TBLF Extra 12 (Ch. 112.1): Demon Lord × First Beauty of Jianghu

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On the fifteenth, when the moon was full, the ten righteous sects besieged Ji Rang, the leader of the demon cult at Canfengya Cliff but failed.

Ji Rang injured seven of the people involved seriously and disappeared.

On the other side, the righteous warriors surrounding the old nest of Xueyang Mountain, also found it empty. People on the mountain of the Shengjiao had already gone to ground, leaving them only an empty shell.

This time the attack on the Demon Cult ended in failure, and all righteous factions suffered heavy losses, and among them, the most heavy loss was suffered by the leader of the martial art faction.

His little daughter, known as the first beauty in the Jianghu, the goddess in the hearts of the heroes of each family, was kidnapped the night after they failed to encircle and suppress the Demon Cult.

This matter did not require a second thought; it must be the devil’s actions!

When the martial arts leader learned of the incident, he was angry. He was not injured when he fought with Ji Rang but in the end, he could not escape the fate of vomiting blood. He smashed a red sandalwood wooden table and shouted angrily: “Look! Dig three feet into the ground! Find out the hiding place of the Demon Cult! Send out the hero order, I will never let that demon live!”

At this time, the true lair of the Demon Cult, was full of joy and laughter.

There was no other reason, this time other than their pleasure at having completely defeated the righteous sects.

Moreover, the leader also caught the first beauty, who was also the little daughter of the martial arts leader. When they thought of the old man being so angry that he vomited blood, while suffering in their hands, they were very happy.

The beauty was locked in a stone room after he came back from capturing her. Although the encirclement and suppression did not hurt him, but the trouble he faced was not small, so the leader had no time to distract towards the affairs of the sect, and he only sent two guards to deliver food and water on time every day. And he also explained that no one could step into the stone room. In other words, nobody was allowed to abuse the beautiful woman.

The beauty was detained for several days and served delicious food and drink. At first, she was frightened, but then she gradually adapted to it. She was very bored. She sat at the door and listened to the guardian chatting outside while eating.

One of them said: “I don’t know when the leader will come and kill this beauty to avenge Guaiguai.”

The other said: “Come on, I saw the leader in the hall this morning, and he will deal with this woman when he is finished.”

Qi Ying finally heard some useful information for herself, and asked from the guards at the iron gate: “Who is Guaiguai?”

The two guardians turned their heads to look at her. Although they saw her every day for the past few days, but the title of the world’s first beauty was not a boast, and every time they saw her, they would still be affected.

The man on the left elbowed his idiot companion, and sternly said: “You are not ashamed to ask! You pretend to be upright but kill innocent people! You can’t deal with our leader, so you vented your anger on him and trampled him to death. It’s shameless!”

The other also said seriously: “Yes! Your father killed Guaiguai, the leader will never let you go! You just wait to die!”

Qi Ying: “So, who was he?”

The guardian said angrily: “It was the little tortoise raised by our leader!”

Qi Ying: “???”

So, she was kidnapped because of a tortoise?

It was midnight, and she was still asleep, only to hear a sneer, then she was knocked out, and when she woke up, she was already in this stone room.

She guessed countless kinds of grievances, but never expected that it was actually caused by the murder of a tortoise.

You kill my pet, and I kill your daughter???

Just looking at her face, the guardian got to know what she was thinking, and immediately shouted: “What do you know! Guaiguai was the heart and soul of our leader. What he liked the most in the entire Shengjiao was Guaiguai. He was never willing to beat or scold him and treated it as his own!”

Qi Ying: “Treated… as his own?”

Ji Rang who just walked in from the outside: “…”

He slapped the guardian who was arguing with the beauty against the door, and slapped the iron door with another hand, staring gloomily at the girl holding the bowl inside and shivering in the corner.

Seeing him walk in, the girl’s clear pupils were enlarged, and she plucked up the courage to say: “Wait…wait a minute! I can pay you back a tortoise!”

There was dust on her cheeks, and her long hair was gray. Only those eyes were bright and soft, as if she could see into people’s hearts at a glance.

Ji Rang paused: “Oh?”

Qi Ying: “Any variety is fine! What do you like? Golden tortoise or musk tortoise? Flame tortoise? Maple leaf tortoise? Or hawk-billed tortoise?”

Ji Rang squinted his eyes for a long time, then sneered: “You know a lot.”

The girl’s eyes were full of tears, and she was very pitiful: “You let me go, I will find you all the turtles in the world, okay?”

Ji Rang folded his hands: “Not good.”

The girl was extremely aggrieved: “Then what do you want? Kill me and get revenge?”

The big demon looked at her from head to toe with gloomy eyes, reached out his hand, and finally pronounced: “My pet is gone, now you come to be my pet.”

Qi Ying, who had become a pet of the demon leader from the martial arts leader’s daughter: “…”

The big demon led her out of the stone room and brought her to a fountain on the mountainside, then threw her in, and then jumped in himself.

Qi Ying said with a horrified face: “What are you doing?!”

Big Demon: “I will give you a bath.”

Qi Ying: “I can wash myself!”

Big Demon: “I wash all my pets.”

Qi Ying wanted to run but was dragged back by her ankle. She was drenched all over, and her delicate body was visible through her clinging clothes, and she was steamed by the heat of the hot spring, thus she looked very charming.

She scolded him angrily: “Rogue! Shameless!”

Ji Rang squeezed her ankle: “I haven’t done anything yet, why do you scold me? Then I want to actualize your words to be worthy of the scolding?”

Qi Ying: “…”

Fortunately, he just talked, didn’t do anything, smiled and took the brush out from behind, and gestured to her, as if thinking about where to start brushing.

Qi Ying was scared to death: “What is that?”

Ji Rang said: “Brush, I used it to wash Guaiguai’s body and shell.”

She was really going to cry: “I don’t want it! I don’t want to bathe with the brush that brushed the tortoise’s shell!”

Ji Rang: “You look down on my good boy?”

Qi Ying: “Uuuuu…”

When he saw that she was really crying, he finally stopped, and threw the brush back: “Don’t do it, don’t cry, I will just use my hand.”

Then Qi Ying was touched by him from head to toe.

Qi Ying: “…”

I always feel deceived by this demon.

After taking a shower, he picked her up from the pool, performed Qinggong and returned to his residence.

Juqing Ding was located at the top of the mountain, so it was cold in winter and cool in summer, and the temperature was low around the year. The clothes of the two of them were still wet, and Qi Ying was trembling with cold in his arms. As soon as he returned to the room, the big demon threw her on the bed and went around behind the screen to change clothes.

While he was not in front of her, Qi Ying quickly took off her drenched dress, wrapped her naked body tightly in the quilt, and shrank into the corner of the bed.

After a while, Ji Rang changed his clothes and came over, glanced at her, then turned to go out.

Qi Ying couldn’t help but ask: “Where are my clothes?”

The big demon looked back at her: “Which pet have you seen wearing clothes?”

Qi Ying: “Ah, ah, I’m fighting with you!”

That resistance got her a set of dresses.

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