IHSB Ch. 73

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Nuan Nuan looked at her second cousin suspiciously.

Bai Mohua said nervously, “Their family has a very big dog. I don’t know if the kitten will be eaten if it falls in. If not, I will climb up to have a look.”

Bai Mohua put down his drawing board and moved away, with a run-up jump, accompanied by a bang, he hit his forehead against the wall.

The clean and good-looking boy clutched his forehead and burst into tears.

“I’m sorry, I overestimated my physical strength.”

He couldn’t get over the wall. QAQ

Nuan Nuan ran over nervously to look at her second cousin’s head, “Cousin, are you okay?”

“Hiss…it’s okay.”

Bai Mohua gritted his teeth and rubbed his forehead with his fair fingers. His skin was already fair, but after being hit like this, his forehead had turned red, and he looked miserable.

Nuan Nuan gently rubbed him with her small hands and blew a few times with her pouting mouth.

“Second cousin, why don’t we go through the main entrance.”

Nuan Nuan’s voice was soft, and the little finger pointed to the main entrance not far away.

Bai Mohua: “…Because I was frightened by that dog when I was passing there before.”

Although the dog didn’t bark or bite, he was frightened at that time. The big dog stood up and gave people a sense of oppression. It was too strong, so just being stared at by it, he was so frightened that he ran home crying.

Although the pretty kid who lived in that house later went to apologize to him, but that apology scared him to tears again, because the kid also brought the dog to apologize!

Anyway, he had a mental shadow about that dog since then, but he liked cats!

“How about… let’s go in and have a look.”

Bai Mohua said after hesitation, he was afraid that the dog would bite the cat.

Nuan Nuan was also a little worried, and she didn’t know if the cat was in pain from falling from such a high place.

The two walked to the gate of the mansion holding hands as if encouraging each other.

Like the gate of the Bai family, there were also two majestic stone lions at the gate of the neighbouring mansion.

They tried to knock on the door, but there was no response from inside, would it not be nice to just walk in.

Just when the two of them were hesitating, they suddenly heard the loud sounds of a dog and a cat. In their ears, the meowing of cat sounded so miserable.

The two simple guys suddenly couldn’t care so much, they just pushed open the door one after the other and rushed in, and then met a big black dog inside.

It was… really big!

Nuan Nuan felt that it stood taller than herself, like a giant beast, even though it was only standing far away, the oppressive feeling came to her face.

The face of Bai Mohua next to her turned pale with fright.

The big black dog just glanced at them, then suddenly lowered its head and opened its mouth to bite the shivering little orange cat in the corner.


Bai Mohua suddenly turned pale with shock, and was able to overcome the fear in his heart and rush out.

Nuan Nuan followed closely behind, and before they could get to them, they realized that they had misunderstood. The big dog just carefully held the orange cat, and had no intention of biting it.

Although the kitten’s meow was a bit miserable, it was only because of being scared.

The big black dog called the little orange cat, and walked towards the two with steady and inexplicably powerful steps.

Bai Mohua was as scared as the orange cat, but he stood firmly in front of Nuan Nuan and opened his arms to protect the little girl behind him.

Warm and thin white fingers grasped the clothes of the second cousin, and a small furry head appeared from behind him, with big black and white eyes staring at the big dog, but in fact, compared to Bai Mohua, she was not much scared.

“Nuan Nuan, stand behind and don’t…don’t come out, brother…brother will protect you.”

The voice saying this was trembling.

The little girl just felt warm in her heart, every one of her brothers was so kind, she felt so happy.

But… She was really not afraid of dogs.

So this time it was better for her to protect the second cousin.

The little girl walked to the front, staring at the big dog standing in front of her with clear and clean eyes.

“Second cousin, I’m not afraid.”

Bai Mohua “!!!”

It’s over!

“Big dog.”

Nuan Nuan softly called out to the big dog, and the big black dog had already walked in front of them.

It just took a look at Bai Mohua, whose face was pale as if his soul was floating out, then lowered his head, and put the orange cat that was trembling with fear in his mouth on the ground. No hostility was shown.

Nuan Nuan tried to raise her small arm, and her thin white hand was less than a palm away from the big black dog. The big black dog didn’t make any movements, and was still sitting upright.

At this time, under Bai Mohua’s horrified gaze, the little girl put her little hand on the big head of the black dog.

The black dog whined and tilted its head, and gently rubbed against the little girl’s hand.

Nuan Nuan smiled happily, her crystal-clear and clean eyes were bent into beautiful crescents, and the corners of her mouth were raised to reveal her small white teeth, she looked so soft.

“Brother, big dog doesn’t bite.”

The soul that had flown out of Bai Mohua finally returned to its place, Bai Mohua’s face was held back for a long time before he gave the little girl a thumbs up.

His little cousin was really courageous, he was much older than her, but it was useless to rush himself. The boy squatted down slowly nervously, and picked the little orange cat that hadn’t left on the ground.

“We… let’s go…”

Before he could finish speaking, a melodious string sound suddenly sounded in his ears, fluttering like emerald jade, making people linger on.

The big black dog turned his head and glanced into the depths of the house, then stood up suddenly, opened his mouth and walked inside with Nuan Nuan’s little clothes in his mouth.

Nuan Nuan was forced to follow, Bai Mohua hugged the cat and boldly gave the black dog a look, and hurriedly followed.

You put my little cousin down!!!

They came to a green bamboo forest, with small bridges and flowing water, it was quite poetic and picturesque.

And… the closer you got to this place, the sound of the zither became clearer and clearer. Before, they could catch some notes occasionally, but now they could clearly hear the whole score.

After crossing the small bridge and passing through a cobblestone path among the bamboo forests, they saw a gazebo from which the music of the zither came.

A young man was sitting in front of the zither, his slender fingers seemingly carved out of top-quality white jade were distinct, and he was plucking the strings at a speed invisible to the naked eye, bringing the tense and chilling music of the battlefield to reality.

“Who are you!”

The sound of the zither stopped abruptly, and the white jade boy sitting in the pavilion raised his head, his eyes as dark as an ancient well and secluded pool looked at them calmly, the boy was like walking out of a picture scroll, the score was probably specially made for him.

“Yes… I’m sorry, we didn’t break in on purpose.”

Nuan Nuan blushed when the boy looked at her, and she was already shy, but now she was even more ashamed when the master found out that they had broken into his house.

Bai Mohua pointed at the big black dog.

“It’s your dog’s fault. It dragged my little cousin here.”

He said with confidence.

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