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Liu Jinjin should be the one who didn’t know what expression to put on. Wasn’t it because of her that Liu Feng came to fight? What was he doing with these irrelevant people now?

About a few seconds later, from the periphery of the crowd, someone shouted loudly: “Master, God! I’m Everybody’s lady, I’m here, I can’t squeeze in!”

“…” If I heard correctly, this voice seemed to belong to an out-and-out man?

Another man’s voice came from a long distance: “Master, God! I’m Xiaojia Biyu, I’m with Everybody’s lady, and I’m trying to squeeze in!”

“…” No wonder Yushu Linfeng kept saying that these two were ladyboys, it seemed that it was true, and thinking of their tone when chatting on the World Channel, Su Yu, who was well-informed and had seen big things, couldn’t help but twitch his eyebrows.

Although the few remaining people did not react as violently as these two, they all responded one after another. They all came, but now they were all trapped outside the crowd, unable to get in even if they wanted to.

Su Yu turned his head to look at the speechless and impatient Yiqu Huahua, and said bluntly: “For the discussion, can you let your people let my friends in first? Otherwise, with so many of you, winning against the two of us will make you seem very incompetent, right?”

The virtue of [Flashy Dreams] was there, it was common for the many to win against the few, or even one many against one, so naturally there would be no invincibility, but thinking that these guys had scolded and fought with members of their own guild on the World Channel before, they raised their hands and let them all in.

The crowd spontaneously parted, giving them a passage, and after these people passed by, they immediately closed again.

A few minutes later, the people appeared in front of Su Yu. These people had different occupations. Some were dressed in white, holding a sharp sword, looking heroic; some were scruffy; there was also a peach red long dress, with watery eyebrows and expressive eyes; of course, there was also a hunter costume similar to Su Yu, dressed in black, looking neat and unrestrained.

Su Yu glanced at these people, and said with a smile, “Are you ready to watch the fun?”

[Hehehehehe for you] quickly said: “Master, we really didn’t come to watch the fun, although we are very good at it. But respect is life, isn’t it?”

Others echoed one after another, and [Everybody’s Lady] said carelessly: “Master, even if we are going to die, we must die together.”

As soon as he finished saying this, he felt a chill behind him, as if being stared at by something terrifying, [Everybody’s Lady] was terrified all over, and looked up, only then did he notice the person standing beside the Great God.

This person was dressed in snow-white clothes, his black hair was loose, and his face was exquisite, but he showed a strong sense of indifference. He was obviously a person with a strong sense of presence. Why didn’t he notice his existence just now?

Several other people also noticed the existence of Cang Qiong and were a little uncertain about the identity of this person for a while. After all, the clothes on him were also white, but they were very different from those of the swordsman, obviously not the same profession.

According to their understanding, it seemed that the game had not released such elegant looking clothes. The black jade pendant on his waist and the silver hairband on his head are also styles that had never been seen before.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but fall on the existence that they hadn’t noticed just now, but now attracted all their eyes.

When no one noticed Cang Qiong before, Su Yu was a little surprised why these people didn’t notice his magnificent lover. Now that these people, including Yiqu Huahua, had all come over, he felt a little unhappy again.

How could others look at my lover casually?

Su Yu stood in front of Cang Qiong. Although he couldn’t hide the face of the person behind him because of his height, he at least expressed his attitude: “Okay, everyone is here, so we can start.”

At this time, Su Yu didn’t know that there was actually another skill possessed by Cang Qiong called [Invisible]. Which made him invisible and distracted everyone’s attention from him.

Cang Qiong didn’t intend to show off at the beginning, so he used the former naturally, but after seeing so many people looking at Su Yu, Cang Qiong was a little unhappy, so he used the skill in reverse.

But in fact, even if he didn’t use his skills, with his current high configuration and strong aura, he would definitely become a highly anticipated existence, and now he had just strengthened this situation.

Yiqu Huahua waved his hand over there, and his deputy Falling into the Water stepped forward arrogantly: “Yishui Liushang, are you ready to suffer to death?”

“Wait, if what you’re looking for is Yishui Liushang, did you find the wrong person? Look at my current game nickname, it has been changed a long time ago.” Su Yu blinked, called out his own game nickname, magnified it many times and pushed it into the air, presenting it to everyone before.

[Suzha Cangqiong] The four words were so golden that they almost blinded everyone’s eyes.

Falling into the water was choked, but there was no way to refute it. They really didn’t mean to call this guy by his old nickname, but his new game nickname couldn’t be called at all.

