KHSW Ch. 121

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Having said that, whenever he saw Ling Xi’s pitiful eyes, he couldn’t wait to agree to any of her requests immediately.

Since knowing that the baby was in Songshan, it had been like a year for her.

But this time, Yizhi refused her very firmly, and handed her the prepared medicine.

“The IV don’t have to be hung, but the medicine must be taken.”

“Oh.” Ling Xi took the cup reluctantly, with an expression like she was going to die. In fact, this medicine was very, very, very bitter.

“Yizhi, when are you going to the company?”

She called him “husband” when she was flirting, and “Yizhi” at other times. Xu Yizhi looked at her helplessly, his eyes full of love, “Until you stop coughing and your fever is gone.”

“Ah~ that will delay your work!” Ling Xi’s eyes showed a hint of cunning, but she was really thinking about his work.

“It’s okay, it won’t be delayed, the company has Chi Jingyu, and the documents that need to be signed will be delivered to home.”

Ling Xi’s eyes dimmed immediately, was it that she was going to be locked in a bird cage like a canary?

“Husband, I don’t want to stay at home every day, okay?”

Xu Yizhi looked into her eyes, she had said before that she didn’t want to stay in the hospital, now she was home, and…

This little wife made him feel really helpless.

Ling Xi felt a little guilty when he looked at her like that, her long eyelashes danced with the blink of her eyes. Studies had shown that when males looked into the eyes of females, the hormones in their bodies would soar, and they could do some unpredictable things.

Xu Yizhi stretched out his hand, grabbed the back of Ling Xi’s head and kissed her, Ling Xi’s eyes widened suddenly, this was her second time…

The first time was gone, why should she care about the second time?

The warm breath sprayed lightly on her face, and Ling Xi’s heart seemed to be tickled by a kitten’s paw.

The man sucked and sucked at her lips, and there was indeed a bitter taste of medicine, but the man seemed to not feel it. He continued to penetrate her mouth, and then suddenly separated, but the corners of his lips had some ambiguous silver threads hanging from it.


Ling Xi opened her lips slightly, what? He was the one who forcefully kissed him, yet he wanted her to concentrate more?

But the slightly parted lips made it easier for the man to conquer and occupy the city.

Ling Xi only felt that the breath in her chest was about to be drained. As soon as Xu Yizhi let go, Ling Xi gasped for breath.

Xu Yizhi chuckled, “You little idiot, can’t you even kiss?”

“Where am I stupid? I just never kissed. Don’t call me ‘stupid’.”

Xu Yizhi was like a 20-year-old teenage boy, and his heart was beating wildly, “Then have you never been with Chi Jiayang?”

“Of course not.” It was like that in the previous life. During their relationship, whenever Chi Jiayang touched her, she would remember the fear that night, so she could only make excuses to dismiss him. After they got married, Chi Jiayang didn’t touch her either.

Hearing her answer, Xu Yizhi’s lips couldn’t help but rise, his eyes were full of undisguised joy, and he held Ling Xi tightly in his arms.

No matter what she said, he believed it.

It seemed to be affected by this atmosphere, so Ling Xi’s heart was also a little deer, galloping about, in fact she also looked very happy!

“Husband, I want to go out shopping.”


“I want to go out and buy clothes and shoes.”


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