TBLF Ch. 46

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The class bell rang.

Qi Ying took the opportunity to run, Ji Rang stretched out his hand to block her, she hit his sturdy arm, and Ji Rang circled her back and pressed her against the wall.

He supported the wall with one hand, and pinched her soft face with the other: “Want to run?”

There were students rushing to the classroom on the stairs, and they were shocked by this scene. Qi Ying also heard someone shouting in the corridor: “Come and see, there is someone pressed against the wall!”

She was too embarrassed to push him away, and her face flushed.

Ji Rang asked her fiercely: “Say! How will you compensate Laozi?”

The bell rang for the second time, like a reminder.

Qi Ying was too anxious, and even thinking about it, she tiptoed and quickly pecked on his left cheek.

Then the boss was stunned, Qi Ying took the opportunity to push his hand away, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

After a long time, he came back to his senses and touched his face with his hand. The place where she pecked still remained slightly moist. His heart beat so fast, in the quiet corridor, it seems to be jumping out of the throat.

He whispered: “Fuck.”

After cursing, he didn’t even notice that the corners of his lips rose.

When he returned to the classroom, the Chinese teacher was handing out test papers, it was noisy, and Qu Dazhuang compared with other people’s papers, yelling: “How on earth did Brother make up to eight hundred words? Does he have a hidden attribute for writing?”

He looked up and saw Ji Rang walk in with a mysterious smile, and asked curiously: “Brother, what made you so happy?”

Ji Rang reached out and took his own papers and sat down: “It’s nothing.”

Qu Dazhuang: “Nothing, then why do you laugh so happily?”

Ji Rang: “Am I smiling?”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

The papers for each subject were issued one after another, and Ji Rang lost points on more complicated problems, but he had no problems with general basic questions.

Even Qu Dazhuang’s scores had improved more or less, and the average score of Class 9 was finally not at the bottom this year.

This made Liu Yao very happy. He even called Ji Rang to the office. He praised him. Finally, he asked with satisfaction, “Are you interested in being a learning committee member and supervising the students?”

Ji Rang: “Not interested.”

Liu Yao: “Where is the monitor?”

Ji Rang: “???”

Seeing him with a face of rejection, Liu Yao didn’t force it anymore. He took out his information, pointed to the column of the parent’s phone number and asked: “Did you kid fill in this number casually? I haven’t been able to reach it since the first year of high school. Your grades have improved so much now. I want to talk to your parents. The cooperation between the school and the parents is more conducive to your study.”

Ji Rang’s casual expression sank, and said quietly, “No.”

Liu Yao frowned and looked at him, as if he had guessed something, and then sighed: “How much hatred can the child have with his parents? I hope you can better communicate with them, no matter how big the contradiction…”

Ji Rang interrupted him with an impatient look: “I will leave if nothing is wrong.”

After speaking, Ji Rang turned around and left the office without waiting for Liu Yao to respond.

Liu Yao looked at the boy’s cold back and sighed helplessly. Thinking of something, he took out his cell phone and dialed a call: “Hey, President Zhou, this is Liu Yao. Yes, I just want to ask you, how are you? Do you know the parents of Ji Rang? I want to contact his parents to talk about his grades, but I can’t get in touch.”

On the other side, he didn’t know what was said, Liu Yao looked a little surprised: “That’s it.” After a pause, he said: “That’s OK, then please send me his father’s phone number, and I will contact him.”

Soon after receiving the phone number from the principal, Liu Yao dialed it.

Because it was a private number, the other person answered the call directly, and asked in a deep voice, “Hello?”

Liu Yao said, “Is it Mr. Ji? I am the teacher in charge of your son Ji Rang. My surname is Liu.”

At that end, even the breathing became heavy: “I am, what happened to Ji Rang?”

Liu Yao hurriedly said: “No, no, he is very good. I contacted you just to talk to you about this child’s learning situation. Although most of the learning tasks are supervised by the school and the teacher, the parents play a role in the growth of the student. It also has a very important impact. Ji Rang’s current state is very stable and his progress is very fast. I hope you parents can cooperate with us more and jointly supervise his progress.”

No one spoke on the phone for a long time.

Liu Yao gave the phone a strange look, and the other person seemed to have just recovered, his low voice trembled slightly: “Sorry, Teacher Liu, you mean Ji Rang has made a lot of progress?”

Liu Yao said happily, “Yes, he was admitted to the top 300 at the end of the semester. He was still the last one in the school at the beginning of the semester. This improvement even our teachers find incredible. But the kid is smart, and this is the current situation. He is willing to work hard and there is still a year and a half left. If he can continue, I believe he can achieve very good results in the college entrance examination.”

