My Wife Spoils Me Too Much (MWSTM)


Ji Yan discovered his wife, who hated him so much that she wished he was dead, had lost her memory after a car crash. She had changed so much it was like she was a totally different person…

When he goes to work: “Dear, don’t move, I’ll put on your shoes for you.”

When he is having a meal: “Dear, I have made all of your favourite dishes. You have worked hard, so eat up.”

When he finished work: “Dear, you have worked all day. I’ll massage your shoulders and feet.”

Ji Yan: “…”


Tang Tang got pushed into the pond by her step sister who frequently bullied her. She thought she would meet her dead mother but, who knew, when she opened her eyes again, she was in a strange place. But what made her happy was that she had a super handsome husband and a very cute son. The most important thing was that her husband was good. He was a hero who protects the country, and earns money to support her and their son. Also, he only has her as his wife, he didn’t have any concubines whatsoever. Tang Tang decided she should be submissive to her husband, to be a good wife and a loving mother. Her nanny no longer needed to worry about her not being able to get married anymore!

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Tags: Drama, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Why I’m picking it up: I’m picking it up because its further chapters have not been updated for a long time…. If the original translator stars it again, I would be happy to remove my translations, until then, enjoy

Disclaimer: The copyright of this book rests with jjwxc and the author. Furthermore, if there are any issues in the future because of the jjwxc website, then I would either lock the chapters or delete the novel (Fair warning)/// The rights to my translations however are with me… and I hope that no one steals my translations

Table of contents

Chapter 1-71

Chapter 72.1

Chapter 72.2

Chapter 73.1

Chapter 73.2

Chapter 74.1

Chapter 74.2

Chapter 75.1

Chapter 75.2

Chapter 76.1

Chapter 76.2

Chapter 77.1

Chapter 77.2

Chapter 78.1

Chapter 78.2

Chapter 79.1

Chapter 79.2

Chapter 80.1

Chapter 80.2

Chapter 81.1

Chapter 81.2

Chapter 82.1

Chapter 82.2


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