TBLF Ch. 98.1

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The secretly despised Yue Li, who wanted her little friend to become steel, was completely dead.

Then she thought: Forget it, this person only saw her big devil, and her fan filter had been very thick since high school. Collecting a protection fee could be said to be robbing the rich and helping the poor by her. After everything was said and done, she just loved him.

The next day was Monday. Although Yue Li took a leave of absence and had her flight on that day, Ji Rang and Qi Ying both had classes and had no time to send her off. After the supper, the three said goodbye, and made an appointment to see each other in Haicheng during the summer vacation.

Yue Li also said excitedly: “Yingying, come back early in the summer vacation, we will celebrate your nineteenth birthday together.”

She nodded obediently.

City B was gradually warming up, and Qi Ying’s professional courses were also very busy. So, there was no time to go to the police academy to find Ji Rang. They were not even able to meet on weekends. He seemed to be busy with something too. He took the morning off to accompany her every Saturday. After lunch, he left in a hurry with the excuse that something was going on at school.

This state lasted until the end of the semester, when the summer vacation was almost upon them. Ji Rang was busier than before.

When she came out of the classroom after the last exam, Xia Xiao stopped talking, and finally couldn’t help but sneak towards her ear and say, “Is there something wrong with your handsome guy recently? Do you want to check him out?”

Qi Ying had always been soft, and it was rare for her to stare at anyone with a straight face: “Don’t talk nonsense, he is not that kind of person.”

Xia Xiao stuck out her tongue and shook her arm: “Yingying, don’t be angry, I am sorry. It’s been a long time since I saw him, so I’m a little worried. A good-quality boy like him is really in demand. There must be a lot of people coveting him. Yingying, you have to take good care of him.”

Qi Ying looked at her seriously: “No, I don’t need to look for him.”

She was so determined that Xia Xiao didn’t want to say anything else. She just complained to Ouyang Bi privately to reflect that Qi Ying was a little naive, and she was really unaware that the world was sinister. He won’t, but if they couldn’t stand it, others might take the initiative to pounce on him.

The summer vacation was officially starting on the third day after the medical department finished their exams.

Qi Ying called Ji Rang and asked him when he was on holiday so that they could return to Haicheng together.

She knew that he could not use his mobile phone while training and attending classes during the day, and thus he would only make calls at night, not to mention that it was Friday, so he should have a holiday.

But no one answered the phone.

She thought for a while and sent a message to Song Jingnian: “Are you still in class?”

Song Jingnian’s message came back quickly: “What class are we going to take, we finished the tests and started our vacation the day before yesterday. The boss dragged his luggage away this morning.”

Qi Ying frowned; she could not help but worry.

She made two more calls, but no one answered, and her heart went up and down. It was almost when it was lights off time that the phone finally rang.

She quickly picked it up, Ji Rang’s voice slightly panted: “Sorry baby, the phone fell in the house, and I forgot to take it with me.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and asked softly: “Are you in the courtyard?”

He chuckled: “Well, you finished the exam?”

She hummed obediently, and then asked: “When are we going back to Haicheng?”

Ji Rang was silent for a while, and then said, “I still have something to do. We can go after that. Can you stay in the dormitory for a few more days? I’ll come to pick you up when I’m done.”

She thought about it, agreed, and said, “Then can I come to you?”

He whispered, ” Be good. Wait for me at school.”

He said so, and Qi Ying didn’t force it. She told her roommates that she would stay for a few more days, and Gao Nian snapped her fingers: “It’s okay. I’ll stay with you for a few more days.”

Qi Ying rushed over and hugged her: “You are great.”

Gao Nian: “My mother will scold if I go home to play games in the holidays.”

Xia Xiao and Ouyang Bi dragged their luggage home early the next morning. The campus gradually became deserted since the summer vacation was here.

Qi Ying didn’t feel bored with Gao Nian. She even taught her to play games. A great god brought a little rookie, and they had a lot of fun for several days.

The day before Qi Ying’s birthday, Yue Li screamed and called her: “Why haven’t you come back, Yingying?! Universities all over the country are on holiday, and only your University B is different!”

Qi Ying smiled and calmed her down. “It doesn’t matter if my birthday is over. I’ll tell you as soon as I’m back.”

Yue Li snorted and said, aggrieved: “Then I will return the birthday cake.”

She hung up the phone, and Gao Nian took off her headphones: “What is your boyfriend doing, making you wait so long.”

Qi Ying pursed her lips, her eyes curled: “It should be a big surprise for me.”

After eating at noon, Qi Ying operated the little loli with a ponytail to pick up equipment behind Gao Nian. Ji Rang finally called: “I’ll come to pick you up right away.”

She was very happy: “Are you finished?”

He whispered: ” Well, I let the baby wait for a long time.”

She smiled obediently: “It’s ok.”

When she hung up the phone, Gao Nian said disheartened: “This is the end of the good time of playing games with a cute girl, alas, I packed my things and am also going home.”

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