TBLF Extra 12 (Ch. 112.2): Demon Lord × First Beauty ofJianghu

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The residence was on top of a dangerous peak, where Qi Ying ate and rested. Under the guise of a walk, she went out and surveyed quietly, and found that the place was easy to defend but difficult to attack, and the cliff was thousands of feet high. With her martial arts, it was absolutely impossible to escape.

She was a little frustrated. When she returned to the room, she saw Ji Rang sitting on the side of the bed and playing with a short sword. He heard footsteps but did not raise his head: “Pour me a cup of tea.”

After waiting for a long time, nothing happened. Looking up, the beauty was sitting on the threshold, holding her cheeks and looking at the sky.

Ji Rang put the dagger away: “Where is the tea?”

The beauty turned her head, her face blank: “Which pet have you seen that still pour tea?”

Ji Rang: “…”

Very good, after winning back a round, Qi Ying’s frustration finally lessened.

In the evening, the situation reversed again.

The big demon made her sleep with him.

Qi Ying couldn’t bear it: “The demon leader of the dignified demon cult, the super master who has been talked about by people in the world, forcing an unarmed little girl, nasty! Despicable! Shameless!”

However, the big demon didn’t move at all: “Before he slept with me obediently, why didn’t he call me dirty? As a pet, you think too much, as they say the adulterer sees adultery[1].”

Qi Ying: “???”

Then she was pressed onto the bed by the big demon, then he started sleeping, so she also fell asleep until dawn.

When she woke up, she was lying in the arms of the big demon, resting her head on his shoulder and hugging his waist.

The beauty went stiff, and gently, retracted her restless hand, then raised her head little by little, rolled around on the bed, and rolled to the corner of the bed.

Then pretended that nothing happened.

Ji Rang’s lips twitched quickly.

In all fairness, Qi Ying’s life at the top of the mountain was still good.

After all, as a pet, there was really nothing she needed to do. The members of the Demon Cult were also very respectful when they saw her. After staying for a long time, she found that these people were not as scary as the rumors in the Jianghu.

It was just that their positions were different, so they were fighting each other.

Sometimes when Ji Rang was not there and she was bored, these people would dig out eggs from bird nests for her to play with.

The bird’s egg was small and exquisite, which made people love it when held in the palm of her hand. After playing with it for a while, she let the people return it to the bird’s nest, and the people asked suspiciously: “Don’t you want to eat it?”

Qi Ying: “…Why should I eat?”

Demon clan members: “You love bird eggs the most, don’t you?”

Qi Ying: “Ah, ah, get out of here!”

When Ji Rang came back, he found that his little pet was angry.

Wrapped in the quilt, she was shrunk into a ball and grabbing the corner of the bed, ignoring him. She didn’t even eat the hibiscus cake from Su’s shop that she had mentioned before.

He coaxed for a long time without result, so he simply put his hand in from the other side of the quilt and scratched the sole of her foot. The beauty was so angry that she kicked her feet in the quilt, and finally couldn’t help but say: “Go away!”

He touched her little head through the layer of quilt: “Why are you angry?”

After a long time, he saw her little hand dragging the quilt down, revealing a pair of eyes covered with water vapor, and mutter, “I don’t want to be your pet.”

Ji Rang lay on the bed, leaning on her side, supporting her head with one hand, and touching her slender back comfortingly with the other: “Then what do you want to be for me?”

She looked at him blankly with big eyes, thinking for a long time, and her voice was a little low: “I…I don’t want to be anything, I want to go home.”

He stroked his fingers from the back of her neck to her waist, and finally stopped at the position of her waist, squeezed gently, “If you go home, you will never see me again.”

She looked at him without speaking.

The big demon curled his lips and smiled, lowered his head, and kissed her eyes: “Yingying, do you want to see me?”

She blushed because of his kiss, and stammered: “You…why are you kissing me?”

“I just kissed my pet.” Ji Rang said: “I used to kiss and behave with him like this.”

The beauty became even angrier and kicked him away and ignored him for two days.

Later, the martial arts leader arrested Ji Rang’s beloved brother, a swordsmith who had long since retired from the martial world, and let Ji Rang bring Qi Ying in exchange for him, otherwise he would send the swordsmith to him in pieces.

It stood to reason that the righteous sects shouldn’t be doing such things, but the martial arts leader had not been able to find his daughter even after a long time.

So, on a sunny day, the two sides met at Canfeng Cliff.

The martial arts leader thought that the little girl would be tortured into an inhuman form, but when he saw her at this time, he found that the little girl was clean and dressed in fine silk, and also seemed as if she had gained a little weight?

Seeing him, she yelled happily: “Daddy!”

Hearing this voice, she didn’t seem to have been tortured.

