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When Gu Chang’an saw this email the next day, his complexion changed drastically, and he hurriedly called Ji Yan. At that time, Ji Yan was driving with his family on the way to play. When he saw that the caller was Gu Chang’an, his eyes darkened, then he put on his earphones and picked it up.

“Ji Yan, is this true?”

“Brother.” Ji Yan called him seriously, “For your sake, I won’t do it myself, I’ll leave it to you to solve it.”

Gu Chang’an was silent on the other end of the phone. After being silent for a long time, he finally uttered the word “good” with difficulty. Both of them knew the weight that this word represented.

After hanging up the phone, Gu Chang’an took out a cigarette from the cigarette case and lit it. While smoking, he recalled when they were children. At that time, Gu Yanran was very cute and always liked to follow behind them with two braids. Every time one of them got hurt, she would bandage them up with the gauze and medicine she carried with her, and blow on their wounds carefully.

At that time, he was always very proud that he had such a beautiful and lovely sister. None of the others had it, but he had it!

But, when did that cute and kind little girl become what she was now? In order to get revenge, she found someone to bump into Tang Tang and Ji Yue on purpose and took advantage of the opportunity of them going to the hospital for an examination to have someone do kidney matching while Tang Tang was in a coma, and then she secretly gave the inspection results to the Tang family, in order to instigate the Tang family to find Tang Tang.

This step-by-step calculation really deceived them.

Gu Chang’an stayed alone all afternoon, smoked a whole pack of cigarettes, and finally made up his mind to call the second elder at home. This time, he really couldn’t indulge her anymore.

Tang Tang didn’t know anything about the following things. At this time, they were wandering freely in the dreamy kingdom.

It was the first time for the two children to come to Disneyland, not to mention Tang Tang. The elder and the youngers were all so happy that they ran happily inside, laughing and talking all the way. Grandpa Ji watched with a smile from the back, while Ji Yan took a DSLR to take pictures of the three mother and children from the back, hoping to keep the memory of the beautiful moment.

Ji Xiaoying was the most smug, he didn’t feel shy when facing the camera, in fact he posed in various poses naturally, standing akimbo for a while, head bowed for a while, and forehead titled for a while, giving competition to some professional models, and later, for the sake of looking good, he let Ji Yan buy him a pair of sunglasses, and wearing that he looked like a big brother in society, so cool.

Compared with Ji Xiaoying, Tang Tang and Nuonuo were not very good. The two of them faced the camera very stiffly, and their smiles were uglier than crying. They wanted to smile at Ji Yan who kept asking them to relax. But the effect was not good, and the photos taken in the end were so embarrassing.

Ji Xiaoying reluctantly taught the two of them on-site, “Take pictures naturally, don’t be afraid, just like me.” Saying that, Ji Xiaoying posed a few poses facing the camera.

Tang Tang and Nuonuo: “I can’t do it, it feels so embarrassing.”

“No, no, no, I’m really nervous, I can’t show it.” Tang Tang also wanted to be as natural as her baby, but she was nervous when she saw the camera, and she couldn’t smile no matter what.

Nuonuo nodded her head appreciatively, but she was also nervous and couldn’t show it.

“Hey…” Ji Xiaoying sighed again, and spread his hands towards Ji Yan, expressing his helplessness.

Ji Yan smiled and squeezed his forehead, and simply put away the DSLR, “Okay, we won’t shoot anymore, we are here to play, just play well, now let’s play the rides.”

Tang Tang and Nuonuo breathed a sigh of relief, and Ji Xiaoying was also more interested in playing, so the family set off towards the amusement park rides happily. The first thing to play was the merry-go-round. Grandpa Ji naturally wouldn’t go up to play, and Ji Yan wasn’t interested as well. In the end, Tang Tang took the two little guys up. The mother and children had a great time playing, and were laughing loudly, Ji Yan took out the DSLR at this time and recorded the happy time of the mother and child. This time, Tang Tang and Nuonuo were no longer nervous, and their expressions were happy and natural.

Ji Yan was very satisfied, and decided to take snapshots afterwards, so the mother and children were in charge of playing in the next time, and Grandpa Ji was in charge of watching cheerfully, while Ji Yan became a professional photographer, engraving the beautiful images of the family.

In addition to Disneyland, Ji Yan also took the family to a hot spring resort to soak in hot springs, to the beach to see the sea, to historical sites to appreciate local attractions, to the snack street to taste special snacks, and to eat, drink and have fun. Tang Tang would take the happy times of family and share them with everyone in Moments every day, which made her Moments extremely lively every day.

Tang Tang had never felt so happy. Her husband and children were by her side, and the loving elder was happy to accompany them. There were no worries, only boundless happiness. There was no doubt that this would be the most unforgettable trip in her life. She would keep the memories in her heart and cherish them for a lifetime.

The family just walked and had fun all the way, and it was half a month before they came back home again. Although they had a lot of fun, they had to say that traveling was really tiring. When they got home, they were all stumbling around, so tired that they wanted to spread out on the bed.

