5BKCM Ch. 45

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The light in the room was orange, and it scattered on the table, casting a dreamy pink on the delicate and small gift box.

Inside the gift box was a pair of cufflinks, the double-sided cut gold crystal cufflinks unique to the Romantic Capital, which were clear and delicate, shining brightly under the light.

Nie Yu rested his chin with a thumb, narrowed his eyes slightly, and carefully looked at the cufflink on the table.

The box was the same brand and the same style, but the cufflinks were different, which suited him appropriately.

In other words, before he called her mother and she followed him home, she had already bought this pair of cufflinks for him.

Nie Yu’s heart seemed to be wrapped in sweet and warm cotton candy, which was something he had never felt before.

He had never been short of these small things. Every time the season changed, major brands and senior designers would send what he needed to his villa for him to choose, and his assistant would also help him match various clothing accessories.

Rubbing his face, he found himself giggling because of such a pair of small cufflinks.

“Hey!” He restrained his smirk, let himself sigh, and after sighing, he couldn’t help laughing again.

With a smile, he couldn’t help feeling proud: “She still misses me very much. She keeps teaching me a lesson all day long, but in fact she still remembers my birthday and she still bought me a birthday present, so I am in her heart, the same as Ji Qisen. I have the same status!”

When Nie Yu came to this conclusion, his whole body cheered up. He first took out his mobile phone, selected the light at a good angle, and took a photo of the cufflinks carefully, and then posted it on his Weibo, and wrote a line: “I like this pair of cufflink very much.”

After posting, regardless of what the fans on Weibo said, he turned off Weibo and began to carefully study the guide on “how to honor my mother” that he had collected before.

That Ji Qisen had been competing with him since he was a child, even if he was a little inferior in other aspects, he didn’t believe that he could not be as good as him in being a filial son!

If he wanted to be, he could be the number one filial son!

Gu Yuan felt that after she gave Nie Yu a gift, he seemed to feel embarrassed, and even hid in the room and didn’t come out. He didn’t come out until the time of cake cutting at night.

Gu Yuan and Camille sang a happy birthday song together, wishing the two brothers a happy birthday, but the two birthday stars didn’t sing, and just stood there. Later, Gu Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore, and directly took the fairy stick presented by the birthday cake, and slapped the heads of her two sons.

After being beaten, the two sons finally opened their mouths and sang happy birthday.

Gu Yuan quickly took out her mobile phone: “You two, get closer, get closer, smile and say eggplant!”

Nie Yu opened his mouth, wanting to speak, but didn’t say it.

Right now, his mind was full of the guide of being a filial son, but he didn’t realize it for a while.

As for Ji Qisen, he raised his eyebrows and didn’t care at all.

He didn’t like to laugh usually, why should he take pictures with Nie Yu and smile like a fool? Was he familiar with Nie Yu?

Unfamiliar with each other, apart from the fact that they were brothers by blood, the two had no relationship at all.

Just don’t want to take pictures with him.

Camille gestured with her mobile phone: “You each hold a piece of cake and smile.”

Gu Yuan: “Yes, yes, you can also wear this birthday hat.”

Nie Yu and Ji Qisen? Put on a birthday hat and hold a cake and shout eggplant?

Nie Yu was struggling between filial piety and sacrificing his image, and finally he chose image.

Nie Yu: “Mom! I suddenly feel uncomfortable, I have to go back to my room to rest, no, no, Mom, I can’t do it.”

As he was talking, he heard Ji Qisen suddenly say in a difficult way: “I, I’m not feeling well.”

When Nie Yu heard this, he became angry. How could this person be like this and imitate him? Do you have any new ideas?

Who knew that as soon as he finished speaking, Gu Yuan uttered an exclamation, and then Ji Qisen fell down there.

Nie Yu was dumbfounded.

Gu Yuan hurried over: “Qisen…,Qisen!”

She looked very anxious and worried.

Nie Yu gritted his teeth, okay Ji Qisen, play this trick for me?

Let’s see who is ruthless!

Nie Yu was heartbroken, closed his eyes, and fell to the ground.

So here Gu Yuan just ran to one son, and saw the other son also fall down.

Now Gu Yuan was dumbfounded, and shouted: “Qisen, Nie Yu? What’s wrong with you, hurry up, call a doctor! Isn’t there an emergency doctor on the island? Hurry up!”

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