KHSW Ch. 122: I Sent You

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Hearing Xu Yizhi say a few “good” words, Ling Xi couldn’t help snickering in her heart.

Feeling the warmth brought by Xu Yizhi’s embrace, Ling Xi’s heart also warmed.

Inside the ISOU mall.

Ling Xi tied her hair into a simple high ponytail, making her look even taller, and put on a pair of red-framed sunglasses, covering most of her cheeks, looking like a model walking in the forefront of fashion. Unless somebody looked carefully, no one would be able to tell that she was the star Ling Xi, instead they would think of her as the daughter of a rich family.

And Xu Yizhi was also wearing a pair of sunglasses, revealing a cold and mysterious atmosphere.

The appearance of a pair of handsome man and beautiful woman attracted the attention of everyone in the mall.

When was the last time she came to the mall?

Ling Xi couldn’t help sighing that behind all the dazzling stars, there would be more or less a bitter history. If you chose a glorious identity, you have to sacrifice some happiness.

Xu Yizhi followed Ling Xi. He would let her go wherever she wanted.

For Xu Yizhi, this was an instinct, or even a subconscious behaviour. Ling Xi turned around and took Xu Yizhi’s arm. This action was extremely intimate, which aroused the envy of others.

Entering the men’s clothing area on the third floor, Xu Yizhi originally thought that Ling Xi would continue to take the elevator upstairs, but he was instead pulled into a men’s clothing store, so with doubts in his eyes, he asked, “Ling Xi, this is…”

Hearing the man calling her name, Ling Xi immediately looked around and put her index finger on her lips nervously, “Shh, remember to call me ‘wife’ outside.”

The eyes of the man under the sunglasses flickered slightly, and the corners of his lips slightly turned up in a faint arc.

“Okay, got it, wife.”

Although she didn’t seem to have any special feeling when she asked him to call her like that, but… As soon as Xu Yizhi’s magnetic voice rang out, she couldn’t help blushing, and it spread to the back of her ears, even her heart beat was out of rhythm.

The hand holding Xu Yizhi’s arm was released without a trace and she went to choose the clothes.

She knew that Xu Yizhi’s clothes were specially custom made, but she still wanted to choose them herself.

Xu Yizhi had countless thoughts in his heart, as he had never thought that Ling Xi would want shop for him.

“Umm… This T-shirt is quite nice.” Taking advantage of the time to send the shopping guide away, Ling Xi secretly took off her sunglasses.

Xu Yizhi suddenly leaned forward from behind, “Do you like this one? Do you need me to try it for you?”

“Okay! And that pair of pants.” She was originally buying it for him, but of course he had to try it himself to know if it was suitable.

Taking advantage of the waiting time, Ling Xi continued to look at other styles of clothing on the hanger.

When Yizhi came out of the locker room, several shopping guides couldn’t help but become crazy, “Male god!”

“He looks so handsome!”

“It would be better if the sunglasses could be taken off.”

Hearing their discussion, Ling Xi turned around and began to despise this pair of sunglasses for getting in the way.

She could only praise herself for having good eyesight, the outfit did fit well, and the color matching was also very coordinated.

In fact, people with outstanding appearance could reflect their unique style no matter what they wore.

Oh yes, just now she seemed to have heard these shop assistants say “male god”, even if he was a male god, he was only her “male god”.

Stepping gracefully, he walked to her side and asked in a low voice, “Do you like this set?”

Unexpectedly, Ling Xi’s hand slowly climbed onto his shoulder, “Husband, you have to remember that I bought you this suit!”

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