If when scolding and fighting, the words that were originally very imposing, but turned into “Su Bo [beep–] [beep–]” after spit out, let alone imposing, this would probably be laughed to death by others.

They also asked someone to try before, to see if they could change the nickname of the game to include these two words, but all failed without exception, even if they separated the two words, or added special symbols, this didn’t solve the problem either.

Of course, after the failed attempt, they didn’t forget to go to report collectively, but the results they got were without exception, all of them were normal, and it wasn’t caused by a game bug, nor was it a game bug.

Your sister is not a game bug!

If it’s not a bug, why is he the only one who can call this nickname, why can’t others even say it? This is not scientific at all!

However, the explanation given by the game was like this, no matter how much they resisted, there was nothing they could do!

And the only thing they could do now was to kill this game bug, one time, two times, three times… It was best to kill him ten thousand times!

And right now was the best opportunity, so after being blocked, Falling into the water ruthlessly gritted his teeth: “What’s so important about being smart? If you have the guts, let’s fight and see whose fist is harder!”

Su Yu suddenly realized and with a look of disdain, he said contemptuously: “It turns out that people from your guild have come to trouble me several times, just to bully others with their own fists. Are you always like this? See who is easy to bully, and a group of people swarm up and beat each other. Dun? Tsk tsk, why don’t you change the name of the guild to gangster guild?”

It was no secret that the guild members of [Flashy Dreams] bullied the weak, but generally those who did this kind of thing were ordinary members of the guild. Guild members, relying on themselves being the number one guild, they thought they could do whatever they wanted.

As the deputy guild leader, Falling into the Water naturally couldn’t be completely ignorant of this kind of thing, but he usually turned a blind eye and never stopped them.

But knowing it was one thing, and being pointed out in person was another, especially now that there were so many people around, and the other party still spoke so bluntly, the merciless face of Falling into the Water suddenly feels a little helpless: “Shit I’ll beat you because you deserve it! Killing you is not an exaggeration!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu was not yet angry, but Cang Qiong started to vent his anger. Su Yu held his hand and winked at him with a smile in his eyes, telling him not to be angry.

For some reason, one moment his heart was still full of wind and snow, and the next moment it returned to calm. He put away his coldness and squeezed Su Yu’s palm.

Seeing that Cang Qiong was indeed no longer angry, Su Yu looked at Falling into the Water again with peace of mind: “Don’t rush to swear and expose your nature, since you said I should fight, you should first talk about why you think I should fight. “

Falling into the Water didn’t feel any weak because of these words, instead he accused him more and more confidently: “We already know that you bullied Jingcai! A person like you should be tortured to death!” A double entendre, which was likely to be alluding to the real world, seemed too vicious.

Su Yu’s eyes darkened, and he was in a bad mood: “Jingcai? Are you talking about Yizhi Jingcai?”

Su Yu’s eyes swept over Liu Jinjin lightly, and said in a calm voice, “Yizhi Jingcai, can you talk about it? How did I bully you?”

Liu Jinjin told herself that she finally had a chance to appear on the stage, so she immediately bit her lower lip, walked two steps forward with big black eyes, looked at Su Yu with aggrieved eyes, but with a bit of apology and said: “Liushang, I didn’t mean to tell Brother Huahua about you blocking me, and I didn’t expect him to be so angry after learning about it. I’m really not…”

Su Yu looked at Liu Jinjin’s appearance and felt disgusted, so he directly raised his hand to interrupt his unfinished sentence: “You mean blocking you, that was because originally I wanted to show some affection to each other, but since you are so ruthless, then you can’t blame me for being unrighteous.”

Falling into the water was speechless thinking that Su Yu was being pretentious, so he fooled people like this, and said with a sneer, “Then why did you block Jingcai? How did she offend you, can you tell me?”

“Okay,” Su Yu smiled lightly, and turned to look at Liu Jinjin, “But I have to ask you one last time, are you sure you want me to tell them something? Is it?”

Seeing Su Yu’s calm, even slightly smiling eyes, Liu Jinjin’s heart skipped a beat, and an ominous premonition arose spontaneously, did Liu Feng already know something?

No… Impossible, he must not know her identity, right? After all, they had never met each other in real life, and she had always hidden herself very well in the game, so it was absolutely impossible for something to go wrong, right?

Just when Liu Jinjin was flustered by this, Su Yu said with a half-smile: “Liu Jinjin, have you really thought about it?”

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