Dropping THCFCF

Good news, guys XIIN is still working on the novel and so I would be backing off as I promised, sorry for disappointing you guys… Sorry not to have sent a message on discord as I am not active on it and the rest was my oversight…

2 thoughts on “Dropping THCFCF

  1. As someone who is also not active on Discord and had to rely on a comment to even know it was a hiatus instead of dropped (which happens! Life gets in the way sometimes!), I’m thrilled XIIN is going to continue it and don’t really think you really did anything bad. You wanted to share a fantastic story! I totally get the polite ask for permission from a previous translator (you know better than most how much work goes into each update and how attached you get from initial affection to feeling a sense of responsibility for it) but I also think it’s a little above and beyond to expect everyone to have a Discord they are really active on too. It’s like expecting everyone to have a Twitter or Facebook or Weibo or something. I think the best spot for general announcements is on the main page of either the site if its run by one person or the story itself if it’s a group so everyone can see what’s going on. Maybe have a very brief translators note (“taking a break, back in a month, this story isn’t dropped”) with a link directing to a Discord or something for more details? I think it’s still the polite thing to shoot a message, but I don’t think you need to beat yourself up over it either.

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  2. Thank you so much for your support and i really feel bad about it and now i will pick any novel after a lot of thought, that’s for sure…

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