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The golden melon seed rested on the tip of the thumb, as it bounced up, and fell back down again. Lin Xin seemed to be tossing up the little thing, walking slowly on the palace road.

Except for such things as begging for food and fortune-telling, everything Master said was correct.

From the moment he stepped into this Dao Yong imperial city, he had already decided what to do, every thing, every word, was calculated. It was just that when the juncture came, he felt wronged in his heart, and he just went to his master to act like a baby.

Walking to the place where he asked for directions that day, he buried the golden melon seeds under the bluestone bricks, lowered his eyes and recited a mantra.

Among nearly three thousand court ladies, only the little maid who had spoken to him died, and she happened to be pulled in front of him. Lin Xin was not an ignorant young man, he knew exactly what went on in the palace of this family. This was specially shown to him by the emperor, to let him know how arrogant the nobles had become now, how difficult the royal family had it, and how despicable human life was.

As for who killed the little maid, it didn’t matter anymore. I didn’t kill Boren, but Boren died because of me[1].

Back in the East Palace, seeing Shen Shizi standing like a pine in the snow, Lin Xin couldn’t help jumping up for joy again. Today’s Shen Qingque was the Shen Qingque who he had known since childhood, and the Shen Qingque who had been looking at him all the time, so it was unlikely that he would hate him deeply.

“The crown prince is hosting a banquet at the Jinchuan Hall, hurry up and change your clothes.” Seeing the smile on his face, Shen Lou felt relieved, didn’t ask anything, and only urged Lin Xin to change clothes.

It was just a group of brats were making noise, it was meaningless. So, Lin Xin didn’t want to go. He looked around the main hall of the East Palace. But he didn’t see the brothers of the Zhong family or the crown prince. They had obviously already gone. He looked at Shen Lou belatedly, “Were you waiting for me?”

“Yes.” Shen Lou nodded.

Lin Xin suddenly laughed, “Let’s go, I’m not going on a blind date, what clothes do I need to change.”

After hunting in Xianchi, the children of the aristocratic family would leave the palace one after another and go back to their respective homes. It was a common practice for the crown prince to invite everyone to a banquet before that.

Everyone was about the same age, the crown prince said that today was not a day of etiquette, and after drinking for three rounds, he let go, pushing cups and changing glasses, singing and guessing, it was very lively.

Shen Lou had a good capacity for alcohol, but he was not addicted to alcohol, so he only drank tea when no one came to bother him.

“Brother, will you go back with me?” Shen Yingying drank with the young masters who dared to provoke her and walked to Shen Lou’s table with a smile.

It was only then that Lin Xin remembered that the autumn hunt was over, so it stood to reason that Shen Lou should return to Huan Xinghai.

“If I go back, how will I ask Mr. Zhu to treat my illness.” Shen Lou flatly refused.

“Then I won’t go back as well, A Xin, let’s go play in Yongdu City tomorrow.” Shen Yingying climbed up the pole and turned to Lin Xin’s table next to her in the blink of an eye.

“Nonsense!” Shen Lou frowned, “The border is not stable yet, how could it be time for fun, father is still waiting for you to go back to lead the army.”

Shen Yingying pouted and was reluctantly sent away by her brother.

Hearing that Shen Lou would not leave, Lin Xin was secretly happy, propped his head on one hand, held half a glass of wine in the other hand, and casually raised his hand at Shen Lou, “Did you forget what you promised me the day before yesterday?”

Shen Lou’s hand which was raising the cup to his lips paused and turned to look at him.

Lin Xin took a sip of the wine, his peach-colored lips opened and closed silently, and said with his lips: “I’ll sleep with you tonight.”


Shen Lou looked away expressionlessly, and even drank a few glasses of wine.

The Jade Rabbit[2] ascended to the east, the banquet was over, and Lin Xin, who was too drunk, dragged Shen Shizi back to the East Palace, and went straight into the side hall where Shen Shizi lived.

The crown prince saw this scene in his eyes, “Shen Lou and Marquis Lin are very close.”

Zhong Youyu looked over there and felt that there was something in the prince’s words, so he turned his head and looked at his younger brother. Zhong Wumo, in turn, said, “He is good to everyone.”

“Yes, Shen Da is a righteous person, no matter who the person is.” Zhong Youyu said with a smile.

The crown prince nodded, turned and returned to the main hall.

After taking a bath, Shen Lou looked at Lin Xin who was lying on the bed with bright eyes, and couldn’t laugh or cry, “Xinxin, you…”

“I don’t care, you promised to teach me!” Lin Xin hugged the quilt and rolled around playing tricks.

Shen Lou had no choice but to put off the candle and climb onto the bed, sleeping straight beside Lin Xin. The two of them didn’t speak, and their body temperature passed each other in the brocade quilt, getting hotter and hotter.

