IAPP Ch. 22

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Every morning in the past, Gu Anxin would say “morning” to Ling Yue first, then prepare breakfast, and then go to work.

But today…everything seemed to be different. Gu Anxin opened the door and saw Ling Yue who had already woken up. She wanted to say “morning”, but she couldn’t say it for a long time. Instead, she blushed.

“Morning.” Ling Yue spoke first, but with his back to her.

He seemed to have been very busy recently, and had been inseparable from his computer. Gu Anxin couldn’t understand what he was busy with… Thinking of this, Gu Anxin suddenly remembered the Anxin Group mentioned in yesterday’s news.

She was going to ask this yesterday, but after breaking into the bathroom for a kiss, she forgot all about Anxin Group, and now that she thought about it, she was still quite curious.

“That… What’s going on with Anxin Group? The name of your company really coincides with me…”

“Unfortunately.” Ling Yue interrupted her, shifting his gaze from the computer screen to her face, “At that time, Boss Xiao asked me to choose a name, and I thought of you, that’s why we have the name Anxin Group now.”

After Ling Yue finished explaining, he went back to the computer again.

However, Gu Anxin’s expression at this moment could already be described as wonderful. She thought it was a coincidence, but it turned out to be because of her! How could he think of her when he chose the name? It’s fine to think of her, how could Boss Xiao just follow his advice?

True… so casual!

However, looking at Ling Yue, he still remained calm, without any emotion, as if this was a trivial matter.

In fact, when Gu Anxin thought about it seriously, it wasn’t surprising that he thought of the name of the people around him when he chose the name, and it happened to be used, but why did she feel so… so hard to calm down?

Until she went to work, Gu Anxin was still in an erratic state. Last night was simply a watershed, dividing their relationship into natural and unnatural.

The current relationship between her and Ling Yue could be said to be extremely unnatural! Gu Anxin didn’t dare to look at him for more than a second!

After Gu Anxin left, Ling Yue called Alice, “Alice, prepare a bouquet of roses for me in the evening.”

Alice over there was with Xiao Yishan. Hearing Ling Yue’s order, she was a little sceptical, “Sir, I’m sorry I didn’t catch you just now, but you want me to prepare a bouquet of roses?”

Ling Yue never gave her such romantic orders, she had bought a few bunches for Xiao Yishan, now hearing what Ling Yue said, it was not surprising that she was surprised.

“Yes, roses, you are looking to buy, I want a lucky number.” Ling Yue hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

Alice over there said “yes” and hung up the phone, and Xiao Yishan walked over.

“Alice, did I hear you right? Just now your boss asked you to buy roses?” Xiao Yishan looked interested.

Alice nodded, Gu Anxin was the first one that came to her mind, it seemed that the boss was really interested in Gu Anxin.

“How sincere do you think he is?” Xiao Yishan put on a betting posture.

Alice thought for a while, “Sir, the current focus is on confronting Lingtian, and because he won’t spend too much energy on other things, probably because Miss Gu appears in front of him every day, he is a little tempted.”

The so-called long-term love was defined by Alice in this way, but she had been with Ling Yue for so long, and she really didn’t believe that Ling Yue was the type of person who would fall in love. He should be rational when making these decisions.


Xiao Yishan shook his head at Alice, “You are still a woman, why do you not believe in love so much? He was only attracted to Miss Gu because she appeared in front of him every day? Then you used to stay with him every day, why hasn’t he fallen in love with you for a long time?”

Xiao Yishan put it straight, and made Alice, who was not easy to blush, blush.

Alice raised her head and fought back, “Please, Young Master Xiao, don’t make fun of me and my boss, otherwise I don’t mind telling your new love, Miss Zheng Wanru, that you and your old love, Miss Xu Qingqing, are still in touch!”

After hearing her words, Xiao Yishan’s expression changed drastically, and he didn’t dare to say anything more.

But it couldn’t stop Xiao Yishan’s slander: really… there were subordinates like the master, Alice’s way of threatening people looked more and more like Ling Yue now, and she didn’t give people a way to survive at all!

Alice left Xiao Yishan’s side, and immediately did her homework on love-expressing roses, and ordered a bunch of 33 roses for Ling Yue in the evening, meaning I’ll love you for three lives and three generations.

Although Alice didn’t think that Ling Yue could love Gu Anxin, the bouquet would be too big if she bought 99 flowers. Now Ling Yue was inconvenient to move and he wouldn’t be able to hold it. Dozen or so flowers on the other hand would look shabby, so she could only choose 33 flowers.

When it was handed over to Ling Yue, he was still working, checking the software data and codes, and only glanced at the roses without paying much attention to them. This made Alice feel that he was just tempted by Gu Anxin, otherwise, he would surely care about this bouquet of roses.

However, Alice didn’t know that in Ling Yue’s mind, the roses were just a medium to pursue Gu Anxin. What he cared about was Gu Anxin, and he didn’t have much interest in this bouquet.

“Help me book a place, a western restaurant, near Dachuan Comic Company, it should be romantic.” Ling Yue ordered while working.

Such a romantic thing, coming out of his mouth, showing love to Gu Anxin seemed to have become a bidding, and he was bound to win.

Alice quickly nodded and went to do it. It seemed that Boss and Xiao Yishan had been friends for so long that he had learned some skills from Xiao Yishan. He actually knew how to go to western restaurants for a romantic dinner.

“Sir, can I ask a question?” Alice still couldn’t hold back, because this kind of Ling Yue was too abnormal.


“Why Ms. Gu? Your father introduced you to several famous ladies before, but you rejected them all. I don’t see any advantages of Ms. Gu that can make you take the initiative to pursue her.”

Regarding this question, Ling Yue thought about it, and found that he couldn’t seem to think of a perfect answer, why her? He also asked himself, but to no avail.

But he had to admit that whether he saw Gu Anxin wearing pyjamas, a shirt, or denim, he wanted to hug her, and whether she was crying, laughing, or sweating, he wanted to be close to her.

Ling Yue couldn’t answer Alice, but he was sure that he wanted Gu Anxin for no reason, whether it was physically or psychologically, he needed her!

Seeing that Ling Yue didn’t answer for a long time, Alice could only lower her head to express that she was being abrupt, and didn’t say any more.

Everything on Ling Yue’s side went smoothly, and he arrived at the western restaurant before Gu Anxin got off work. Everything was ready, except for Gu Anxin.

Ling Yue had never pursued a woman, but he was very confident. On the one hand, it was because Gu Anxin did not reject him when he kissed her last night. On the other hand, he did not need any reason. He had enough capital to maintain this kind of self-confidence, whether it was figure, face, or ability.

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