TCYEC Ch. 41

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Disillusionment meant the cruel disappointment on the disappearance of good things.

This word is now used to describe Luo Peng’s mood, and it couldn’t be more appropriate.

Zhan Heng had always embodied the word “perfect” in Luo Peng’s heart. He is handsome, slender, elegant in conversation, has first-rate acting skills, and is also kind and friendly. All beautiful adjectives can be used to describe him.

When he hadn’t seen Zhan Heng himself, he felt that he was the most perfect man in the world, not just one of them. And set him as the benchmark for the perfect man, as the goal of his life’s efforts-except of course for his appearance. After seeing Zhan Heng himself, although there was some discrepancy with the external image, because of Brother Xiaofeng, Zhan Heng took good care of his cousin, and Luo Peng only thought he was more kind.

He was a fan of Zhan Heng.

But now, is this inferior product the actor Zhan himself?

Is it a stand-in? Or is it a ghost with his upper body?

“Why are you going crazy again?” Wei Xiaofeng shook Zhan Heng’s hand away disgustedly. He heard that being stupid is contagious.

Zhan Heng put his hands in his trouser pockets regretfully, and said bitterly: “I’m so affectionate when confessing, and you actually said that I am going crazy, I’m so sad.” But he took the opportunity to touch Xiaofeng’s hand, hehehehe.

Wei Xiaofeng snorted: “Insane.”

Luo Peng and Yu Siyang, who had maintained their surprised expressions, nodded in agreement.

Zhan Heng’s ability to seamlessly switch between male gods and male idiot made Yu Siyang admire him, of course, if he didn’t act like this inexplicably, he will admire it even more.

“Brother Zhan, isn’t your official partner Jiaojiao? What’s my business here?”

Zhan Heng was shocked, glared at Yu Siyang, rushed to hug Wei Xiaofeng, and explained in a hurry, “Xiaofeng, you don’t listen to this little bastard Yu Siyang, I have nothing to do with Yi Jiaojiao, I only like you, and everyone else is a paramecium[1] in my eyes.”

At this moment, even the calm face couldn’t help but change. Tang Hang was also shocked.

Oh ha ha, the live version confession, it turns out that the two of you are in this relationship.

The eyes of the three people eating melons[2] were bright and gossipy. Wei Xiaofeng became angry and punched Zhan Heng’s stomach. Zhan Heng suffered from the pain, hugged his stomach and fell on the ground and groaned: “Xiaofeng, I really only like you. You, like you the most, I love you, I love you…”

“Shut up!” Wei Xiaofeng said viciously: “Say one more word, I will cut you to death.”

Zhan Heng immediately silenced himself obediently. There was also a zipper action with a hand on his mouth, blinking a pair of peachy eyes and selling meng.

The three people eating melons immediately put away their gossipy eyes, watching their noses[3], pretending that they were just admiring the furnishings in the office.

“You…” Wei Xiaofeng’s eyes rolled around the four of them, and he snorted coldly: “Not leaving yet, waiting for me to invite you to dinner?”

“Hahaha, walk around, leave immediately.

” I happen to be hungry, Luo Ge, Tang Hang, let’s go to dinner together.”

“What to eat? I think the cod set meal downstairs from the company is not bad.” The three of them got up numbly, happily and quickly ran away. He didn’t know if it was intentional or not but none of them invited Zhan Heng.

Zhan Heng didn’t lie on the ground anymore, he stood up and followed Wei Xiaofeng step by step, changing again to the image of a male idiot, and said affectionately, “Xiaofeng, what I said is true, I love you. “

Wei Xiaofeng sneered: “You said before, you are not gay, and you don’t like men.”

“Xiaofeng, I know I’m wrong,” Zhan Heng turned to Wei Xiaofeng with a bitter face, “I don’t like men. But I don’t like women either. I only like you. I was young and ignorant. If I said stupid things, then forgive me.”

“People in their twenties are still young and ignorant? Why don’t you say you were a giant baby.” Wei Xiaofeng was almost about to laugh at him. Regarding the thickness of his face, if Zhan Heng considered himself second, no one would dare to recognize themselves as first.

Zhan Heng really lived up to his expectation of cheekiness, he opened his eyes and nodded: “Yeah, I’m still a baby, you forgive me.”

Wei Xiaofeng said, “… Go away.” There were no eyes to see his drama.

Zhan Hang left the office dejected from Wei Xiaofeng’s order of “rolling-out”, but he hadn’t reached the elevator when he suddenly saw three heads coming out of the corner and stopped: “Brother Zhan, Zhan brother, Come here.”

Zhan Heng, who was male idiot in front of Wei Xiaofeng, had returned to the male god mode, with one hand in his pocket, elegantly walked in front of the three of them, and asked, “You haven’t left yet? Are you asking me to invite you to dinner?”

