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When Zhu Jiaguang got under the stands, he saw Zhu Ling crying on the side while Chi Fang was standing not far away. Because Chi Fang was not facing him, Zhu Jiaguang couldn’t see his expression either, but subconsciously moved forward, blocking his sister behind him.

“Chi Fang, do you think…”

Chi Fang’s cold gaze shifted from Zhu Ling to him, Zhu Jiaguang felt a chill in his heart, and swallowed the rest of the words directly.

“Clothes.” Chi Fang stretched out his hand and said coldly.

Zhu Jiaguang swallowed and returned the clothes to Chi Fang, his hands trembling slightly. Chi Fang glanced at him coldly, said nothing, turned around and walked out of the shadows. When Chi Fang turned to the front of the stands, Zhu Jiaguang breathed a sigh of relief.

On the field, Yu Mo had already reached the sixth lap. Chi Fang went to the stand, took Yu Mo’s school uniform and went to the finish line to wait for him.

In the last lap, the second place was almost one lap behind Mo. Yu Mo didn’t even make the final sprint, so he ran the three kilometers without hurries. Seeing that Yu Mo crossed the finish line, Chi Fang took a step forward. Before he could speak, he was embraced by Yu Mo.

It felt a little different from when he had just finished running. At that time, his mind was full of blindness. Not to mention being held, even if he was being supported to walk, he didn’t feel much. However, he was completely awake now, and was held in his arms by Yu Mo.

Yu Mo, who had just run three kilometers, felt a half-degree warmer than the temperature at the end of April, and even the roots of Chi Fang’s ears were stained with heat. He coughed slightly, and backed away, “I will help you. Right.”

Yu Mo’s arm was still clinging tightly.

Chi Fang had no choice but to let him hold it, but the temperature on his face was getting higher and higher, and he faintly did not dare to look at the eyes of the people around him.

After a while, Yu Mo slowly withdrew his hand, his eyes were quite clear, “En.”

Chi Fang coughed lightly and reached out to hold Yu Mo in his arms. Yu Mo’s 180 cm body hung on Chi Fang. Looking from the back, it seemed as if Yu Mo was holding Chi Fang in his arms. Pang Zifei, who was standing not far away, slammed his footsteps. He felt inexplicably that he should not go forward.

Chi Fang helped Yu Mo to the side of the stand before letting go. Yu Mo sat down on the stand, looking at Chi Fang a little confused, standing there in a daze.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Mo asked with a relieved breathing. The sound of his heartbeat just after running was a little more rushing than usual, and it fell in his ears as if it was a sudden jumble of notes.

Chi Fang stared at Yu Mo blankly, and suddenly recovered for a long while, and took a step back abruptly, “No, it’s okay, I’ll go to Pang Zifei.”

After speaking, Yu Mo did not say anything, so he took a few steps back from the stand and ran down.

When Chi Fang arrived on the track, he was relieved when he was sure that Yu Mo could not see him.

“What’s wrong, Chi Xiaofang?” Pang Zifei was holding a fan, but it was a pity that that little breeze was useless in this weather.

Chi Fang paused, turned his head abruptly, and stared at Pang Zifei for a long time. Pang Zifei was overwhelmed by Chi Fang’s deadly gaze, and his hand movements became slower and slower, and finally the whole person froze like a sculpture.

Chi Xiaofang’s eyes were also terrifying.

Pang Zifei pondered for a moment, and carefully asked: “Yu Mo provoked you?”

When he heard that sentence, the redness that had just gone down on Chi Fang’s face deepened a lot. Fortunately, the sun was shining, and it was not so obvious. Chi Fang took a deep breath, took a step forward, and hugged Pang Zifei tightly.

Pang Zifei: ???

Yu Mo who came to Chi Fang not far away: …

Before Pang Zifei understood what the Chi Fang was smoking, he clearly felt a vicious look coming from behind him. He regained his senses abruptly and was about to break away from Chi Fang. As a result, he didn’t know whether Chi Fang was strong or what, but he couldn’t break free for a while.

Chi Fang hugged Pang Zifei for a while, and determined that apart from being calm, he only had dislike for Pang Zifei. He let go of his hand in doubt, and when he looked up, he saw Yu Mo standing behind Pang Zifei.

He wanted to run again.

Chi Fang couldn’t run away this time. He stared at the ground and waited until Yu Mo came over before determining his mood. He raised his head and smiled and said, “Why are you here too?”

Yu Mo endured and endured, before he threw Pang Zifei out. Although he knew that Pang Zifei didn’t mean much to Chi Fang, he was still very angry when he saw Chi Fang taking the initiative to hug Pang Zifei.

Chi Fang hadn’t taken the initiative to hug him yet!

Pang Zifei felt Yu Mo’s chilly gaze inexplicably, and cautiously stepped back a few steps, “I…I have something to do, I will leave first.” After speaking, the whole person quickly disappeared at a speed that was completely incompatible with the body shape.

When the sports meeting passed, Yu Mo helplessly discovered that Chi Fang began to avoid himself again. Although he knew that this was progress, but it was still a bit uncomfortable.

Yu Mo raised his head and glanced; Chi Fang was sitting in his seat doing the questions. In the past, every time he took a self-study class, Chi Fang would come to the empty seat on his left, so that he could ask questions. In the past few days, Chi Fang sat in his seat calmly, did not move, and even the frequency of problems dropped.