After eating, the two little guys and Grandpa Ji went to sleep. The kind that where nobody could wake them up. Ji Yan and Tang Tang also finally rested. Tang Tang felt lazy all over, and she didn’t want to get up after lying in bed.

It was rare for Ji Yan to see such a lazy side of her, so he walked over to kiss her lips with a smile, “Don’t want to move anymore?”

“Well—husband, I’m so tired, I want to sleep for three days and three nights!”

“Okay, then sleep for three days and three nights, but you have to take a shower to remove the dust before you can sleep comfortably.” Ji Yan said, and directly picked her up from the bed and went to the bathroom, “I know you are tired, I don’t want you to move today, I’ll wash it for you.”

Tang Tang blushed, buried her face in the socket of his shoulders, and was stripped naked by him and put into the bathtub dripped with essential oils. She felt comfortable all over, and couldn’t help but sigh in satisfaction, then she leaned over and kissed him sweetly, “Thank you, husband.”

Ji Yan smiled and poked her little nose, “Verbal thanks are not enough, you should rest well tonight, and when your strength recovers, take good care of your husband to express your gratitude OK?”

Tang Tang bit her lower lip and covered her face then gave a shy “hmm”. In the past half a month, they hadn’t had that or that. According to the level of diligence he asked her before, it really made it difficult for him. She had already planned to come back to him.

After getting the answer he wanted, Ji Yan smiled and kissed her twice on the back of her hand covering her face, took the towel and began to serve his wife to take a bath conscientiously, and then carried her back to the bed and stuffed her into the quilt after serving her. “Go to sleep, have a good rest tonight, you don’t need to make breakfast tomorrow morning, I’ll go out and buy it.”

Tang Tang yawned again, nodded, closed her eyes and was about to fall asleep, but the mobile phone on the bedside of Ji Yan suddenly rang, a call at this time drove her sleepy bug away.

Ji Yan patted her, looked at the caller ID, the name on it made him purse his lips, and he only picked up when the fifth ring rang, but he didn’t say anything during the whole process, only hung up after two “um”.

Tang Tang leaned over to look curiously, saw that it was Gu Chang’an’s call, and asked, “Brother Chang’an, what’s the matter?”

Ji Yan paused before saying: “He told me about Gu Yanran, and Gu Yanran was sent by the Gu family to work abroad, she won’t be able to return to China for at least ten years.” It was a kind of exile in disguise.

Tang Tang was taken aback, “What’s going on? Why did their family do this?”

Ji Yan was going to tell her, so he decided to tell her now that she smelled something fishy. “Tang Tang, do you still remember the report in Tang Mi’s hand?”

Tang Tang felt something was wrong just hearing this sentence, and asked tentatively, “Could it be that the report was made by Gu Yanran?”

“Well, yes. The person who bumped into you at the beginning was found by her. The purpose was not to kill you, but to let you go to the hospital for an examination. The doctor who examined you happened to be her college classmate. He pursued her for many years. Agreeing to her request, he secretly did a matching check for you.”

“So that’s the case, no wonder” Tang Tang murmured, she should have been angry with Gu Yanran, but now that she had received the punishment she deserved, she didn’t need to hold on, and could treat this person as if she didn’t exist in the future.

However, Tang Tang still had one thing in mind, so she looked up at him, and asked cautiously: “Husband, what happened to the Tang family in the end? Mother Tang…”

Ji Yan knew that she would not forget it, so he combed her loose hair and said, “Don’t worry, I found a suitable donor for the Tang family. Mother Tang has already had an operation, and the operation was successful. If she’s lucky, she might live one to three years longer.”

“Found it?”

Tang Tang was shocked by the news at first, and then became puzzled, “But you don’t like the Tang family, and don’t you want to have anything to do with them? Why did you help them find a donor?”

“I’m not helping them.” Ji Yan looked into her eyes seriously, “I just don’t want you to have any possibility of guilt. After all, your body belongs to the daughter of the Tang family. I’m afraid you would think too much in your heart after Mother Tang passed away. After all, you are the kindest.”

Tang Tang suddenly felt an indescribable emotion in her heart, it turned out that it was all for her. To be honest, although she knew in her heart that she shouldn’t help the Tang family, she would still miss it even if it was a stranger, but now that she knew that Mother Tang had undergone surgery, she was really relieved, and finally she could completely forget the Tang family.

“Husband, why are you so nice, I love you so much.” Tang Tang couldn’t help hugging his neck and kissing him twice.

Ji Yan was kissed comfortably, and he bowed his head and exchanged a long kiss with her, and then said to her: “I didn’t help them for free, I asked for 20% of Tang’s shares from the Tang family and gave it to Tang Tang.”

Tang Tang immediately understood that the Tang Tang he was talking about was not her, but the original Tang Tang. “Husband, are you helping the original Tang Tang?”

“Well, the Tang family’s things should have had her share, and now I gave that to her to thank her for giving birth to Ji Xiaoying, and thank her for letting me meet you, I hope this will make her have no regrets.”

Tang Tang rubbed against him with a sigh, he really thought of everything, so that she would have no regrets or worries.

If a husband was like this, what more could a woman ask for?

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