Luo Peng smiled with a wretched and gossiping look: “Brother Zhan, you and my cousin…”

Zhan Heng heard the words and thought to take advantage. Luo Peng on the left and Yu Siyang on the right, with one hand on each’s shoulders, he raised his chin to Tang Hang, “Let’s go, brother will take you to eat.”

All four of them got in the nanny car that the company had allocated to Zhan Heng and went to a private restaurant with a rather hidden location.

“This is a restaurant opened by people in the circle. It is not easy to be photographed by paparazzi. Xiaoyu will invite people to eat in the future, so you can come here.” Zhan Heng led the three into a box, and the waiter came in and poured tea down for the four. He also placed the menus.

“Changsheng Duck[4] is the signature dish here,” Zhan Heng introduced: “Since we’re here, let’s try the signature dish here.”

Luo Peng was now full of gossip and didn’t care what he ate. Yu Siyang was not as gossipy as Luo Peng but is still very interested in the two or three things that Wei Xiaofeng and Zhan Heng had said. Tang Hang is neither gossip nor picky about what he eats, so he looked indifferent.

As a result, Zhan Heng’s food recommendation was not disputed. He ordered the food at an unprecedented speed and asked the waiter to get out of the box. He said helplessly: “Ask what you want to know.”

Luo Peng said:” Do you like Xiaofeng brother. “

Yu Siang immediately said: “But Xiaofeng despises you. “

“…” Zhan Heng’s peachy eyes turned into dead fish eyes and stared at Yu Siyang. Whose kid was this? As soon as he started talking, he stabbed a knife into the heart of the people, which is absolutely disgusting. “Nonsense, Xiaofeng loves me too much.”

Yu Siyang, Luo Peng and Tang Hang all looked at Zhan Heng with blank expressions. Brother Xiaofeng’s appearance could also be called too much love. Wouldn’t it be a deep love for them then?!

Zhan Heng became irritated and knocked his tea cup on the table, “What are your expressions, I am telling you, Xiaofeng confessed to me first.”

“Time and place.” Luo Peng looked suspicious. How arrogant his cousin is, he has personally experienced it since he was a child. His cousin is a representative figure who speaks of integrity. He will use actions to be nice to a person, but he could also dislike someone to death. Cousin took the initiative to confess to someone. He didn’t believe it even if he was killed.

“Three years ago just after the Mid-Autumn Festival…..” Zhan Heng spoke quickly, and only halfway through the words did he remember why should he tell them, this was his sweet little secret.

Luo Peng remembered the Mid-Autumn Festival three years ago. Brother Xiaofeng came to his house and was in despair for three days. Every day he ate and slept, and did not talk to others. His parents were anxious to death, so much that they had to call his aunt who was abroad. The aunt’s family couldn’t come back right away, so they called Brother Xiaofeng, who just listened but didn’t speak.

Those three days frightened them all. His parents still discussed with his aunt whether they should take Brother Xiaofeng to see a psychologist. They said that they had heard that if the work pressure is too high, a person could get depression, bipolar disorder, etc. This is a good and promising young man, they shouldn’t let anything go wrong.

His parents and aunt hadn’t discussed what the result would be. Brother Xiaofeng just left silently, just like when he came, leaving behind an unsolved mystery, leaving their family and aunt’s family at a loss.

“What did you do to my brother three years ago?” Luo Peng asked angrily, and he stood up immediately, his burly figure suddenly extremely imposing.

It’s just that the guy in front of him didn’t show off his prestige. The first show of prestige is simply domineering, and it frightens all the people. Yu Siyang thought to himself that Luo Ge is so powerful.

“If you have something to say, come, sit down and say, you are so tall, we all are feeling very stressed.” Tang Hang hurried out to make a round, and seated Luo Peng on a chair.

“Humph!” Luo Peng sat down, with an unfamiliar look in his eyes and he leaned on the back of the chair with his arms folded, and said: “Three years ago, Brother Xiaofeng went to my house for the Mid-Autumn Festival and looked desolate. It must be you. What did you do?”

Zhan Heng looked embarrassed and drank the tea in his cup, his voice became weak, “That…Xiaofeng confessed to me that I, uh, I rejected him.”

Everyone looked at him dumbfounded.

Reject! Shut! Up!

So is this appearance like the love saint a lot of drama now?

Zhan Heng was even more embarrassed and said dryly: “Isn’t that youth and ignorance?”

In fact, Zhan Heng had always had a good impression of Wei Xiaofeng, and he always felt that his agent was different. He didn’t like Wei Xiaofeng paying too much attention to others, smiling at others, or being good to others. Only when he was focused on him was he satisfied. Although he had performed all kinds of love in dramas, he was actually an emotional idiot. Chu Quan often said that he focused all his skills on acting, so his EQ was infinitely negative.

