IHSB Ch. 82

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Suddenly, almost all the young masters and ladies’ eyes fell on Bai Mohua, basically full of envy.

This group of second-generation young masters and ladies were all raised in luxury, some of them were still in school, even if they were not in school, they were playing around and had no serious work, so they were very innocent and didn’t have much care.

Hearing the young master say that Bai Mohua could earn so much money by painting by himself at such a young age, they couldn’t help feeling a little admiration and envy.

The young master was still chirping, “I saw your paintings, they are really beautiful. When I accompanied Mommy to the art exhibition, I felt that I couldn’t understand a lot of them. They were too abstract, but looking at your paintings, I can understand them.”

“At first glance, it is not only beautiful but also very warm, and I feel like I am standing in the lake in the painting…”

As he spoke, he sat down next to Bai Mohua, and other young masters and daughters also surrounded him to chat, Bai Mohua and Nuan Nuan also didn’t reject them, and they had a good chat.

One of the wealthy daughters had been staring at Nuan Nuan, and when Nuan Nuan looked at her, she smiled.

“You are so cute, can I pinch your face.”

Nuan Nuan: “…”

What’s going on with these people, why do they always like to pinch her face.

“Just for once, please, please.” The girl put her hands together and looked at Nuan Nuan pitifully. Nuan Nuan saw that she was like this, nodded with a wrinkled little face, and then called out her conditions in a soft voice.

“Just once.” She raised a thin white finger.

The girl nodded and cheered a little, pinched her warm and soft cheeks carefully with her fingers, and then excitedly held her face with a very happy expression.

“I knew it, I knew your face must be very soft. When I saw the photo, I really wanted to pinch it.”

“And me and me, what’s your name, little sister? Can you let me touch it too?”

It was quite sudden… Nuan Nuan never expected that she and her cousin would be surrounded while sitting and eating quietly.

The soft little face was flushed red by the touch, and the warm and clear eyes looked at the fragrant young ladies surrounding her in a daze.

Swollen…what was the matter with swelling.

“The way you eat double skin milk is too cute. Can I take a photo with you, Nuan Nuan? I didn’t expect to see you at this banquet. I’m so happy.”

They were relatively close, and because they usually liked to surf the Internet for nothing, before they came here, they all saw the hot search for eating double skin milk on the Internet. The little girl with puffy cheeks eating in the photo looked so cute, like their favourite doll.

But the doll’s face was not soft at all, however her body was soft and smooth, and it felt very good to the touch.

When they saw her before, they couldn’t believe it. One second they were screaming at the photo and wanted to adopt, and the next second they saw the person they wanted to adopt.

“What… what?”

Nuan Nuan’s soft voice attracted a group of girls again, and one of the girls took out her mobile phone and showed her what was now the third trending search.

“Look, this is it. This is your brother and you, right? But I think you look better in person than in the photo.”

Nuan Nuan leaned her head over, and several young ladies chirped and whispered the comments below, Nuan Nuan saw her milky white face and her ears turned red.

The people in the comment area basically called her the nation’s daughter, praising her cousin and her in various ways for their good looks and cuteness.

How…how could this be so shameful.

“Haha… There are people here asking you what color sacks you like, and they plan to steal you back at night.”

Nuan Nuan’s face was terrified, and she quickly waved her hands to refuse, her pretty face was flushed.

“No, no, no, you can’t steal Nuan Nuan and brother.”

That cute reaction directly made a girl next to her hug her like a bear, rubbing against her warm little face.

“Why are you so cute, I want to steal you back and raise you.”

Nuan Nuan: “…”

“Why are you doing? Nuan Nuan is my sister, so I won’t let you take her back to raise her. I have to raise her.”

Bai Mohua dug out the surrounded Nuan Nuan and hugged her, thinking of Gu Nan, he muttered a little discouraged.

“Besides, I can’t raise her even if I want to.”

Alas…why can’t Nuan Nuan be his own sister.

When it was being busy here, the lights on the podium in front of the hall suddenly focused on one point. Accompanied by applause and exclamation, everyone could clearly see Su Ran, who was wearing a red Tang suit, was sitting in front of the guqin, and his white jade fingers seemed to be dancing on the strings. As soon as the melodious guqin music came out, everyone quieted down and listened carefully.

Whether it was auditory or visual, what the teenager on stage brought to everyone was a stunning effect.

The visual effect brought by Su Ran in red was even more eye-catching. This kind of color was not something everyone could control, but the young man looked like jade. This red dress complemented his jade-like white skin. His playing the guqin on stage amazed everyone.

After the song got over, everyone applauded enthusiastically. Several old people sitting next to Mr. Su congratulated him for having such an excellent grandson.

Elder Su was acting modestly, but the pride on his face was quite obvious.

Of course, among these voices of praise, it was inevitable that there would be some people feeling discomfort, including his father.

His son being hailed as too good only set him off to look even more incompetent. Now how many people were secretly laughing at him for his incompetence, so much so that his father would rather bypass him and designate a fifteen-year-old boy as his heir. But the one who was more uncomfortable and jealous than him was the woman standing beside him.

“Husband, Su Ran has basically become in charge of some things in the company with the help of the old man. Our Tianci is also very smart. They are brothers after all. Go and talk to Su Ran about whether he can arrange a position for Tianci. The two of them can develop better if they help each other.”

When others heard this, they knew that she had bad intentions, but Su Minhao was just a fool, not only didn’t he hear it, but thought she was right.

“Don’t worry, I’m his father after all. The Su family’s property is so big that he can’t manage it all by himself. It’s better to let Tianci help him. Dad really doesn’t see me as his son at all. Give it all to a child, my ability is not that bad.”

Hearing him muttering, the woman next to him couldn’t help twitching the corners of her mouth, don’t talk about anything else, just talk about the thousands of dollars you lost before. In case his flesh hurt, even if your ability is not bad, it’s nothing to see!

Inwardly complaining, the woman had to follow him while looking the sweetest on the surface, after all, it was not easy to find someone so easy to coax.

After Su Ran had finished his performance for his grandfather’s birthday and stepped down, he found Bai Mohua and the others in the crowd and walked over unhurriedly.

“Damn it! Is that Su Ran coming this way?”

“No, no, really.”

Su Ran, with a white complexion and a red dress, was very eye-catching and good-looking. When he came over, he attracted many people’s line of sight.

“Brother Su Ran.”

Nuan Nuan puffed her cheeks with a small cake stuffed in her mouth, and greeted him with bright eyes and waving her arms with a soft voice.

For a moment, the eyes of the people around him all looked over.

Being stared at by so many people, Nuan Nuan’s white and tender face instantly turned red, she lowered her head and buried her face in her cousin’s neck, a small section of delicate ear protruding from the soft hair looking cute and tight.

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