TBLF Extra 13 (Ch. 113): The Little Mermaid’s Revenge

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Qi Ying was a very beautiful little mermaid. Her tail was golden, and her appearance was like a jade. If she could transform into a human form, it would have been no problem for her to kill a lot of actresses in seconds.

Two hundred years old was when a mermaid became an adult.  After becoming adults, they literally, gave birth to legs, transformed into human figures, and walked ashore. From then on, they were free and unimpeded between the sea and land.

The day that Qi Ying turned two hundred years old finally arrived. She was very excited, and could not wait. She wanted to go ashore to see the world.

The coming-of-age ceremony required the essence of the sun and the moon, first use the sun to dry the body’s moisture, and then absorb the light of the full moon on the 15th night, and then you could truly become an adult. Qi Ying waited and waited, and finally the 15th of the month arrived when she would turn into a human, so she hurried ashore.

Today, the weather was clear and there was plenty of sunlight. She lay on the beach and turned over, excitedly waiting for the night to come. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps approaching stopped beside her.

She heard a beating voice: “Where did the stupid fish which run aground come from?”

Immediately afterwards, Qi Ying was lifted up by the tail with one hand. She yelled silently, no! Do not want! Do not want! The next moment, with a plop, she was thrown back into the sea.

Qi Ying floated on the water and looked angrily at the young man with his hands in his pockets on the beach. He looked grim and raised his eyebrows slightly: “No thanks.”

Thank your sister!!!

The coming-of-age ceremony was postponed for one month.

This month was almost like a year, Qi Ying hid in the coral bushes and looked at her golden fishtail, wishing to see a pair of legs. Finally, the fifteenth came again.

This time, Qi Ying changed directions, hiding under the rocks on the shore, and spent the day without danger. When the setting sun sank below the sea level and the glow dimmed, she waited for the slowly rising moon in a spirit of enduring excitement.

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind: “Why is this stupid fish again?”


Qi Ying looked back and saw a face that was unforgettable for her in this lifetime. Before she could react, she was picked up by the tail, and thrown back into the sea.

The next moment, the moon rose above the sea level, and the silver light shone down.

Qi Ying couldn’t wait to hit her head and die on the reef.

For the third, fourth, and fifth time, Qi Ying’s coming-of-age ceremony was postponed for half a year. The teenager was like a ghost, always appearing just before she was about to succeed, holding her tail with two fingers and throwing her back into the sea, rubbing his fingers on his trousers with disgust afterwards.

Finally, for the sixth time, the boy did not appear. That night, Qi Ying successfully went ashore and gave birth to legs. She looked up at the silver light of the full moon, clenched her fists and swore to herself.

She must have revenge!

Qi Ying went to the mermaid’s stronghold in this city, a tavern called The Mermaid. The mermaid boss had been ashore for a hundred years and was a charming uncle.

The uncle was very excited when he saw Qi Ying. After all, he hadn’t seen his clan members for a long time, so he immediately summoned all the mermaids from this city to meet her. Qi Ying sat on the sofa with no interest, the uncle fiddled in the room for a while, and handed over a book like a treasure.

Qi Ying glanced at the cover and read the six characters on the cover: Mermaid repay grace.

“Yingying, all of us mermaids must repay grace. You are here to repay this time when you come ashore? Take it, go back to study, and keep it safe, it is useful.”

Qi Ying threw the book away angrily: “I’m here to take revenge!”

The uncle had lived for so many years, and this was the first time he met a mermaid who had come ashore to take revenge. After asking the ins and outs, he burst into laughter. Qi Ying quickly cried: “Not only do you not help me, but you also laugh at me!”

The uncle clutched his stomach and waved his hand: “Help, help, I will definitely help you, how do you plan to get revenge?”

Qi Ying curled his lips and stared at him, “I don’t know, that’s why I came to you. What are humans most afraid of?”

The uncle touched his chin with a serious face: “The most painful thing in the world is not getting what they want. If you want it, but you can’t get it. There is nothing more painful for humans than this.”

While they were talking, the mermaids gathered in the tavern one after another, and after hearing about Qi Ying’s tragic story, they all laughed mercilessly, and rushed to give out their ideas after laughing. Finally, the uncle representing all the mermaids, solemnly handed the popular idol drama discs and romance novels to Qi Ying.

“Let him fall in love with you and then dump him, the most ruthless way of revenge, there is no better way!” The uncle patted her on the shoulder: “See and learn more. Few people can resist the charm of a mermaid.”

The little mermaid finally showed her first smile after landing.

The mermaids could hear and distinguish all the voices within a hundred miles. After a week of preparations, Qi Ying began her attack. After a day of searching and listening while walking, she finally found the voice that made her hate.

Without delay, she immediately followed the voice to find it. It was already June, and the plum blossom trees on the roadside had bloomed. When she was walking around the corner of the street, Qi Ying saw the young man coming from not far away at a glance.

He was wearing a black T-shirt and sweatpants, with his hands in his pockets, and his brows were indifferently illuminated by light and shadow.

Qi Ying squeezed her fist, ran to him, and lay on the ground in front of him in a thunderous manner.

Ji Rang paused and stared at the little girl on the ground. He frowned and asked, “Touching porcelain[1]?”

The next moment, the little mermaid spoke, and she said, “Hello, your girlfriend has fallen.”

Ji Rang: “…”

Where did this psycho come from???

Qi Ying watched the boy’s accelerated pace as he walked away from her, patted the dust of her clothes and got up from the ground. She tilted her head and wondered, this was different from what the book said, why did he run away? Could it be that the posture of lying down was wrong?

