CFCS Ch. 194.1: Anyang Saga (15)

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Jing Yang rose into the air, his bright red clothes and black hair flying in the wind. More and more birds flew over and chirped around him, and those birds had colorful feathers and long tails, which looked very beautiful. The crisp bird calls seemed to be responding to Jing Yang, and with his melodious flute, it was a very gentle and moving scene.

Although to the people who saw Jing Yang cross the sea of fire yesterday, it was not particularly unimaginable that he could achieve such a level, but such a scene still shocked everyone present, and their hearts became full of awe.

Xue Chengyu raised his head to look at Jing Yang, and some pictures kept flashing in his mind, but because the speed of the flashes was quite fast, and they disappeared before he could see clearly, he just inexplicably felt that those pictures were somewhat similar to the one in front of him but he couldn’t recognize them. Xue Chengyu couldn’t figure out why that familiar feeling appeared in his mind again, as if he had seen it somewhere at some time, but what he was sure about was that the familiar picture and the picture in front of him were of the same person, he couldn’t be wrong.

The crown prince looked at Jing Yang with crazy possessive desire. He thought to himself, he didn’t care whether this person belonged to Xue Chengyu or not, no matter what means he had to use, he must definitely grab this person. Even if Xue Chengyu had a heavy army in his hand, he didn’t believe that Xue Chengyu really dared to treat him lightly as the prince.

Su Huai had lost his original confidence, he knew that he would lose no matter what, and in fact he had lost completely. Because he knew that even if he called the birds, Xue Chengyu would not choose him. This was all the result of his underestimation of Jing Yang’s ability. He thought that only he could do these things in this world, because he was the child of destiny who had transmigrated here. But now it seemed that he had to admit that there were people outside the world and there were many heavens, so he was very curious, what identity Jing Yang had and how did he achieve this level.

Although Su Huai didn’t understand many things, and was very unwilling, there was one thing he had already made up his mind to do, that is, he would kill Jing Yang no matter what method he had to use. Because in this world, there must be no one who could threaten him.

Jing Yang landed from the sky, and the birds slowly dispersed. He walked to Xue Chengyu’s side, and the two looked at Xu Zhenren together.

Xu Zhenren was very uncomfortable when they looked at them, but he still resisted the huge sense of oppression. He didn’t immediately announce that Jing Yang was recognized by the gods but looked in the direction of Su Huai.

Su Huai didn’t get off the sedan chair, because he knew that even if he did it, he wouldn’t be able to beat Jing Yang, so he simply didn’t do it to praise Jing Yang even more. Anyway, he had other preparations. Since he couldn’t compare to him, it was the best way to completely remove him.

Xu Zhenren looked in Su Huai’s direction for a long time, and seeing that he never came over, he knew that he probably didn’t intend to do it, but his handle was in Su Huai’s hands, so he didn’t know if he could directly declare that Jing Yang had the approval of the gods. In fact, Xu Zhenren was also surprised that Jing Yang was really able to do these two things and thought that Jing Yang might really be protected by a god.

“Xu Zhenren?” Xue Chengyu called out seriously.

Xu Zhenzhen was startled, and when he could no longer bear the pressure Xue Chengyu gave him, he started to announce that Jing Yang was a person recognized by the gods, when suddenly, there was another change in the surrounding mountains and forests.

The sound of flapping wings came out from the forest again. Just when everyone was puzzled, the hoarse howl of crows, like gongs, suddenly sounded, and it wasn’t just one, but there were obviously a large group of voices.

A group of birds with a black puff like sound flew out of the forest and gathered in the sky. Everyone on the mountain was startled and looked up at the crows in the sky in panic. They didn’t know what had happened.

Seeing that more and more crows and birds gathered in the sky, almost covering the sky and making it darker, Xue Chengyu hugged Jing Yang and quickly backed away, protecting Jing Yang in his arms.

At first, Su Huai, like the others, was stunned by this scene, but he quickly reacted. He looked at Xue Chengyu and Jing Yang, then raised his head to look at the crows, rolled his eyes, thought that this might be caused by Jing Yang himself, and his mood improved immediately. He felt that God had not abandoned him and was still towards him. Sure enough, he was the only child of destiny in this world.

Su Huai had already begun to imagine in his mind, how he would gather the reason why Jing Yang had offended the gods, he would say that Jing Yang could pass the two tests, not because of the approval of the gods, but because of the use of shameful methods, so the gods had gotten angry.

Su Huai’s hands clenched into fists tightly, but when everyone else felt panic, his heart couldn’t contain his excitement. Because he felt that this was a good opportunity to make Jing Yang completely unable to turn over. As long as he seized this opportunity tightly, he would definitely have a way to get rid of Jing Yang.

Like a moving dark cloud, the group of crows suddenly surrounded the heavenly stone, and saw that the tall heavenly stone seemed to be covered with a layer of jet black flannel and a large piece of black pressure.

Everyone didn’t understand what was going on. Seeing that Tianci Stone was surrounded by birds, they panicked even more. They felt that this was an ominous omen, and it was likely to indicate that a catastrophe was about to come.

In about half the time it took an incense stick to burn, the birds dispersed, and after the birds dispersed, a few blood-red characters appeared on the Tianci stone, which made people feel shocked.

Everyone calmed down and looked carefully at what was written on the Tianci stone.

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