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Everyone subconsciously followed the sound, and seeing that the situation was wrong, the middle-aged man and woman took the opportunity to rush into the car and were about to drive away. They drove forward recklessly, and the crowd didn’t dare to stop them. Just as the two of them were about to rush out in a rampage, they heard a few bursts from the car’s tires, and all four tires burst simultaneously.

This scene was so shocking that everyone was stunned for a moment. On the contrary, the police who rushed over rushed forward while everyone was stunned and escorted the middle-aged man and woman out of the car.

The onlookers who believed the middle-aged man and woman’s words had realized now that this couple were really human traffickers! Otherwise what were they running for? Taking advantage of the police’s inattention, the angry passers-by kicked the traffickers several times.

Some people even gasped in disbelief: “Now there are even such courageous human traffickers who dare to rob people in the street?!”

Then some people praised Jiang Lan: “Fortunately, this young man was clever and stopped them, otherwise it would be miserable for the girl.”

“Yes, these human traffickers are really disgusting, and they should die.”

Everyone was discussing like this, while the girl who was captured in the street was already slumped on the ground and weeping, Jiang Lan helped her up, and comforted her: “It’s all right, the police are here now, don’t be afraid.”

This little girl was about sixteen or seventeen years old, and she should be a student. It was only after seeing the police that she finally calmed down a bit, and while sobbing, she took out her mobile phone from her bag and called her parents.

The incident of human traffickers abducting people in the street was so bad that the police quickly escorted the people back to the police station. The girl’s parents arrived soon after receiving the call and followed the police to the police station. And Jiang Lan, as a witness who acted bravely, also had to follow along to give a statement.

The crowd of onlookers gradually dispersed. Jiang Lan walked towards Ying Qiao, scratched his face and said, “Thank you for just now. But the hot pot may not be possible, as I have to go to the police station first.”

——If it wasn’t for Ying Qiao, who while standing on the side of the road where the car passed by, reacted quickly and quietly blew the tires with magic, the two traffickers would probably have driven away.

Ying Qiao didn’t answer his words, but just looked at him probingly: “Are you always so helpful?”

Jiang Lan didn’t understand what he meant for a while, and asked with some doubts: “Isn’t it a traditional virtue of human beings to be helpful and be brave? If you can help, of course you should help.”

Ying Qiao’s mouth collapsed into a straight line, although he didn’t refute him, but he thought in his heart that it was the virtue of human beings, so what’s the matter with you who is from the demon race?

Jiang Lan was probably one of the few demon race members he had seen who had completely integrated himself into human society. He suddenly smiled slightly: “You are very similar to…an old friend of mine.”

“Old friend? Your friend?”

Ying Qiao smiled: “Should be considered an elder? He also liked to help the human race during his lifetime.”

Jiang Lan was stunned: “Sorry, I didn’t know…”

Ying Qiao waved his hand, and said indifferently: “Don’t be sorry, he’s been dead for a long time, and I’m not sad anymore.”

It was just that he suddenly saw another person who was so similar to him, so he had some feelings for a while.

Jiang Lan wanted to say something more, but Ying Qiao stuffed back the shoulder bag and the cold roasted pig’s trotters in his arms and pointed to the waiting police car: “Let’s go, people are already waiting.”

The two went to the police station and after walking for a while, it was already past one o’clock in the afternoon after finishing with the statements.

Jiang Lan looked at the time and said apologetically, “I didn’t expect to be delayed for so long. Do you have something to do this afternoon?”

“Let’s go eat hot pot next time.” Shaking the phone, he made up a reason and said, “Today, the leader suddenly announced that we would have to work overtime.”

Jiang Lan immediately showed sympathy in his eyes: “Then you go quickly, and I will treat you to hot pot next time when I am free.”

Ying Qiao “Hmm”, planning to take a taxi on the side of the road and go back to the mall to pick up his car. Jiang Lan waited with him for the taxi, and suddenly remembered the serious business that they had met to talk about today, and said: “By the way, what Director Hu said—”

Before he could finish speaking, Ying Qiao stopped him: “Now that the new regulations have been issued, little demons like us, who have no power can’t oppose too much.”

Ying Qiao put his hands in his trouser pockets, looked down at him, and said after consideration: “… If you don’t mind, we can pretend to be a couple for a while.”

As if afraid that Jiang Lan would not like it, he thought for a while and then added: “There is no need to do anything, just come out for dinner occasionally and pretend to be on a “date”, we will just deal with Hu Can for no more than half a year at the most, this regulation will not go on longer than that.”

Jiang Lan didn’t think about it so much, he just felt that he had accepted Director Hu’s money and was entrusted with loyalty. It was just that he didn’t expect Ying Qiao to cooperate so well and arrange all the back moves clearly. He swallowed back the words he had prepared, nodded and said, “Okay.”

Although he bowed his head to the power of money and not because he didn’t dare to resist the rules, but the purpose of both of them was the same, it should be… Wasn’t this the creation of a revolutionary friendship?

Jiang Lan thought modestly.

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Ying Qiao: Exquisite dragons never eat at roadside stalls——

Jiang Lan: Do you want to eat roasted trotters?

Ying Qiao: … eat.


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