“Qingque?” Lin Xin leaned over and pushed Shen Lou.

“Why, what?” Shen Lou paused when he spoke, which sounded a bit strange.

Hearing his voice, Lin Xin became nervous for no reason. The two of them were like real boys, when their fingertips collided in the bed, they separated quickly as if they were scalded.

Eighteen-year-old Shen Lou was so fun! Lin Xin licked his lips, reached out and grabbed Shen Lou’s forearm, “Well, how do I do it?”

Shen Lou took a deep breath, looked sideways at Lin Xin, the moonlight fell on those dark blue eyes, full of innocence. Feeling angry and funny, he reached out his hand helplessly, through the thin underwear, gently touched the soft, slender fingers and slowly slid, “This way…”

The limp little Xinxin instantly raised its head.

“Stand up!” Lin Xin grasped Shen Lou’s underwear helplessly. Ordinary young people discussed such shameful things together, and they only reacted when they watched an erotic palace drama or said something nasty. Fortunately, he was caught. Shen Lou hardened as soon as he touched it.

But at this moment, he could not care about such details, because of the layer of fabric, scratching of his fingertips could cause itching, Lin Xin grabbed that hand, put it into his clothes, and curled up into his arms, all the while rubbing, “Uncomfortable.”

The skin as smooth as warm jade was attached to the palm, and all kinds of beautiful sensations from the previous life came like a flood. Shen Lou tried his best to restrain the desire to tear the thin cloth, held the Xiao Xinxin, and moved it randomly twice.

“Ah…” Lin Xin moaned and sent himself to Shen Lou.

Beads of sweat dripped slowly from the corner of his forehead, then Shen Lou said in a hoarse voice, “Hold it yourself.”

“I won’t,” Lin Xin murmured, and went straight into Shen Lou’s neck, “Touch it again, I feel so comfortable, brother Qingque.”

Shen Lou closed his eyes, “Then don’t make any noise.”

Lin Xin replied vaguely, shutting up and not talking nonsense.

He really owed him in his previous life, Shen Lou thought to himself, after that he put his chin on the top of Lin Xin’s head, not letting him see his forbearing expression, he held the thing with excellent hand feeling, and slowly moved his hand up and down.

The young man’s body couldn’t stand the teasing, and a few drops dripped out after a few strokes. Shen Lou’s hand had a thin layer of calluses due to practicing swords every day, and when it was dry, it would hurt Lin Xin, so he was extremely careful, dipped it in some of the juice, spread it evenly on the body of the pillar, and gradually accelerated the speed.

“Hmm…” Lin Xin bit his lower lip, suppressed his moan into his throat, only occasionally couldn’t bear it, and let out a low moan, and even pressed it to Shen Lou’s ear to call out.

Shen Lou’s fingertips trembled, and his suppressed sobs were more tormenting than not speaking, and he suddenly accelerated his speed ruthlessly, in exchange for Lin Xin’s nearly sobbing gasps, which he let out immediately. Shen Lou let go of his hand, sighed, “Have you learned it?”

“I don’t know,” Lin Xin opened his wet eyes, looked at Shen Lou’s sweaty forehead, and secretly laughed at the young man who just leaned towards him without being teased. He whispered in his ear, “Let me help you too.”

As soon as the words fell, he made a move, directly reaching into Shen Lou’s clothes, and accurately grasping Xiao Loulou, which was already as hard as iron.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lin Xin looked up at him as if frightened, but Shen Lou held his head down and buried it in his chest to prevent him from looking.

Tsk, shy. Lin Xin raised his eyebrows, turned his head maliciously, lightly touched Shen Lou’s chest with the tip of his tongue, then grabbed the big guy he had missed for a long time, and began to move.

At first, he pretended to be green a few times, but after a while, his technique became as proficient as a farmer who had been picking Ganoderma lucidum for more than ten years.

Shen Lou: “…”

Finally having had enough fun, Lin fell asleep confidently. Shen Lou didn’t move him anymore, stared at his sleeping face for a long while, and then slowly smiled. Pressing his thin lips lightly on Lin Xin’s forehead, he kissed him preciously.

The next day, the academy reopened after the Xianchi hunt.

Those who cultivated immortality paid attention to learning without limit. Before the crown prince ascended the throne, he had to attend the royal academy all the time, while other people living in the East Palace had to accompany the prince to study. The king, Feng Zhong, who had nothing to do, also followed.

Taishi[3] Zhu Xingli, who had been absent from work for many days, finally appeared in class. The Taifu[4], who usually taught, immediately got up and saluted when he saw Zhu Xingli.

