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That night.

Qinglong Ancient Town.

Before the lanterns were lit, the warm color floodlights outlined the white walls and gray tiles, and the arch bridges were reflected in the water, superimposing some poetic feelings with the whirling willow trees.

Tourists wandered around entertaining themselves, and there were laughter and fireworks everywhere.

An awning boat[1] passed under the bridge, and the boatwoman who was rowing the boat sang an unknown tune.

Inside the boat, however, a special meeting was taking place “out of time”.

“Have you got the ticket?”

Su Yue tried her best to see the face of the person on the opposite side, but the other side couldn’t wait to wrap herself into a zongzi. She looked left and right, except for the fact that she could recognize that it was a girl with a rather hoarse voice, she could not tell anything else about the person.

“Are you ‘Brother Mu’s little fudge’?”

Jiang Zheng’s old face blushed under the mask. She was only 16 years old when she sneaked into Ji Muye’s fan group.

“Are you ‘My Mu Zai’?”

The two exchanged their online IDs and laughed at the same time.

Jiang Zheng was afraid that Su Yue would recognize her, so she coughed twice and said in a low voice, “I’ve caught a cold recently, and I’m afraid of infecting everyone. That’s why I wrapped myself up so tightly.”

Su Yue was quite moved, “You are also fighting for Brother Mu. That’s all that matters.”

The two were in the same group of Ji Muye’s fans, and they had known each other for many years, but they had never met. Jiang Zheng only chased stars online, but she never participated in offline activities because she was studying abroad at that time. But “Brother Mu’s Little Fudge” was known to all of Ji Muye’s old fans. This fan seemed to be a rich woman, who was extremely generous. Ji Muye’s related peripherals, endorsed products, and his film and television discs were picked up and bought by all of his fans, but she bought them in wholesale.

Su Yue was good at small talk, so even though they had met for the first time, she babbled about how big the premiere of the movie was today, how many big names would be coming to join, and even about the fan cheering group and how they had selected old fans who had made outstanding contributions.

Jiang Zheng nodded. This was how it must be. Ji Muye won the title of Best Actor for the first time and rose to become a super-first-line movie star. So, even she took the risk to come to celebrate. Could it not be a big deal?

Tickets for today’s premiere were super hard to come by. Jiang Zheng did not dare to ask Han Yi for it. This time, thanks to the group owner listing her as one of the fans with the most outstanding contribution spirit, she had the opportunity to see the grand ceremony.

Jiang Zheng got the ticket and was about to go in. Who knew that Su Yue would stuff her with two cheering sticks with great enthusiasm, and drag her to the fan area of the premiere in order to support Brother Mu together?

Su Yue was very proud as she explained that the group owner had reserved a place for their excellent fans. If the wild fans next to them came, they could only stand outside, and wouldn’t even be able to see Brother Mu’s hair.

Jiang Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, she just wanted to fulfil her wish silently, and didn’t want to have a friendly face-to-face with Ji Muye.

However, Su Yue completely treated her as family, and refused to let go of her as she dragged her along. In the end, she was forcibly taken to the fan area.

She was holding a blue-light cheering stick in her hand and was surrounded by expectant and excited faces. Being part of such a blue ocean finally made her rather lonely and ethereal star-chasing life fill with real joy.

She slowly raised the cheering stick in her hand and shook it from side to side.

Su Yue winked at her, “We’re in the front row. We’ll have the opportunity to shake hands with Brother Mu later.”

Jiang Zheng: “Oh.” That was really… not good.

Ji Muye debuted as a child star and had been in the industry for 15 years. He had acted in countless film and television works and had also been nominated for the Best Actor several times. However, he returned empty-handed every time. This time, he won the Linghua Award for Best Actor for his movie “Wangshan”. It could be seen that it had earned a lot of popularity, and it deserved its fame.

This film was screened in a small circle in the circle earlier, and was highly praised by professional film critics, saying that it was a rare good film in recent years that integrated the story, a sense of picture and a spiritual core. It was a pity that because the subject matter was too niche, domestic theaters had been afraid to play it even after its release. Unexpectedly, the film was sent abroad and won several awards in one fell swoop, which greatly stimulated the confidence of the theaters, and this led to today’s ingenious premiere.

The producer arranged the location in the ancient town of Qinglong, which echoed the theme of the movie. The screening location was set in the waterfront square of the ancient town for open-air broadcasting. The giant screen hung between two trees, and the night wind was blowing, this ambience seemed to be able to pull people to the entrance of a village in the 1980s.

According to the process, the red carpet ceremony was to be held first, followed by the interview with the starring actors and directors, and finally the movie would be broadcast.

Jiang Zheng’s eardrums were almost shattered by the roar next to her. She was both excited and anxious at the moment, such a heartwarming scene made her unable to move her feet at all. She felt the joy that came with raising her cub for many years and finding out that the cub finally had a bright future. She was just one last step away from witnessing the glorious moment of her idol, and she was really reluctant to leave.

The stars who came to join in walked the red carpet one after another, and Ji Muye finally made his appearance.

Su Yue was so excited that she was about to cry, as she grabbed Jiang Zheng’s arm and stomped wildly.

Jiang Zheng: “…” Please give a small stomp?!

Ji Muye had always been good to his fans, knowing that it was very difficult for these fans to wait from morning to now, in addition to letting Jing Meini arrange snacks and milk tea for them, he also personally went off the stage to shake hands with all his fans one by one.

It stood to reason that stars should avoid shaking hands with fans as much as possible in order to be safe. But the people standing in the fan area today were all old fans who had been following him for many years. Everyone cherished this opportunity, and naturally they would not forcefully pull him or do anything else which might make their brother unhappy.

Ji Muye had a strong ability to remember fans. He had an excellent memory. He could say a few things about all his fans. He would ask people if they have graduated from college, and then he would ask if they were married?

Being so cherished by their idol like this, it was no wonder these fans were loyal.

Ji Muye walked towards their side, Su Yue was so nervous that she couldn’t utter a word, but when she turned her head, she saw Jiang Zheng at this juncture… bending over to tie her shoelaces.

Ji Muye had already walked up to her and said with a smile, “You’re that million-dollar retoucher! Right?”

Ah, ah, ah, her brother actually remembered her. Su Yue nodded again and again with red eyes, she usually stayed up all night to retouch her brother’s photos and had almost scratched herself bald.

“Thank you for your hard work. My dark circles have been a little heavy recently.” Ji Muye smiled calmly.

Su Yue choked, “Brother, please take a rest. I still have hair, I can still survive.”

Ji Muye glanced down and saw a figure with a hunched back.

Su Yue quickly patted Jiang Zheng’s back, “Brother, brother is here.”

Jiang Zheng frowned and muttered, “It’s almost done.”

If you don’t come forward, someone else will come forward. After a few seconds, Jiang Zheng finally “fastened” her shoelaces, but Ji Muye had already moved to the next person a few meters away.

She slowly raised her body, pursed her lips, and looked at him through the gap.

Very nice. Loved by so many people.

Su Yue had a pitiful look on her face, “You missed our brother’s soft hand, did you make it?”

Jiang Zheng hummed and whispered, “I missed it.”

She missed the opportunity to shake hands, but she still had the opportunity to stand in the dark and silently guard him. So, it was all good.

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