5BKCM Ch. 45: Allergies vs. Hypoglycemia

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Ji Qisen and Nie Yu both fell to the ground. The doctor on call at all time on the island quickly arrived and quickly checked the bodies of Ji Qisen and Nie Yu.

Gu Yuan looked at her two sons worriedly from the side. Nie Yu was better and there was nothing unusual, but his eyes were tightly closed, while Ji Qisen’s face was flushed, and it seemed that the situation was serious.

The two sons fainted at the same time, which made Gu Yuan think a lot: “Doctor, what’s the situation with them?”

She had already asked the housekeeper on the island just now, and she knew that although there were doctors on the island, they were all for ordinary first aid and medical treatment and were all general practitioners, if there was any serious problem, they would have to be rushed to the hospital closest to the island by helicopter.

After checking the body, the doctor turned around to look at Gu Yuan, and said respectfully: “We have already checked, Master Ji is allergic to jellyfish, we have anti-allergic drugs on the island, and they have been used by Master Ji to relieve allergic symptoms, there should be no problem.”


Gu Yuan was also puzzled: “But he is not allergic to seafood, why is he suddenly allergic now?”

The doctor explained: “Master Ji is not allergic to ordinary seafood, but only to jellyfish, a specific seafood.”

With an identity like Ji Qisen, he naturally had a professional and comprehensive physical examination every year, and his allergy to jellyfish would naturally be recorded. Although Ji Qisen had not been to this island a few times, since he was coming over, the island would naturally be equipped with his own emergency doctor, and the doctor would naturally be informed of Ji Qisen’s various physical conditions in advance, and the jellyfish allergy was specifically mentioned in the notes, which was why the island was equipped with anti-allergic drugs.

As for how Ji Qisen came into contact with jellyfish, that was unknown.

Gu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that Ji Qisen’s situation was under the doctor’s control. She looked at her other son and asked, “What about Nie Yu? What’s his situation?”

Ji Qisen’s cheeks and forehead were flushed. Thinking about it carefully, it really looked like an allergic symptom, but Nie Yu was different. His complexion was as usual, and she couldn’t see any abnormalities, but he kept his eyes closed tightly. What was the matter? What was going on?

The doctor hesitated for a moment, then shook his head: “Well…we have checked Young Master Nie’s body, and from all indicators, we didn’t find anything unusual about Young Master Nie.”

When he said that, he felt very embarrassed.

When he checked Young Master Nie’s body just now, Young Master Nie opened his eyes and glared at him. Those eyes were full of warnings.

He was wondering when he saw that as soon as Miss Gu came over, Young Master Nie immediately closed his eyes tightly, looking unconscious.

As a doctor, he immediately understood what this meant.

Young Master Nie did it on purpose. For some reason, he deliberately pretended to be dizzy.

Seeing Miss Gu’s worried look, the doctor was very conflicted, should he abide by professional ethics and keep the patient’s secrets, or pursue the truth and tell everything?

It was so difficult, being a doctor.

After hearing the doctor’s words, Gu Yuan became even more worried.

Sudden fainting must be wrong. If the doctor found out the cause, or prescribed the right medicine, or immediately flew him to a large hospital in the central city of Australia, at least he would have had a plan in mind, but now everything was as usual, and the cause was not known!

A disease of unknown variety was the scariest and most worrying thing.

The disease she had back then could not be found out and there was no cure, which cost a lot of money, and finally she had to turn to that research institute for help, so that the following things happened.

Thinking of this, Gu Yuan felt bad all over: “Then what should we do? If we can’t find out, then we have to continue to investigate, otherwise we should send a plane to send him to the nearest big hospital?”

The doctor coughed lightly, and hesitated for a while: “Since we have checked that there is no problem, then there should be no problem. He just fainted for a while, and it may be caused by hypoglycemia…”

Gu Yuan: “Hypoglycemia! How could he have hypoglycemia? Didn’t you just say that all the test indicators are normal?”

The doctor wiped off his sweat and quickly explained: “Miss Gu, don’t worry, I will explain slowly. Hypoglycemia is just a guess. He just passed out, he probably has recovered by now.”

Low blood sugar? Recovered by himself?

Gu Yuan was stunned, did he bully her because she didn’t understand medical knowledge?

Looking at this doctor, Gu Yuan had serious doubts about this doctor’s professionalism. Could he do it? What happened to Nie Yu? Or was it some serious problem, so the doctor was hiding it from her?

But… Now that Nie Yu had relatives present, how could the doctor hide things by himself?

After Gu Yuan was silent for a moment, she turned around and ran out to make a phone call.

At a time like this, she couldn’t make the decision, so she had to contact Nie Yu’s father, Nie Nanqing, as soon as possible.

She had Nie Nanqing’s phone number and WeChat, but given their identities, it was embarrassing for either of them to meet each other, so apart from the last incident, the two had never been in touch.

Now a call was made, and it took a while to be picked up.

“Hello, who are you?” There were very few people who knew Nie Nanqing’s private phone number, so even though it was an unfamiliar number, Nie Nanqing still answered it.

“Hello, Mr. Nie, I’m Gu Yuan.”

“Oh, Miss Gu, hello Miss Gu.”

