and they all sneaked in to worship.

It turned out that the boss was so fucking handsome!

Does this appearance and figure really exist???

Fight well, study well, look handsome, and have money at home. What kind of devil is this, he is clearly the lover of dreams!!!

So, Ji Rang unknowingly harvested a large number of little fans.

When he leaned on a chair to rest and played Rubik’s Cube after class, he heard suppressed screams in the corridor outside the door, glanced at it, and asked Qu Dazhuang: “Why are there so many people outside the classroom?”

Qu Dazhuang: “…You really don’t know anything about your popularity.”

Ji Rang: “?”

Qu Dazhuang though about something, and he came over to gossip with him: “Do you know why the little chicken in high school came to challenge you before?”

Ji Rang focused on restoring the Rubik’s Cube, but didn’t say anything about it: “Didn’t he want to be the school boss?”

“Yes!” Qu Dazhuang’s enthusiasm for gossip made Ji Rang think that his future career must be as a paparazzi. “Then do you know why he wants to be the school boss?”

“If you don’t finish talking in one breath, believe it or not I will beat you?”

Qu Dazhuang: “Because of a girl! Freshman grade flower, goddess level character! I went to see her, she’s so damn good! Of course, she’s not as good as your little fairy.” Qu Dazhuang said in order to survive, “I heard that Cheng Nuo has been chasing that girl since junior high school. It was also because of that girl that he came to Haiyi, but the girl said that she could only fall in love with the school boss, so the kid challenged you.”

After listening to this long list of gossip, the big guy exclaimed: “Oh.”

Qu Dazhuang: “You have nothing to say?”

Ji Rang: “No.”

Qu Dazhuang was anxious: “The flower of that level is clearly using you to get rid of the little chicken!”

Ji Rang: “Oh.” He finally restored the Rubik’s Cube, bumped his palm, and threw it to Qu Dazhuang: “I’m here for you.”

Qu Dazhuang: “…”

The gangster was so contemptuous of gossip, he probably didn’t want to know that the current grade had a rumor that he had cleaned up Cheng Nuo for the high-level flower. Qu Dazhuang felt that he didn’t need to tell him, he didn’t care anyway.

As a result, within two days, Ji Rang began to receive anonymous handmade custom cakes.

There was no name, no signature, and it was packed in a small pink box. The taste and style were different each time. Every morning, it will appear on his desk on time.

Two days ago, Ji Rang thought that someone had misplaced it and threw it on the lost and found rack at the back of the classroom. After appearing continuously in the next few days, he knew it was for him, and then threw it into the trash can.

When Qu Dazhuang saw it, he felt distressed: “Brother! Don’t you give it to me! I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.”

Ji Rang: “Then you can pick it up in the trash can.”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

Humph! Pick it up! Packed in a box anyway!

Qu Dazhuang ran to pick up the cake box. Fortunately, the trash box was empty in the morning, and all that was thrown away was some book draft paper. He opened the box and tasted it, with an expression that he hadn’t eaten anything good. “Fuck it’s delicious! It’s better than the Shanhai Dessert shop!”

Shanhai Dessert Shop was the one often visited by Ji Rang and Qi Ying.

Ji Rang was dubious: “Really?”

Qu Dazhuang diligently dug a spoonful: “You taste it!”

Ji Rang looked disgusted: “I don’t like sweet food.”

Qu Dazhuang happily finished eating the little cake, patted his chest and promised: “Brother! From now on, this brother will help you solve it every morning!”

Ji Rang glanced at him thoughtfully.

When he arrived in the classroom the next morning, the little cake was there again. Qu Dazhuang was going to get it excitedly, Ji Rang slapped his hand away, picked up the cake and walked out.

In the Class 2 classroom, Qi Ying was drinking milk while reciting words, biting her straw and shaking her head. She was so cute.

The girl in the front row called her: “Yingying, big Guy is looking for you.”

She looked up and saw Ji Rang who was standing at the door, her eyes curled with a smile, and she ran out holding the milk, softly asking him: “What’s the matter?”

Ji Rang gave her the little cake: “Qu Dazhuang said it’s delicious, you can try it.”

She loved sweets so much. She was really happy to see the exquisite cake in the box. She took a bite, and her eyes were bright, “Wow, it’s really delicious.”

Ji Rang laughed: “I will bring it to you every day from now on.”

So, Qi Ying had a happy time eating the handmade custom cakes every morning.

Time flew to the end of the month.

Although there was a small exam and a five-day exam in the third year of high school, the importance of the monthly exam was second only to the model exam at the end of the year. It reflected the overall situation of students at the current stage before the next semester. Grades were very important.

Among them, the Class 9 of senior high school were paying the most attention.

After studying cautiously for a month, they will be tested now! They didn’t know which lucky goose would be invited by the big guy to the rooftop to have tea in the end. They were waiting to see!

The monthly test lasted for two days, and the class continued after the test, and there was no time for the high school students to breathe. The teachers were also busy, they not only had to teach class, but also had to work overtime to correct the test papers and get the results.

Class 9 waiting fearfully, ushered in the monthly exam results.

