RCFS Ch. 210

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That night, Li Lei’s accounting firm was smashed.

All the equipment was smashed to pieces, and the billing system was paralyzed for a while, especially Li Lei’s room which was like something a typhoon had hit, not even a single piece of paper was left intact.

Li Lei went crazy when he went to work the next day. It was obvious that someone wanted to retaliate. The person who retaliated was probably going against him!

But he didn’t think he had offended anyone?

Could it be Lord Ye coming?

Because he didn’t handle his affairs well, did he smash the firm where he worked?

However, Li Lei really misunderstood Ye Junlai, and Ye Junlai was still at home waiting to see Ye Junpo becoming a joke!

Start a company?

He had stuffed the money, as long as one link could not be implemented, even after half a year or a year, your company will not be able to start!

He couldn’t intervene in the official business of the state unit, but wasn’t there a private accounting firm?

Ye Junlai came to think more and more beautifully, until he learned that the eldest brother’s formalities were not only completed without a hitch, but were also very proper, at that time Ye Junlai couldn’t sit still!

He directly brought someone to question Li Lei.

“What’s the matter with you? Didn’t you say that as long as they get stuck here, they can still get stuck for a year or so? Why did it get done so quickly!!”

Li Lei didn’t expect Ye Junlai to come so soon, just after tidying up his office, he was trying to restore all kinds of lost financial data, and he was going crazy.

“That niece of yours is so stubborn!”

Li Lei didn’t even raise his head, since he really didn’t have time to raise it!

“She is stubborn? Or you are soft-boned!”

Ye Junlai was about to die of anger, but Li Lei didn’t have time to talk to him, besides, Ye Yunxi was really strong enough, and the posture of throwing money at the face was not what most people could do.

Seeing Li Lei ignoring him, Ye Junlai also said angrily: “Anyway, you haven’t done my business, so give me back the 40,000 yuan!!”

The busy man finally stopped, and looked at Ye Junlai full of embarrassment: “Grass mud horse, I’ve never heard of people who give money and then ask for ti back!”

How about being so stingy!

“You didn’t do something for me, will you give it back to me or not!!”

Ye Junlai came to fight it out, even though forty thousand yuan was not a lot. His company had recently been affected by the big market, and its performance had declined for a while. Therefore, since his work had not been done, the 40,000 yuan couldn’t be wasted!

“Bring it!”

Li Lei gritted his teeth, but had no choice but to take out the money and throw it at him: “F**k off! From now on, don’t come to me for business, I won’t do it for you, even if you give me money!”

Just go back from here!

Seeing that the money was in hand, Ye Junlai didn’t linger, he just turned around and left.

The office was finally quiet, and Li Lei could quickly restore the data, but in just a second, another group of people walked into the office.

Li Lei was angry, mo******cker can’t you see I’m busy!!

“Get off!”

When he was angry, a voice that made him feel both familiar and his scalp go numb slowly sounded: “Manager Li is really a lion, obviously my second uncle only gave you 40,000, and you dare to tell me 50,000, you really fulfilled that sentence, big things are achieved without regard to trivial matters!”

Li Lei was startled suddenly, and goosebumps rushed out all over his body!

How did this little ancestor come here?

Did she see his quarrel with Ye Junlai just now?

She already knew that it was 40,000, so she wanted to ask him to pay back the extra 20,000?

No way, why was he so sad today!

However, the moment he looked up and saw the person in front of him clearly, Li Lei knew that paying back the money was nothing!

There was something more tragic waiting for him!!!

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