Nie Nanqing was obviously surprised by Gu Yuan’s phone call, so he hurriedly said hello. After a slightly awkward greeting, Gu Yuan explained Nie Yu’s situation: “Qisen is allergic to jellyfish, but Nie Yu also fainted. Yes, the situation is unknown, and the doctor can’t tell why, but he said that it might be hypoglycemia. I doubt it, so I think, should I…, should he be sent to a big hospital for a physical examination as soon as possible, otherwise, if something happens, it will be bad if it is delayed.”

Nie Nanqing was worried when he heard that his son had fainted inexplicably. He hurriedly asked the doctor about the situation, and finally asked the doctor to answer the phone. The doctor answered the phone and glanced at Gu Yuan with flickering eyes. Then he went into the room to check the conditions of the two patients.

He was relieved, and quickly reported what he knew to Mr. Nie in a low voice.

Mr. Nie on the opposite side: “…”

How could he have such a son!

The doctor: “Mr. Nie, Mr. Nie?”

Nie Nanqing took a deep breath, tried hard to hold back the urge to do a paternity test again, and finally said seriously: “Give the phone to Miss Gu again.”

Gu Yuan did not expect that after Nie Nanqing communicated with the doctor, Nie Nanqing actually said that his son had had hypoglycemia since he was a child. This happened every time he had an attack. It was not a big deal. He just needed to rest and take good care of himself. He would be fine the next day after a good night’s sleep.

Gu Yuan was relieved, since Nie Yu’s father knew his son’s situation very well, it would be easy.

At this time, Camille helped Gu Yuan and directed Nie Yu and Ji Qisen to be moved to two rooms next to each other and found two attendants and nurses to take care of them respectively. Finally, the farce came to an end.

Camille had been helping the doctor in moving the two, so she was too tired and she went back to rest first, but Gu Yuan was a little worried. Although there was a nurse, what if the nurse cheated and played tricks?

She thought that she should stay and take care of her two sons.

She first went to Ji Qisen’s room. In the middle of the day, she saw that her son’s handsome face was still flushed, and there were fine red rashes near the ears, which were obviously symptoms of allergies.

The allergic son had his eyes closed tightly, with his thin lips pursed tightly, and was frowning slightly, as if he was thinking about the company’s strategy even in a coma.

Gu Yuan sighed softly, raised her hand, and helped him smooth the bulge between his eyebrows.

The son lying on the bed with his eyes closed looked weak and quiet.

Looking at such a son, she suddenly remembered seeing him for the first time.

That was when she was at her worst, and her son came down from the sky to take care of her, help her, and give her all the support she needed.

From the first time she saw her son, her son had seemed omnipotent, respectful and indifferent, but considerate and tolerant, so that she would subconsciously feel that this son was omnipotent, an overlord who would never fall down.

But now, he was defeated by a tiny jellyfish who he was allergic to.

The handsome face became like this, lying there weakly.

This kind of person made people feel distressed, and it also made Gu Yuan start to wonder, was there a little child hidden in Ji Qisen’s heart, a little child who longed for his mother’s love?

She sat silently for a while, and it happened that it was time to change Ji Qisen’s dressing. She hurriedly got up to help take care of him, and brought a warm towel to wipe her son’s face, neck and limbs.

When she raised her hand to wipe him with a towel, perhaps the warm and moist feeling stimulated him a little, and he opened his eyes weakly.

Seeing him wake up, she was also surprised: “Qisen, are you awake? How do you feel now?”

Ji Qisen looked at her quietly without speaking.

With this appearance, he was obviously a twenty-three-year-old adult, but he looked so obedient and helpless.

For a moment, Gu Yuan almost wanted to hug him impulsively.

But she didn’t, she just stretched out her hand and held his hand: “Qisen?”

Ji Qisen’s eyelids drooped: “Mom, I’m fine, thank you.”

His voice was hoarse.

Something seemed to be released in Gu Yuan’s heart all of a sudden, a sour taste filled her chest, and she even had an urge to cry.

When she woke up, twenty-five years had passed, and the people and things in the past had changed beyond recognition. What else did she have in this world?

How fortunate that she agreed to Dr. Luo’s request and donated five eggs, leaving five traces of life in this world. While she was asleep, these five traces of life had taken root and sprouted, growing into existences that moved her.

Ji Qisen felt Gu Yuan’s strangeness: “Mom?”

Gu Yuan: “It’s nothing, I just remembered… I don’t know what happened to the other three eggs I left behind back then, and what kind of person they became.”

Ji Qisen realized something, coughed lightly, and said: “In addition to me and Nie Yu, I also found one of the five back then. He should be seventeen years old this year. He is the son of a scientist. Wait until we get back. After that, I will try to contact him for my mother.”

The son of a scientist?

Gu Yuan slowly savoured these words and nodded.

When Ji Qisen said this, he was a little tired, but he still said weakly: “I am also checking up on the other two. The first one is too old and there is too little information left. The last one seems to have a high status and is kept secret. It may take some time to find them.”

Seeing him like this, Gu Yuan knew that he was tired, so she hurriedly said: “You rest first, don’t worry about this, we will talk about it later.”

Ji Qisen nodded slightly, hummed, and closed his eyes.

He should be very tired and fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.

Gu Yuan stood quietly by the side, thinking to take care of him for a while, but at this moment, she heard a weak voice from the next room: “Water, water…”

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