The little mermaid was confused. After thinking about it for a long time, she listened to the boy’s voice again and found the gym where he was practicing Taekwondo.

As soon as she entered, she attracted everyone’s attention, after all, the beauty of the mermaid was too dazzling. After Ji Rang finished doing a set of high-difficulty kicks, he looked back and saw the little girl who was poking her head at the door.

He stared at her for a while, took off his gloves, and walked over, “What are you doing following me?”

The little mermaid’s eyes glowed: “Hello, do you have a girlfriend?”

Ji Rang frowned and shook his head.

The little girl smiled brightly: “Then you have one now!”

Ji Rang: “???”

In this age, there were people who used such old-fashioned tricks?

Qi Ying didn’t know that the romance novel given to her by Uncle Mermaid was out of date. She was looking forward to her wonderful performance that would make the teenager fall in love with herself.

She couldn’t see any expression on Ji Rang’s face. He looked her up and down, raised his eyebrows slightly, and asked, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Qi Ying: “Right!”

Ji Rang: “Okay.”

Qi Ying: “!!!”

Thanks for the almighty love ceremony!

Ji Rang glanced at the coach who called him from behind, then turned around and said to the little girl: “I have to go to training, you wait for me here.”

Qi Ying nodded repeatedly. When he left, she quickly took out her cell phone and sent a message to Uncle Mermaid: “I succeeded! He fell in love with me! When should I dump him?!”

Uncle Mermaid: “Now! Immediately! Without delay! Let him try to feel the pain when love is most delicious!”

So, when Ji Rang came after finishing his training and changing clothes, he saw the little girl who was still smiling but she said to him indifferently: “You are now dumped by me!”

Ji Rang: “???”

Oh shit.

The little mermaid finished dumping and wanted to run away very smartly but was grabbed by the wrist by the teenager. Ji Rang sneered and looked at her: “You think too beautifully.” He approached her sullenly and said in her ear: “You initiated the relationship, and the breakup can only be done by me. If I don’t talk about breaking up, you won’t ever be able to separate from me. This is the love contract of our human world. If you don’t observe it, you will be condemned by God.”

The little mermaid was frightened and ran back to the tavern crying, “…that’s what he said. I can’t break up, and I can’t take my revenge.”

Uncle Mermaid looked solemn, he didn’t know much about the human world, and he didn’t expect that there would be such a contract.

He calmly said: “Don’t panic, uncle will find a way for you.”

That night, the mermaid uncle studied the many reasons why human men and women broke up throughout the night, and the next morning he told Qi Ying in a spirited manner: “You do it! Do it for heaven and earth, do it to death, so that he can’t stand you, every day. If it is painful, he will take the initiative to break up with you! In this way, you will not only make him feel painful, but also take revenge from him. It would kill two birds with one stone!”

Qi Ying asked excitedly: “What is called? How to do it?!”

Uncle Mermaid gave her the recorded notes: “Just follow the above!”

So, the Little Mermaid got the tips to get rid of boyfriends.

And they talked about love in a reasoned manner.

The little mermaid was very curious about the human world. Everything felt fresh to her, and she even made a fuss after eating an ice cream. Ji Rang decided to take the little girl out to meet the world more and took her with him to all parties.

The little girl secretly watched the strategy under the table, and then started to follow it.

She tugged at Ji Rang’s sleeve and said in a voice that everyone at the table could hear: “You give me a kiss.”

Ji Rang: “…”


Ji Rang ignored her at first, pretending not to hear, and continued to eat and drink with his buddies, but the little girl next to him kept looking at him with a sad look.

Seeing that, he couldn’t stand it anymore, he put his chopsticks down, put his arm around her and pressed the person in his arms and gave her a hard kiss. After the kiss, under the gaze of the whole table, he said without changing his color: “I made you laugh.”

The little mermaid felt a little hot on her face.

At the end of the party, everyone was still saying goodbye to each other, when they heard the little girl’s very soft voice: “I don’t want to walk, my feet hurt, you hug me.”

Everyone: “…”

After Qi Ying said this, she secretly observed Ji Rang’s expression.

Quick! Say you want to break up!

In the end, he didn’t say anything, leaned over, hugged the person in his arms, and greeted everyone unchanged, “Go ahead.”

The little mermaid hugged the boy’s neck, looking at his stern face, a little distressed.

Why were these strategies useless on him?

No matter what new trick she learnt, it would always fail to work on him. She was really working hard. Why didn’t he still hate her and tell her to break up?

He kissed her every time she made the request, and made her head dizzy, almost forgetting the strategies she learned!

But later, Qi Ying gradually discovered that kissing seemed to cause Ji Rang pain.

Every time she kissed his face, he felt very painful. He had to stay in the bathroom for a long time before coming out. In winter, he even had to take a cold shower.

She finally found a way to make him suffer!

The little mermaid was very happy.

So, she started to look for Ji Rang frequently from morning till night to kiss him.

Qi Ying made a decision later.

It didn’t matter if he didn’t want to break up, she could stay by his side all the time, asking for kisses for a lifetime, which would make him suffer for a lifetime. This enmity will be avenged.

Until later, when Ji Rang stopped going to the bathroom after kissing her.

He pressed her to the bed and kissed her from head to toe.

After that night, the little mermaid never saw him in pain again.

Qi Ying: It’s a big loss!!!

Ji Rang: Very profitable.

T/N: I think the way to get your boyfriend to break up with you was by being clingy… Poor QY again falling into the trap of JR… and the Uncle Mermaid who unwittingly helped entrap her… Oh my god, this extra was pure gold.. I still can’t stop laughing.

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[1] Someone who is ready to fall at anytime in order to claim damages from another person.

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