KHSW Ch. 150

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Xu Yizhi couldn’t care more, and didn’t think about why she was so enthusiastic today. He stretched out his long arms, pressed his palm to the back of Ling Xi’s head and kissed her.

Ling Xi was startled and was about to break free.

If it were just the two of them, it would be fine but there were still other people present!

However, Xu Yizhi’s strength made her unable to break free. Besides, the man’s kissing skills were getting better and better, and it didn’t take long for her to “break down” and immerse herself in his deep kiss.

However, Xu Yizhi let go a little, Ling Xi stepped back, and their lips parted immediately.

Ling Xi’s face showed a seductive red color, then she glanced behind her with a guilty conscience. Fortunately, they didn’t come out, and whispered with a slight complaint: “Don’t do this in the future, there are still people at home, it’s not good to be seen by them.”

There was a smile in Xu Yizhi’s eyes, as if he was happy to see the girl’s shy look.

Ling Xi lowered her eyes, lowered her voice and said, “Husband, I have a little thing to discuss with you.”

Seeing the girl’s troubled appearance, Xu Yizhi already knew what she would say.

“I brought the child back, but… his parents are long gone, and then… I called myself his mother and brought him home to live.”

Acting was her specialty, but Ling Xi felt uncomfortable when she said these words in front of Xu Yizhi.

“I’m sorry, Yizhi, I made a decision without consulting you. I really know I was wrong, but the child is really pitiful. When he was a baby, he was almost thrown into the river and drowned. Fortunately, Master Xuanzhen rescued him and brought him up…” Xu Yizhi saw that the tears in Ling Xi’s eyes couldn’t help dripping.

Xu Yizhi’s eyes flashed lightly, his throat slid slightly, and he wiped away the tears on Ling Xi’s cheeks with his cool fingertips, and said solemnly, “Okay, let’s go in!”

Ling Xi raised her head slowly, he didn’t say whether he would forgive her or not, only plainness could be heard from his tone, was he angry or not?

Before she could think about it, Yizhi took her hand and walked in.

When Xu Yizhi saw the “little monk” lying on the ground in front of the aquarium with his little butt raised up, he was slightly moved, and a strange feeling filled his heart.

This was his and Ling Xi’s child.

The moment Xiao Nuo got up and turned around, Xu Yizhi’s heart couldn’t help but tremble, and an indescribable emotion was spreading in his body.

When he met those dark, bright, yet ignorant eyes, the bottom of his heart became even softer ~ unbelievably soft.

He saw the “little monk” put his hands together, “Hello, benefactor.”

Hearing his immature voice, Xu Yizhi’s heart clenched into a ball.

If he had sent someone to investigate seriously, perhaps this would not have happened.

Chi Jingyu laughed unkindly, “Baby Xiao Nuo, you are so cute!”

Ling Xi walked to him and squatted down slowly, “Baby, can you not say ‘benefactor’ in the future? Just like what mother taught you just now, call him uncle…”


Just when she was about to say the word “uncle”, Xu Yizhi spoke slowly.

Ling Xi looked at Xu Yizhi in surprise.

However, Chi Jingyu’s mind was slow, “Brother, who are you calling ‘Dad’?”

Xu Yizhi didn’t seem to notice, and walked to Xiao Nuo’s side and squatted down, “Just call me ‘Dad’.”

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