YXBG Ch. 31: Endless

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Yin Ruoji could not help but dodge a little when he saw his daughter like this: “What are you talking about, you’re tired, go and rest soon!”

“Dad!” She knew he would have this attitude, “What’s the matter with you and mom?”

“We…. What can happen, you kid, saying something stupid.” He smiled nonchalantly, not wanting to talk more about his failure. However, Yin Xiaomei did not relax at all: “When my mother and I went to the UK together, I was young, but now I found out that something must be wrong between the two of you. Tell me, Dad, maybe I can help you.”

“Xiaomei, it’s really fine. You think too much. Mom is willing to go with you because she doesn’t want to worry about you. The two of us have always been fine.” He still refused to admit.

Yin Xiaomei stared at him who had a guilty conscience, and her eyes rolled, “Well, now Xiaomei feels relieved.” She said goodnight to her father and went out of the room. It was really strange. There really seemed to be something wrong between them. Xiaomei was still in a trance, when she heard the sound of the door closing downstairs. She stretched her head to see that it was Yin Zhefei who had come back.

“Ah, what kind of wind is this blowing our Professor Yin back? Didn’t you say that if I live here, you will not come?” She folded her hands on her chest and provoked him with a smile.

“This is my house, I will live here as long as I want, but you, dove occupying the magpie’s nest[1], do you think you are the master?” He didn’t look up but fought back coldly. However, after a while, no more arrogant words came back.

He looked up, a little surprised, and saw Yin Xiaomei grievously narrowing her mouth, as if she was about to cry. He was a little surprised for a while, he could deal with her fierceness and cunning, but he had never seen her like this. Yin Zhefei had no words for a moment and felt a little guilty in his heart for a moment.

Yin Xiaomei bit her lip, turned around and ran back to her room.

Yin Zhefei’s words of comfort choked in his throat.

She really had a reason to be sad, after all, after she came back, he never gave her a good face. In any case, this was not the attitude that a pair of “long-lost” brother and sister should have.

Everyone thought that Yin Zhefei was simply a copy of Yin Ruoji, but in fact, there was Chang Mei’s tenderness and delicacy in his blood, but all that was hidden under his iceberg-like appearance. Yin Zhefei walked upstairs hesitantly, not knowing what to do, his experience dealing with women was pitiful, after all, in his eyes, women were very terrifying creatures, from whom he couldn’t help but hide. He stood at the door, scratching his head irritably, should he comfort her?

There seemed to be the sound of a girl whispering in the room.

He clenched his hand, clenched his fist again, and finally hesitated to knock on the door. Yin Xiaomei opened the door, her cheeks bulging out of anger.

With red eyes, she looked like a little white rabbit who had been bullied, staring at him with tears and vaguely said: “What are you doing here!”

Yin Zhefei’s heart moved, an unfamiliar feeling that made him feel uncomfortable, as if he was doing something wrong. It was like a big mistake, he hesitated for a long time, but after all he couldn’t say a word of sorry. Seeing him standing there like wood, Yin Xiaomei ignored him, sat back on the bed, picked up the cakes on the plate and chewed vigorously to vent her anger. Yin Zhefei walked in, and only after a long time of entanglement, he said: “What happened just now, I’m sorry.”

Yin Xiaomei raised her head and burst out: “I know you look down on me, and you have looked down on me since childhood. You don’t forget to remind me all the time! You think I’m willing to stay here! If you hate me so much, I’ll go!” She said and acted as if she was about to go out, and she didn’t forget to sob.

“Xiaomei!” He quickly grabbed her.

“You let me go! You inhuman pig!” She struggled to shake him off.

“Okay, I was wrong, I was wrong, stop making trouble, okay,” he had no choice but to hug her and beg for mercy in a low voice. Xiaomei buried her head in his arms and kept crying to herself. Yin Zhefei had never had such contact with a woman before, so he had to pat her back stiffly with his hands, and comfort her: “Didn’t I already apologize? I have said that I am not good…”

Xiaomei raised her head and stared at him with red eyes: “I’ve been away for so long, did my brother miss me?” Suspicious red clouds appeared on his originally white face, damn, he couldn’t say such nasty words.

Although he sometimes thought of that annoying little guy, but if he admitted it before her eyes, it would be as if he had lost a certain advantage, it would be as if he had admitted his failure. “Did my brother miss me?” She drooped her eyebrows, as if she was about to cry again.

“Miss, miss,” he confessed repeatedly in fright, “I missed you.” After saying this, he was about to become a cooked shrimp. However, Yin Xiaomei immediately opened her eyes and smiled, as if she had received some gift. Yin Zhefei secretly breathed a sigh of relief, as long as she didn’t pretend to be pitiful.

“Brother is here to eat pastries,” she held the pastry tray in front of him, with a sweet smile on her face.

“No, no need,” he had never liked sweets.

“Brother still hates me!” She acted aggrieved again.

“No…” He had to pick up the last piece of matcha biscuits on the plate, “I’ll just eat it.”

Yin Xiaomei watched him eat the biscuits, and smiled more and more happily: “That’s right, in this case, I’m not angry anymore. I’m going to bed, and brother should go to bed too!” As long as you can fall asleep.

The other party had already issued an eviction order, and Yin Zhefei had to leave.