When Liu Yao walked into the classroom, his face was full of smiles. He took the transcript to the stage and said excitedly: “Classmates! Everyone has made great progress this time! Our class has made progress in the top 100 list. Ten! Double more than before! The average score in the class has also been improved by two points! I have seen the hard work of everyone since this time, students, there will be gains from giving, and you must continue like this. Jiayou! “

After speaking, he took the lead in applauding, but found that everyone in the seat was lacking in interest.

What happened?

The class bell rang, and the next lesson was not his class. Liu Yao praised everyone a few more words before he walked out of the classroom. As soon as he left, the students immediately started whispering below.

——Have the statistics come out? Who has the least improved score?

——I don’t know, the academic committee is still counting!

——Good grades are so bad! The room for improvement is too small!

——Ouuuuu, this kind of waiting for death feeling is so terrible, hurry up and get the results!

There was a gloom in the classroom of Class 9 but Liu Yao didn’t know it. He was so happy that his steps were a little wandering. When he walked back to the office, several teachers were congratulating him.

Liu Yao smiled with folds on his face. When sitting down at his desk, he suddenly found a greeting card tied with a ribbon on the desk.

He picked it up and found that the transcript of the ninth class was contained in the greeting card.

Liu Yao was a little puzzled. He looked at the transcript first before seeing the words in the greeting card:

——Thank you. This is your belated Teacher’s Day gift; we will continue to work hard and live up to your expectations.

Sincerely, all the students in Class 9 of Senior Three.

Liu Yao’s hand froze.

After reacting, tears were already in his eyes.

Because of the late Teacher’s Day gift from Class 9 students, Liu Yao, who originally planned to take up the physical education period, waved his hand and let them go to physical education.

After entering the third year of high school, there was basically no chance of having any physical education classes. They heard that this class was on time, and everyone rushed to the playground like a swarm.

When they were busy, the physical education teacher did not embarrass them, so they gathered together, ran two laps around the field, and the teacher announced the disbandment and free activities.

Shen Yue happened to be in class with the first year of high school, and it was a long time since he played with Ji Rang. After disbanding, he invited Ji Rang to play. The girls who were free in the playground quickly gathered around the basketball court, especially the freshman students.

Every time Ji Rang scored a basket, he caused screaming cheers.

Shen Yue couldn’t help joking: “You kid, you are very popular.”

He picked up his school uniform and wiped his sweat, then threw the basketball back: “I’m going back to the classroom, I will play next time.”

Seeing that the game was over and Ji Rang was about to leave, a few girls in the crowd hurriedly pushed a tall and attractive girl forward: “Hurry up, Yiyi! He’s leaving!”

Xie Yiyi was holding water and a towel in his hands, with a shy expression on her face, and she hesitated to step forward: “Okay? He doesn’t even recognize me.”

“Why doesn’t he know? You have given away cakes for more than half a month! He accepted you if he didn’t throw them! Hurry up!”

Encouraged by the crowd, Xie Yiyi finally mustered up his courage, trotted a few steps forward, blocked Ji Rang who was walking back, and handed over the water and towel: “Senior Ji, here you are.”

Ji Rang was burying his head, picking up the hem of his school uniform and wiping sweat, and did not even notice her.

Then Xie Yiyi watched Ji Rang pass by without stopping.

Xie Yiyi was stunned. She didn’t expect this scene at all, and subconsciously shouted: “Ji Rang Senior!”

Ji Rang stopped and looked back at her. His eyes were indifferent, because she was slow to speak, they gradually showed a trace of impatience, turning around to leave.

Xie Yiyi quickly said: “Don’t you know me?”

Ji Rang looked indifferent: “Should I know you?”

Xie Yiyi felt that the cakes that she had given away anonymously for so long was simply too uneconomical, so she quickly stated her identity: “I give you small cakes every day. I made them by myself.”

Ji Rang raised his eyebrows and said clearly, “You gave it to me.”

Xie Yiyi breathed a sigh of relief and smiled shyly: “Yeah.”

Ji Rang said, “I was also trying to find you.” He took out his cell phone, Xie Yiyi’s heartbeat quickened, and she walked forward two steps shyly, and said in her heart, that this is asking for the contact method, right?

She heard Ji Rang say: “I will transfer you the money for the cake.”

Xie Yiyi was taken aback; “No…”

Ji Rang continued: “I will pay the money for the second half of the year together, but the delivery address needs to be changed and sent directly to the Class 2 of the third year in the future.”

Xie Yiyi: “???”


The junior flower ran away crying.

From the next day, there were no cakes on Ji Rang’s desk.

As soon as the morning self-study was over, Qi Ying ran to the Class 9 classroom, scratching the door frame with her head and looking inside.

Qu Dazhuang shouted: “The little fairy is looking for you, brother.”

Ji Rang looked up from the vocabulary book and saw the little baby with expectant eyes at the door, his intuition told him this was not good.

He went out, the little baby looked up at him with a small face and looked at him softly, and asked, “Where is the little cake today?”

Ji Rang: “…”

The boss couldn’t help thinking. The little cake could not be bought. If he went to buy the recipe, would the other party sell it?

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[1] There’s always someone better out there.

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