The breath on the other end of the phone became even heavier. After a long time, he said in a deep voice, “I see, thank you Teacher Liu. If you need my cooperation, please feel free to contact me. This is my personal number.”

Liu Yao felt that Ji Rang’s father was quite good at communication, but he didn’t know why the child was not willing to mention it. After talking for more than ten minutes, when it was over, Liu Yao turned out the information: “By the way, Mr. Ji, I want to ask, is the number 180xxxx owned by any of you parents? This is what Ji Rang wrote down when he enrolled. This parent contact number that was left is not answered every time I call.”

The head paused and whispered, “That’s his mother’s number.”

“Then why is no one answering?”

“His mother passed away many years ago.”

Liu Yao was silent for a moment: “Sorry Mr. Ji.”

He smiled: “It’s okay, Ji Rang this child has worked hard for Teacher Liu.”

“It should be so.”

The rest of the make-up time was basically spent in discussing the papers.

The piles of homework couldn’t stop the students’ excitement about the arrival of winter vacation. When the bell rang at the end of the last class, many students shouted excitedly: “It’s holiday time!”

The students carrying schoolbags rushed out of the school like wild horses and started their vacation.

Many parents drove to pick up their children because of the heavy schoolbags due to the vacation homework. Yu Cheng had already greeted Yu Zhuo and Qi Ying and told them not to take the bus and wait for him to pick them up.

The gate of the school was so blocked, there were cars and people everywhere, and traffic police were directing traffic. Yu Zhuo was looking everywhere, his father’s car was not found, but Ji Qian was found by accident.

After all, she drove a red Ferrari, which was particularly prominent among ordinary cars.

Yu Zhuo saw her first, hesitating to come over and say hello. But Ji Qian was accustomed to maintaining a cold and glamorous image in the external environment, wearing high heels and sunglasses, she looks inhumanly indifferent.

If she ignored him, that would hurt his self-esteem too much.

So he pretended not to see her, and walked forward with his schoolbag. Ji Qian just turned her head, froze for a moment, took off her sunglasses, smiled and called him: “Hey, kid, what a coincidence.”

Yu Zhuo stopped now, a little unconsciously stretching himself up: “You came to pick up Ji Rang? “

Ji Qian smiled and nodded: “Yes.” She glanced at the bulging schoolbag on his body and asked him: “Is the schoolbag heavy? Why don’t you get in the car first, wait for Ji Rang to get out, and this sister will drive you back.”

Yu Zhuo shook his head: “No, my dad is here to pick me up.”

Ji Qian knew it. When she laughed, she didn’t have that sense of indifference. The Ji family has good genes, it showed in Ji Qian. They were the masters of disaster for the country and the people.

Yu Zhuo didn’t dare to put his gaze on her face, and stammered, “Then… Then I’m leaving.”

Ji Qian nodded, thinking of something, and asked him: “My child, is Ji Rang doing very well in school recently?”

Yu Zhuo thought for a while, and he really didn’t see him fighting much, and nodded.

Ji Qian’s eyes were smiling, and his tone could not help being proud: “I heard his head teacher say that his grades have also improved a lot this semester, and he even passed 280 in the final exam.”

Yu Zhuo didn’t know where his sense of competition came from: “I tested one hundred and ninety.”

Ji Qian was taken aback and laughed: “Well, you are also great.” She smiled meaningfully, “You two encourage each other to make progress together, it’s great.”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

Why does something seem wrong?

The traffic policeman came over with a traffic stick: “Come on, drive a little here.”

Ji Qian waved his hand to Yu Zhuo, “My child, you can come to our house with Ji Rang during winter vacation. My grandfather and uncle will definitely like you very much.”

Ji Qian drove away, leaving Yu Zhuo standing alone in the wind.

Who the hell wants Ji Rang’s grandpa and dad to like him?

Miss sister, have you misunderstood something???

The students walked out one after another. Ji Qian parked the car and called Ji Rang. After two times, someone knocked on the window of the car. Ji Rang stood outside with his mobile phone, looking at her indifferently.

Ji Qian pressed the car window, “Come on, they won’t let me stop here for a long time.”

Ji Rang was impatient: “Why are you here again?”

Ji Qian glared at him: “What is it? I came here twice this semester?” She glanced at the seemingly heavy schoolbag in his hand, deliberately surprised: “What’s in your bag? Heavy? Is it a brick to fight?”

Ji Rang was too lazy to pay attention to her: “I have nothing to say.”

Ji Qian pursed his mouth and smiled, “I heard that you did a good job in the exam this semester?”

Ji Rang sank his face: “Who told you?”