Ji Rang slowly walked out from behind the demon clan people, and the martial arts leader saw him and yelled at him with anger: “Despicable villain! Shameless person! The grievances of the Jianghu never involve their children. You actually acted against a weak woman! Ashamed of you, Master Swordsman!”

Ji Rang hadn’t spoken yet, before the guardian said angrily: “You are shameless! You pretend to be upright but indiscriminately kill innocents! If you hadn’t trampled Guaiguai to death, how could our leader kidnap your daughter!”

The martial arts leader was taken aback, then turned to ask his subordinates: “Who is Guaiguai?”

All the people next to him shook their heads blankly.

The leader said: “We have not committed the crime you are adding onto us!”

Guardian: “Don’t admit it yet! On Xueyang Mountain, the tomb of Guaiguai is still there! It was trampled to death by you, and I scraped it from the ground with a knife for a long time before scraping all its body!”

Everyone: “Oh…”

When the martial arts leader heard this, he was shocked and angry, and immediately questioned his subordinates: “Is it true?!”

The subordinates wanted to cry without tears: “No, lord! We took people to encircle Xueyang Mountain in your name, but there was not a single figure inside! We did see a tortoise accidentally trampled to death by the Great Elder of the Bigfoot Clan!”

Leader: “???”

After arguing for a long time, it turned out that you are talking about a tortoise???

The martial arts leader looked at Ji Rang incredulously: “You took my daughter away just for this?!”

Ji Rang looked cold and indifferent: “Yes, you kill my boy, just use her to pay for it.”

Damn you!!!

The leader took two deep breaths and figured out the truth of the matter, then it was easy to handle, and his voice was sincere: “If this is the case, I will pay you back a tortoise. I will find all the species you want, and you will give me back my daughter.”

Unexpectedly, the big demon wouldn’t agree, and said indifferently, “No matter how many turtles you find, it’s not going to be my Guaiguai. I just want your daughter to be obedient for me, what’s wrong?”

The leader of the martial arts collapsed: “I didn’t kill it! Or I will find out the person who trampled your tortoise.”

He immediately turned around and ordered his subordinates: “Go and find the Daoist Chief of the Bigfoot Clan!”

Ji Rang glanced at him a few times, brushed his head and dusted off his cuffs, and interrupted his movement: “You are the one who wronged me, and you are the debtor. You are the one who ordered these people to attack the mountain. If it weren’t for you, how could my dear be trampled to death? You’re the creditor, and your daughter will pay the debt for you, there is no negotiation.”

The leader of the martial arts was stunned by his shameless temperament.

While facing off, the young man in white next to him bowed his head and whispered a few words. As he listened, the leader’s expression changed, he gritted his teeth and pointed at Ji Rang angrily with a wide knife in his hand: “Damn it! You are after my daughter!”

The big demon was not ashamed at being exposed, the martial arts leader was furious, and put the knife on the swordsmith’s neck: “Hurry up and give my daughter back! Otherwise, I will kill him!”

Ji Rang squinted his eyes and tilted his head to look at Qi Ying beside him.

The girl’s eyes were bright, she met his gaze and blinked pleadingly.

He was silent for a while and asked in a low voice: “Do you want to go back?”

She pressed her lower lip, somehow she couldn’t bear to lower her eyes, “I miss my father and mother.”

Ji Rang smiled silently.

He reached out and touched her head and gave her a light push: “Then go back.”

Qi Ying looked back at him in surprise.

The big demon stood on the spot, dressed in black, with a tall body, and smiled very softly: “I put a signal flare in your sachet. If you want to see me, just use the signal.”

Her heart beat very fast.

She quickly nodded, and then she ran to the opposite side.

The hostage exchange in Canfengya ended perfectly, and the leader of the martial arts finally recovered his daughter and celebrated everywhere.

However, the leader soon discovered that his well-behaved little daughter had changed.

No longer pestering her brothers to take her out, and she didn’t want to see the young Pian Pian Xia who made a special trip to visit her. She stayed in the room all day, sitting in front of the window, holding her sachet in a daze.

Then one day, the little daughter left a letter and ran away.

The letter said that she fell in love with the leader of the demon cult and was going to tie the leader back to bring to her father as his son-in-law. She hoped her father would start the whitewashing process for the leader from now on, so that when they got married in the future, it would not affect his position as the leader of the martial arts sects.

Martial arts leader: ???!!!

After sending the signal flare, Qi Ying squatted in a small broken temple and waited for the time it took for a half an incense stick to burn, and Ji Rang appeared.

She looked at him incredulously: “How did you come so fast?”

The big demon pinched her by the waist, hugged her, held her up in front of him and kissed her.

“Because I have been waiting here.”

The beauty was a little shy, her arms wrapped around his neck and buried her head in his shoulders: “What if I don’t release the signal flare? Are you going to wait here for a lifetime?”

“Well, wait for a lifetime.”

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[1] People see in others whatever they themselves are like.

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