KHSW Ch. 123: If the person is you

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Xu Yizhi was slightly taken aback, “Yes, you bought it for me.”

“Well, I’ll go to the first floor later to see the shoes.”

His heart seemed to be tightly wrapped by the sun, the warm current was surging up, and it seemed that some seaweed was floating on the water surface, and there was a little golden light among the dark green.

Ling Xi’s eyes, which were blocked by sunglasses, flickered slightly, then he took his arm again, and then looked at the shopping guide, “Please pack those clothes, thank you.”

“Okay, miss, please pay at the cash counter over there.”

Ling Xi held Xu Yizhi’s arm tightly, showing her sovereignty, then she walked to the cash counter, and was scanning the QR code for payment with her mobile phone, when she saw Xu Yizhi handing out a black card.

What he didn’t tell Ling Xi was that the ISOU mall was also an industry under the Xu Group.

“Swipe this card.”

“Don’t, it’s more convenient to pay with your mobile phone now. Well, it’s already done.” Ling Xi raised the corners of her lips proudly, and brought her lips close to the man’s ear, “Is there a feeling of being kept?”

Xu Yizhi chuckled, “Although I don’t like it very much, if the person is you, I can accept it.” He pulled down Ling Xi’s hand that was holding his arm and held it in his palm.

Ling Xi turned her head away pretending not to care, but fortunately there were sunglasses to cover her face up.

She felt shy in her heart. When did this man become like this and learnt to pick up girls, but to be honest, she preferred the feeling of taking care of Yizhi instead of being taken care of by him.

But, it was nothing but a dream.

Looking at their backs, the shopping guide said enviously, “Those two look really good as a couple.”

Another shopping guide also smiled and said, “They looks like a newlywed couple. The man is handsome, and the woman is pretty. They’re so eye-catching.”

Xu Yizhi was carrying a shopping back in one hand, while the other was interlocked with Ling Xi’s fingers.

The corner of the man’s mouth rose a little bit. He had never done such a thing in public before, but because it was her, he felt that his principles had become irrelevant.

Ling Xi glanced at the intersection of their hands from time to time, and then moved away like a thief.

Her heart was snickering, as if there was a feeling of falling in love.

She always felt that something was missing between her and him before, but now it seemed that it should be his heart.

Her moist red lips were gently pursed, and the corners of the lips were also secretly raised. The feeling of love was not bad.


“Yeah.” Xu Yizhi lowered his head slightly.

“Tomorrow is Saturday. My mother shouldn’t have to go to work. Why don’t our parents meet tomorrow?”

Xu Yizhi nodded lightly, “Okay.”

Looking at their backs, a camera in a hidden location captured evidence of their intimacy.

Inside a cafe.

“Sister Yao Ru.” A woman handed Yao Ru the envelope containing the photo.

Yao Ru opened the envelope and took out the photos inside, which were all about Ling Xi and a man.

The most intimate of them was them photographed at the ISOU mall today, but unfortunately the man was wearing sunglasses and couldn’t be identified.

“It must be this man.” One of the photos that caught Yao Ru’s attention was a photo of Xu Yizhi holding Ling Xi.

“Sister Yao Ru, are you sure Ling Xi’s husband is Xu Yizhi? There are pictures of Elvis and Ling Xi in the same frame.”

Yao Ru gave her a disdainful look, “No matter who the man is, as long as the news that Ling Xi is married goes out, what do you think will happen? As long as you break such news, would you still have no place in the entertainment express?”

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