Ji Qian curled his lips: “Your sister, I have 8,000 employees. If I want to inquire about this, can I not find out? You kid, I thought you were not going to graduate from high school.

Ji Rang gave her a glance.

Ji Qian grabbed the car window and winked her eyes and asked, “Why did you work so hard all of a sudden? Is it because of someone?”

Ji Rang was stunned for a moment, an unnatural expression flashed across his face, and he said fiercely, “It has nothing to do with you!”

Ji Qian has been in the world for so many years, how good she is in observing words and behaviors, and she caught his strangeness in one fell swoop. She understood, was touched and relieved, but without showing it on her face, she asked him casually: “Will you go home for the New Year this year?”

Ji Rang let his eyes cool down, and sneered with the corners of his eyes, “Why should I go to someone else’s house for the New Year?”

“What other people’s house?!” Ji Qian was angry enough to breathe out fire: “That’s your house!”

Ji Rang turned around and left.

Ji Qian was so mad at him: “How do you turn your face away! If your grades have improved, can you also improve your personality?!”

Without turning his head back, Ji Rang strode away and quickly disappeared from the crowd.

She became angry, after a long time, took out her mobile phone and called Ji Weiyan: “Hey, second uncle, I saw Arang.”

“How about it, did he agree?”

“No, he left as soon as I mentioned going home.”

The other side sighed: “Forget it, take your time.”

Ji Qian couldn’t help but comfort: “Second Uncle, don’t feel sad, Arang has already begun to change. He will grow up slowly and understand your decision back then…”

Ji Weiyan laughed: “Qianqian, I’m going to a meeting.”

Ji Qian looked at the darkened phone screen and sighed.

This is how the winter vacation began.

Yu Zhuo is a man who does his homework just before school is about to start. Every day, he acts crazy outside. Wu Yinghua got so angry that she scolds him at home every day, “Can you learn from your sister? Your sister went to the library to study every day after she passed the ninth grade. When will you become half as sensible as your sister?!”

Yu Zhuo rolled his eyes, wishing to betray his sister directly.

Is she studying in the library?

She is dating!!!

Ji Rang waits for her in the library every day!

Under the guise of learning, they are dating! Also sealed his mouth with pocket money! Had it not been too expensive to play games in an Internet cafe, he would not have been bought so easily!

The day before the New Year’s Eve, Ji Rang, who had never finished his winter homework, had already finished all his homework.

Qi Ying finished writing a few days earlier than him. In the past few days, he did the papers, and she was preparing for the content of the second semester of high school.

Too clever.

He is so proud.

When they came out of the library, it was snowing again.

“The New Year is almost coming, so I won’t come to the library tomorrow. Let’s celebrate the New Year with family at home.” He bowed his head and tied a scarf for her, wrapping her up in circles, even covering her chin. The half of her face exposed outside looked good.

She nodded.

Ji Rang laughed and touched her head: “Go, go home.”

The two walked to the side of the street, just about to cross the road, when a black Lincoln stopped next to them.

Ji Rang’s face sank and the window slowly lowered. Ji Weiyan sat in the car with a gentle smile and said hello to him: “Arang.” Then he looked at Qi Ying next to him, “Is this your classmate?”

Ji Rang’s gentleness just before facing Qi Ying disappeared, leaving only a cold indifference: “What are you doing?”

Ji Weiyan didn’t mind his indifference at all: “I just finished the meeting and passed by here. I thought I was wrong when I saw you.” He looked at Qi Ying, “It’s snowing hard. Uncle will take you home?”

Ji Rang said coldly: “No.”

Qi Ying looked at the man in the car curiously.

Ji Rang pulled her wrist and turned around roughly to leave.

Ji Weiyan whispered: “Arang, tomorrow is the 30th of the New Year. Come home for the New Year.”

Ji Rang turned around abruptly, with a hostile look even more freezing than ice in his eyes: “Go home? How can I still have a home? Didn’t you destroy my home by your own hands?!”

He seemed to have thorns all over his body, and it hurt everyone who came close to him.

Qi Ying’s wrist was pinched in pain.

But she didn’t struggle, she just stood on tiptoe and gently touched the boy’s head.

Ji Rang was stunned for a moment, and woke up from his violent mood.

He looked down at the little girl beside her, she smiled at him with her lips pressed, and patted his snow-covered hair with her palm.

It’s like saying: Don’t be angry.

The hostility in the boy’s eyes just faded.

He put the hat on for her, held her hand again, and whispered: “I won’t be angry, let’s go.”

Did not look at Ji Weiyan again.

Qi Ying was led by him to walk away a few steps, looked back at the sad man in the car, and waved her hand obediently.

Ji Weiyan was taken aback.

He smiled and waved to the little girl.

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