He liked Wei Xiaofeng, so he cared about Wei Xiaofeng, and always unconsciously does something that attracts Wei Xiaofeng’s attention, and Wei Xiaofeng also liked him.

This was supposed to be a happy love story between the two parties, everyone was happy, and the prince and the prince lived a happy life.

However, there is a saying: If you don’t die, you won’t die[5].

It happened that Zhan Heng did a good job of killing himself.

Wei Xiaofeng confessed to him, why did his mind short-circuit, and he rejected it?! He also said “I don’t like men. Two men will not last forever. My ideal type is Yi Jiaojiao.”

Every time he remembered what he said, Zhan Heng wanted to go back in time, and slap himself a few times.

“I was actually scared by the idea that I was a homosexual,” Zhan Heng said with a bitter expression: “Don’t get me wrong, I am not discriminating against homosexuals. Think about it, a person who has been straight for more than 20 years suddenly bent into a mosquito coil without warning. Is there even a process of adaptation?”

“Moreover, after thinking about it for a long time, I still don’t think I am gay. I don’t like men or women. I only like Xiaofeng. “

No matter whether it is a man or a woman, it was meaningless to him. His ideal type was not Yi Jiaojiao. He doesn’t like anyone, he only likes Wei Xiaofeng. But no matter what he said or did, Wei Xiaofeng didn’t believe him anymore.

The three people who heard a big gossip showed that they did not sympathize with the actor Zhan at all.

“Hey, after listening to the gossip, you can’t express a little bit of sympathy?” Zhan Heng was aggrieved and indignant. Inviting them to dinner was to ask them to help him. They all looked gloating. Isn’t it a bit too much?

“Hmph, it turns out that you were the culprit of my brother’s desolation at the time.” Luo Peng decided that from this moment, he wanted to turn into a black powder fan.

Luo Peng’s arrogant expression was exactly the same as Wei Xiaofeng’s. He could see Zhanheng’s teeth itch, Yu Siyang, who was gnawing duck legs, suddenly became suffocated. Zhan Heng then calmly asked: “There is going to be an Esquire charity party, and all the people invited are important people in the circle. Does Xiaoyu want to go?”

Yu Siyang looked at Zhan Heng looking silly with his duck leg, not gossiping about his and Xiaofeng’s things. Well, why did the topic suddenly turn here?

Luo Peng’s eyes lit up, and he immediately stopped being arrogant. He pulled Zhan Heng’s arms, looking like a good brother. “Zhan Heng, when you look at us with a clear brow and a righteous body, we know that you are a good person.”

Zhan Heng pretended to be a good person. He said melancholy, “What’s the use of being a good person? The person I love rejects me. I am in a bad mood and I don’t want to be a good person at all.”

“Don’t tell me, buddy,” Luo Peng patted Zhan Heng’s chest with his backhand. With an expression of “you can depend on me”, he said, “Seeing you are so affectionate, we can’t bear to let you die alone.”

Zhan Heng returned to the appearance of a male god in a second, leaning on the back of his chair, looking at Luo Peng with a smile, “Cousin, is this willing to help me?”

“Yes, yes.” Luo Peng nodded wildly.

“How about Xiaoyu?” Zhan Heng cast his eyes on Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang was stunned for two seconds, “Does it have anything to do with me?”

“Of course,” the expression on Zhan Heng’s face instantly distorted, “Why did you mention Yi Jiaojiao today? “

Yu Siyang grumbled aggrievedly: “I don’t know you used to be like that, and it is said on the Internet that you and Jiaojiao are the official match.”

“Who is the official match with that big sister!” Zhan Heng said angrily, “Then it is said that you are my official partner on the Internet. Can you believe things written on the Internet?”

Yu Siyang was even more wronged.

“No matter, you have to help brother and make up for your actions, you know.”


“This is good. If there are good things in the future, brother will never forget you.”

Got the two main ones, and a new assistant. As soon as Zhan Heng’s eyes moved, Tang Hang thought very eloquently, but he had no choice but to agree to follow him.

Actor Zhan expressed his satisfaction, raised his tea cup, and said, “Come on, replace the wine with tea. I wish I can catch up with Xiaofeng. When I return home with my handsome partner, I will definitely invite you to a big meal.”

Yu Siyang raised the cup. Feeling aggrieved, they said, “Brother Zhan will no longer die alone, he will definitely catch up with Brother Xiaofeng.”

Luo Peng and Tang Hang were stunned.

Zhan Heng: This kid holds quite a grudge.

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[1] Microorganism.

[2] Seeing the drama.

[3] Pretending as if they saw nothing.


[5] If you don’t do actions that will kill you, you won’t die.

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