KHSW Ch. 120: Secret Determination

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Chi Jingyu looked at her suspiciously, “Could it be you who went into battle yourself?”

“How do you know?” Ling Xi looked at him in surprise.

“Look, I told you, did the mistress take the bait?” Chi Jingyu’s face was full of gossip.

Ling Xi glanced out the window, uh, she’s not a mistress at all, okay?

But how could such a shameful thing be repeated?

“Cut, it’s fine if you don’t help yourself, you’re still so gossipy.”

Chi Jingyu turned around angrily.

Meng family home

“Auntie, did your competition go well this time?” Meng Jingyue thought that Auntie won the first place again this time.

Shu Tingting’s face was slightly embarrassed. Now that the whole family was there, she could only blush as she said, “No.”

Mrs. Meng glanced at her and frowned unhappily. Last time, she asked her eldest son to file for divorce. This was not a good thing.

“What a shame.”

Shu Tingting silently lowered her head and moved her chopsticks without saying a word, and the atmosphere suddenly became dull.

As soon as the old lady’s words came out, Meng Jingyue knew that she had said something wrong, and immediately changed the subject, “I heard that you are going to Songshan, do you still want me to go with you?”

The old lady nodded, and her face cleared, “Well, alright, let’s call your brother along by the way.”

After dinner, “Sister-in-law, I’m going to see if Meng Yang is back. I’ll leave the washing up to you.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Shu Tingting picked up the dinner plates, as Meng Jingyue sneaked into the kitchen, “Auntie, don’t you know Tianqi, then do you know where he lives?”

When she heard the name “Tianqi”, Shu Tingting suddenly forgot who it was, and was slightly taken aback, “Which Tianqi?”

Meng Jingyue was anxious, “Whom you and uncle saw last time at the bar. Didn’t you know each other?”

Then she remembered, and her face became a little strange, “I don’t know him well, how would I know where he lives?”

Meng Jingyue’s face showed a look of despair, “I clearly told him to contact me when he was free, but since that day, he hasn’t given me a single call, and he didn’t answer when I called him. Is he that busy?”

Seeing her niece’s behaviour, Shu Tingting felt a big alarm. Could it be that Jingyue really liked Tianqi who was Ling Xi dressed as a man?

Just as Shu Tingting was thinking about her words, she asked, “Auntie, do you know which entertainment company Tianqi is in? I want to find him.”

Shu Tingting’s hand shook, and the bowl in her hand slipped into the sink, splashing foam everywhere, “Yueyue, tell auntie, do you like Ling Tianqi?”

“Well, I like him very much.”

Shu Tingting felt a little relieved, that’s fine, “I heard that he has gone abroad, you probably won’t be able to see him in the future.”

“What about his company if he’s gone abroad?”

“Of course, it was acquired by other entertainment companies.” At present, only by saying this could she cut off such thoughts.

How could he leave me? Didn’t he hug me that night? Liar, Liar.

“Cough, cough, husband, when are we going to Songshan?” Ling Xi was looking forward to finding her son.

Xu Yizhi was reading a document, after he heard that, he signed his name with a few swipes, and put the document on the table with a displeased expression, “After you are healed.”

He blamed himself for being soft-hearted that day and even agreeing to let her out of the hospital, since after returning home, she suddenly developed a low-grade fever and kept coughing. He had thus secretly decided that he would never listen to her again in the future.

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