Zhu Xingli waved his hand, signalling them to continue, he picked up a chair at random and sat down, took the Taifu’s book to read, “What are you talking about?”

“Talking about the history of the previous dynasty.” The Taifu respectfully said.

“Qian Dynasty,” Zhu Xingli nodded clearly, “Youyu, tell me, what is the difference between Qian Dynasty and Da Yong.

“Earlier we were divided into fifty counties in Kyushu…” Zhong Youyu stood up after being called and began to speak eloquently. He spoke very fast, and he repeated everything the Taifu said in a short time.

“The fifty counties of Kyushu, do you know how big the area was at that time?” Zhu Xingli took out a map of the territory on the bookshelf.

Zhong Youyu was stunned for a moment, “It shouldn’t be much different from Da Yong.”

“Wrong,” Zhu Xingli stretched out a slender finger and clicked on the map, “It was only as big as the Central Plains.”

“Ah?” Never having heard of it, the few people in the room were a little surprised. Lin Xin had known it for a long time, so he didn’t bother to listen, he just lay down on the table and pretended to be asleep, hooking Shen Lou’s calf with his feet. When Shen Lou looked over, he winked at him.

The two of them seemed like real teenagers, suddenly they had a little secret that they only knew about, and so they had a tacit understanding.

Zhu Xingli gave lectures without any rules, talking nonsense all over the world. From the change of region, to local snacks; from the origin of the previous dynasty, to the romantic history of the emperors of various generations… The Taifu on the side frowned and coughed continuously to remind the Taishi that this was inappropriate.

“Is Taifu unwell? Go back and rest, I’m here.” Zhu Xingli said thoughtfully.

The crown prince was fascinated by what Zhu Xingli said, and he also said that the Taifu could go home. The Taifu looked at the crown prince sadly, and resigned helplessly.

“Speaking of the origins of the various ethnic groups, do you know what your family did in the previous dynasty?” Zhu Xingli found out a jug out of nowhere, put his legs on the table, and poured himself a drink, “During the previous dynasty, our Zhu family was a blacksmith family, the Zhong family was a horse dealer, the Shen family was a bandit family, and the royal family ran a brick kiln. Only the Lin family in the Eastern Region were a scholar, so the Lin family is always unwilling to play with us.”

Hearing that the royal family was a brick kiln owner, the crown prince frowned, “The grand master should talk carefully, the Feng family was a family of cultivators in the previous dynasty, but they hid in the city.”

“Hiding in the city, hahahaha, did your father say that? Hahahaha…” Selling bricks probably counted as hiding in the world.

Everyone else lowered their heads and held back their laughter, Zhong Youyu gritted his teeth at Shen Lou, “Your family were actually bandits, have you ever robbed my horse?”

“Stolen.” Shen Lou said without changing his face.

“Haha…” Feng Zhong couldn’t help laughing out loud and shut his mouth immediately after being glared at by the crown prince.

Lin Xin sat up, and winked at his master, signalling him to restrain himself. Since ancient times, the royal family had always cared about their origins. Da Yong was no different from other dynasties. There were few people who cultivated immortality, but it was not that they didn’t care, especially the emperor.

“Today, someone from the court proposed that Luli should be used for annual tributes in the future, and that goods, gold and silver should not be offset. What does the grand master think?” The prince obviously didn’t want to continue the topic of brick kilns and asked a question with cold eyes.

The room suddenly fell silent.

Year-old tribute usually included Luli, gold and silver, grain, cloth and many other things, all of which were made of Luli, that was, the gold, silver and grain should be exchanged for Luli of equivalent value as the tribute. The new year’s tribute was aimed at the princes of the four realms, and there were two princes and half of the princes present.

Zhu Xingli suppressed his smile and took a sip of wine, “There is only one reason why the civil servants brought this up, and that is that the treasury is short of money. There is a shortage of Luli in the Central Plains, and it is difficult for the army to supply it, so they came up with such a bad move.”

Hearing Zhu Xingli’s unceremonious words, the prince’s breath was stagnant, “The grand master thinks this is a bad move, how can you see it?”

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Xinxin: Your family is a bandit family, why are you still so upright?

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Xinxin: But you are upright!

Lou Lou: I… Don’t believe it directly.

Xinxin: Huh?

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[1] he original sentence of the sentence is “Although I don’t kill Boren, Boren will die by me.” “I” is a famous figure in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Wang Dao, and “Boren” is a famous official Zhou Wei in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (the same pronunciation as “chair”).

[2] Moon started moving towards the east.

[3] Taishi literally means Grand Historian, a high official in ancient imperial China. It was also a title for the teacher of the imperial family.

[4] Courtesy respectful title for a normal teacher.

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