Walking out of Xiaomei’s room, the scent of her on his body still lingered. Yin Zhefei suddenly felt that this smell was very good. He couldn’t help raising his arm and sniffing it twice. Well, it’s not bad to reconcile with her in this way, after all, there was no deep hatred between the two people, and there was no need to be at such a stalemate.

He still felt very good when he lay down on the bed, but, when he was about to fall asleep, his stomach made an ominous sound, and then there was a burst of colic. Yin Zhefei groaned, and quickly turned over and ran to the toilet. After going back and forth three or four times in this way, he only felt that the sky was spinning, and he almost collapsed. He was sitting next to the toilet door, and he couldn’t figure out what unclean food he ate, causing diarrhea so fiercely.

At this moment, the door of Yin Xiaomei’s room opened, and Yin Xiaomei in her pink pajamas looked like a saint under the light, but the smile on her face was extremely evil: “Oh, my brother has diarrhea?”

Yin Zhefei woke up in an instant, he looked at her in disbelief: “You…you gave me the medicine?!”

Yin Xiaomei shrugged and shook the small medicine bottle in her hand: “Yes, this is prepared for my dear brother. Laxative detoxification, hahahaha!” He shouldn’t think that after he hit her ass, she would just let him off with what happened in front of the camera, and it would all be over! She was not so kind. Her poor white butt was red and swollen. How could this account be regarded as a loss for her!

“Yin Xiaomei! I’m going to kill you!” He reluctantly propped up his limp body, and leaped towards her like a demon, but Yin Xiaomei reacted faster, she ducked into the room and locked the door suddenly.

Her uncontrollable laughter came from inside the door, containing the emotions of gloating and having performed successful treacherous tricks.

“Open the door! You dead woman!” Yin Zhefei roared and beat the door, almost vomiting blood! However, the colic in his abdomen soon forced him to return to the toilet again.

Yin Xiaomei lay on the bed, smiling triumphantly, and whispered softly: “Good night, brother, good luck.”

In fact, Yin Zhefei seemed to be stunned. When he appeared at the company the next morning, he looked like a vampire who had crawled out of the grave, with messy hair, pale face, black shadows under his eyes, and red lips, everything was there, he was just missing the two sharp canine teeth.

However, it was rare that no one noticed his depression. Although the advertisement had not been shot yet, the print advertisement had already been made. A group of people gathered around the computer, chatting and discussing which one was good.

“Fiona is simply a 360° beauty without any bad angles. Whichever one I look at is good.”

“I really like it. I got a lot of autographs from her. She is also very kind.”

“I don’t know who would be so lucky as to marry her. When it comes to her, I want to cut that man a thousand times!”

“She won’t be married too early. Don’t the foreigners only get married at the age of 30 or 40?”

Yin Zhefei could not help but sneer while listening to a group of people gossiping there. Lucky? Whoever married her would only end up vomiting blood for eight lifetimes! He held back his anger and didn’t want to hear anything about Yin Xiaomei.

But when he entered the laboratory, he found another group of people gathered in front of the computer, enjoying the beautiful pictures. He was simply angry. He didn’t know if he was angry that he was so passive and got sabotaged, or that Yin Xiaomei’s photos were seen by these wretched guys. He slammed the door twice and shouted, “Are you too busy to do anything? The company does not invite you to eat plain rice!”

The group of people were so scared that they quickly took their place, obediently, “Professor Yin” was dynamite, but they had never seen him so hot! In other words, it seemed that since Fiona came, he had become like this! Was it because the professor was in love with Fiona! Everyone exchanged glances and looked at Yin Zhefei, who was irritated.

The latter savagely took a bunch of bottles and cans and fell on his seat absently. Sure enough, he was suffering from love sickness! Everyone nodded. The war between the two brothers and sisters, which lasted ten years, still had no intention of stopping.


In the small garden, there was no summer heat, but there was a hint of moist coolness. A girl holding the watering can carefully watered the flowers under the shade of the straw hat. Hidden by the straw hat was a delicate face, which looked like a pleasing painting. “Hu Yue!”

Zhang Xiangyi waved outside. She didn’t lift her head: “My brother went abroad to compete, I told you.”

“No, I’m here to find you!” Zhang Xiangyi said, jumping over the low wall and jumping in.

“Look for me?” She frowned, and finally looked up at him, “Does your son have any questions?”

“Damn, I said, I don’t have a son!” He was almost angry.

“I thought you should be the father of at least three children.” She continued to water the flowers blankly.

“Well, you can say whatever you want, but I really need your help. You can’t refuse me even if you look at your brother’s face.” He begged her in a huff.

Hu Yueer looked at him in shock: “You don’t want me to be a stepmother for your three children!”

“You are so stinky!” He roared, “I want you to help me pursue someone!” Upon saying this, he blushed immediately and looked away with some anxiety.

Hu Yue’s movements stopped for a while, and weirdly said: “Which girl is so unfortunate that you actually fell in love with her?”

“Hey, you think I’m terrible, doesn’t mean that others think the same way!” He angrily waved his hands, “Anyway, you’d better give me a plan. You know, I haven’t chased a girl before, and I don’t know what they all like.”

“She would have never liked you anyway,” she sympathized.

“Can’t you not harm me? Is this interesting?” He had made such a request, and he was ridiculed by her, it was simply unreasonable!

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[1] An imposter living in someone else’s home.

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