The classmates also found that Chi Fang seemed to be quarreling with Yu Mo. As for why it wasn’t Yu Mo quarreling with Chi Fang…Seriously, with Yu Mo’s temper that couldn’t say three sentences, it would be weird for him to quarrel with others.

It’s just that no one knew what the cause was. When someone with gossipy spirit asked about it to Pang Zifei, Pang Zifei just shook his head with a deep expression.

In fact, he didn’t know anything.

Pang Zifei asked Chi Fang once but was stared at by Chi Fang doing math problems for three consecutive days. What he had was called dizziness. How could he dare to ask more?

Chi Fang rectified Pang Zifei, and subconsciously glanced at the back seat. Seeing that the seat was empty, he was stunned for a moment. Then he remembered that Yu Mo was called by the head teacher.

It was estimated that it was a matter of sorting.

Many classmates in the class had also talked to the head teacher. Most of them had no idea about the division of arts and sciences, but simply felt that they did not want to study mathematics, but in fact, arts and sciences have a lot to do with the major you wanted to apply for in the future.

“Do you plan to choose liberal arts or science?” Chi Fang asked Pang Zifei.

Pang Zifei gave an expression, and his expression was unexpectedly a little hesitant. Chi Fang thought he would directly say that he was going to the liberal arts. Could it be that Pang Zifei hadn’t given up on his science?

Chi Fang came with interest, “Do you want to learn theory?”

Pang Zifei shuddered and shook his head fiercely and quickly.

Chi Fang was speechless, “Isn’t it just a selection of essays.” He thought Pang Zifei was going to be surprised.

Pang Zifei shook his head silently.

Chi Fang paused, neither choosing the text nor choosing the rationale… “You, you are not dropping out, right?”

He also just guessed casually, unexpectedly Pang Zifei actually nodded. Chi Fang was shocked, just because no one was watching this class, Chi Fang grabbed Pang Zifei and slipped out through the back door.

After Yu Mo had finally dealt with the head teacher, he saw Chi Fang dragging Pang Zi away as soon as he returned to the classroom.

Pang Zifei followed Chi Fang to the school’s grove and sighed deeply when he thought of the invitation letter he had received.

“What are you talking about???” Chi Fang was shocked, staring at Pang Zifei dumbfounded, “Are you going to drop out of school to play games?!”

Chi Fang’s whole person was not good, and there was no such episode at this time in the previous life.

Pang Zifei nodded.

The relationship between Chi Fang and Yu Mo was actually closer than the one between them. Although he was a little upset about Chi Fang being abducted so quickly, he had to admit that with Yu Mo, he could accept the invitation without worrying about Chi Fang being bullied when he was away.

If it were not for Yu Mo, he might not hesitate at all and would simply refuse the invitation.

“You…why?” Chi Fang didn’t quite understand. Although Pang Zifei had always liked playing games, it was entertainment in Chi Fang’s eyes. Although Pang Zifei was not interested in his previous life until the university, he didn’t just… Drop out of school.

Pang Zifei touched the back of his head, “Chi Xiaofang, you know me, I am really not interested in learning, and…seriously, this opportunity is very rare. If I miss this one, I might not have another.”

“I’ve been decadent since childhood, I haven’t shown much interest in anything, like Chi Xiaofang, you can make up your mind to study, but I’m not really the material to study. I also thought about what I would do in the future, but then I thought I will play the game too. And … there is only such a thing, I persisted for a long time.” Pang Zifei rubbed his nose a bit embarrassed,” Maybe … this is my dream, right?”

Your dream is to play games… Chi Fang felt helpless, “Did you really think about it? If you quit school, you may regret it later, you may not have a chance to go back to school.”

Pang Zifei nodded, but there was a hint of frankness, “I thought about it, but I still want to try it, maybe I will succeed?”

How could it be so easy… Chi Fang sighed but didn’t refute anything. In his memory, Pang Zifei had always been at ease. He had never seen Pang Zifei like this before, and he seemed to be full of expectations for the future.

“Then how are you going to tell Uncle Pang?” Chi Fang sighed.

With Uncle Pang’s temper, if Pang Zifei dared to quit school and ran to play games, even if it was a formal game, he would never agree. It would be fine if he did not break Pang Zifei’s leg.

“I don’t know…” Pang Zifei lied down.

He was also worried. It was easy to convince Chi Fang, but to convince his dad… Whatever dreams and everything he said to his dad was nonsense. His dad only cared about how many points he had on the exam and whether he could go to a good university.

“You…” Chi Fang hesitated to look at Pang Zifei. From a friend’s point of view, he hoped that Pang Zifei would be happy and do whatever he wanted. But from the perspective of an adult, although e-sports had indeed become a more formal industry afterwards, it had also been criticized a lot, not to mention that it was an area where Pang’s family had no authority. If Pang Zifei wanted to do this, he could only rely on himself. Chi Fang didn’t want Pang Zifei to bear this. “Have you really decided?”

Pang Zifei nodded and smiled and comforted him: “My dad…the worst he will do is expel me from the house. Right.”

Chi Fang didn’t have much to say and could only say one thing: “It’s okay, you can come to my house.”

For the next few days, Chi Fang was worried every day whether Pang Zifei would not come to school tomorrow, and he didn’t even think about the tangled issues before.

Several times when Yu Mo raised his head, he could find that Chi Fang stared at Pang Zifei for a few seconds, then turned his head back and sighed.

It was like looking at a disobedient son… This thought suddenly flashed through Yu Mo’s mind.

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