YXBG Ch. 7.2: If So

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“Shut up!” The boy frantically drew a knife and moved towards the bed. “If you shout again, I will hack you to death!”

Chang Mei’s tears rolled in her eyes, and she tremblingly said, “Okay, okay, I won’t say anything. You let me go, my parents will give you however much money you want…”

The boy showed a perverted smile on his face: “No, I don’t need money, I just want you, Chang Mei. We will live here in the future. Just the two of us, would you agree?”

Although Chang Mei was innocent, she was not stupid, she immediately calmed down and said: “But my parents will worry about me… It’s better to go back and see my parents. I will introduce you to them, and we can be together in an honest and fair manner.”

“No!” The boy’s knife was close to her neck again, and there was a confused expression in his eyes, “I only want the two of us! Only the two of us!”

She felt the sharp blade slide across her neck. There was a sharp pain. “Okay… OK, you put down the knife first, let’s talk slowly, OK? I’ll listen to you.”

“Okay…this is a good girl.” He sat up satisfactorily, “I will not force Chang Mei, because I love you so much, would you like to date me? I have prepared wine and dinner for us.”

Chang Mei barely wiped the tears from her face with her shoulders, nodded and said: “Okay… As long as you can untie me first.” With her untied, she could look around and find a way to escape.

However, the boy did not untie her, he just brought a hearty dinner and put it on the bed: “Do you know how long I have waited for this day? I know you hate that man, so I deliberately rescued you today. Chang Mei, he is not worthy of you, only I can be your love for life.”

Chang Mei could only eat these foods with tears in order to gain his trust. She prayed that her parents would find her missing soon and call the police to find her.

“Okay, the date is over.” The boy was satisfied, “Next, let us get married!” Despite Chang Mei’s shocked expression, he took out a small black velvet box, “This is bought from the money I earned from my part-time job. I hope you like it.” He took out a small diamond ring and put it on her ring finger.

“So, Chang Mei, do you love me?” He smiled twistedly, approaching her beautiful face. His hands began to stroke her graceful body.

Chang Mei was about to collapse, she closed her eyes tightly, if he really went crazy, she might as well die!

It was really strange, why at this time, the person she thought of was Yin Ruoji? She really missed him, if only he was by her side, she really wanted to see him.

At this moment, a knock on the door suddenly sounded outside. The boy’s face was cold, and the knife had reached Chang Mei’s neck again: “You must not shout, or you know…”

Chang Mei’s cry was choked in her throat.

Someone outside the door yelled: “Sir, your order of pasta!”

The boy hesitated vigilantly and put a gag in Chang Mei’s mouth to stop her from shouting: “Be quiet, baby, or he won’t survive.” He smiled, hid the knife behind him, got up and opened the door.

The door only opened a slit, and a golden chain lock hung on it. The big man who delivered the meal outside the door wore an orange meal delivery suit and said beamingly: “Mr. Zhu, your pasta costs 20 yuan!”

“I haven’t ordered pasta.” He frowned and planned to close the door.

“Huh? But look, isn’t your address written on this order?” The delivery man handed him a piece of paper.

He took it, and before he could see clearly, a large tool on the side had reached into the crack of the door and cut the door lock vigorously. The man delivering the meal kicked the door open, and the powerful impact slammed the boy to the ground.

The boy knew that it was not good, turned around and ran to the back room, but Yin Ruoji immediately greeted his head with a wave of his tongs. He fell to the ground without making a sound. Zhang Chenxi took off the food delivery hat and said in a thrilling voice: “Fortunately, he is a rookie, how will you repay me this time!”

He had just returned from Taiwan, and before he could hug his old friend, he was carried in the car first in order to save the beauty. It was a pity that Chang Mei was chosen by his good friend, and he could only be a hero who suffered in vain.

“Call the police!” Yin Ruoji had no time to pay attention to the complaints of his friend. He rushed into the inner room and saw Chang Mei like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow[2]. She immediately whimpered when she saw him.

He quickly removed the gag from her mouth, and Chang Mei cried out immediately: “Yin Ruoji, you fellow, how did you come here!” Her free hand hit the man in front of her desperately, without knowing pain at all. She kept muttering, “You bastard, why didn’t you follow me, why… I hate you…”

Yin Ruoji hugged her, distressed: “Yes, I’m a bastard, I made you scared, and I will never let such a thing happen again, Chang Mei, I’m sorry.”

Chang Mei’s body went limp from the shock and she exhausted her last bout of strength from beating him, then she nestled softly in his arms. He took out a handkerchief and gently wiped the blood from her neck, and kissed her wound gently: “Does it hurt?”

“It hurts to death!” A voice came from his arms as if she was a baby. In fact, it didn’t hurt at first, but it hurt after seeing him.

“I’ll take you home, your parents will kill me.” He smiled lowly and said some light words to ease her fear. The little woman in his arms shook repeatedly, arousing feelings of love. Her being injured was really beyond his expectation. The man on the ground must die a bad death.

If Chang Mei looked up, she would find that Yin Ruoji’s expression was a little strange.

In fact, even though he was driven away at the time, he had been following them all the time. He had been with his father in the business world for many years, and he was still very accurate in judging people. That man had a problem. But at that time, Zhang Chenxi was about to rush to save her as if he was injected with chicken blood, but he held him back because it was not the best time.

This little woman was too stubborn, so he still had to wait until the last minute to rescue her, otherwise she would only regard his kindness as a donkey liver and lungs[3].

Oh, it doesn’t matter if you said that he is shameless, that he has a black belly, or that he is too cruel, it doesn’t matter, after all, love requires a lot of brains. So far, the effect was good.

There was only one thing he was very sure of, he loved her very much, and wanted to be with her by all means.

Zhang Chenxi looked at the two and rubbed his wrists incomprehensibly. At that time, his friend was so nervous that his face was blue, and his wrists were almost broken by him, but he was not allowed to save people. If it was his own wife and something like this would have happened, he might have punched him as early as when he found that something was wrong with the man. But thinking about it, if Chang Mei was rescued on the street at that time, it was estimated that not only would she not take the initiative to surrender, but she would also be angry with them.

He couldn’t help shivering, Yin Ruoji this man, was sometimes a bit scary.

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