KHSW Ch. 269

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After two sticks of incense passed, the old monk still felt sorry for Xiao Nuo, so he opened his eyes, and sighed softly.

After a while, two bowls of rice and a side dish were brought out.

“Okay, Xiao Nuo, go and call your mother in to eat together!”

Xiao Nuo opened his eyes happily, and ran out of the room not long after he finished speaking.

“Mom, Mom, Master said it’s time to eat.”

Ling Xi heard Xiao Nuo’s voice, but her eyes were still closed. She remembered that Master Xuanzhen said “all day”, “My baby, go and eat first, mom is not hungry yet.”


“Xiao Nuo, will you not listen to your mother?”

“Xiao Nuo is obedient.”

“Then hurry up and have dinner with Master.”

Xiao Nuo bit his lower lip and walked back to the thatched hut. Master Xuanzhen was satisfied, and he was relieved to hand Xiao Nuo to such a person.

Since Xiao Nuo left, his heart had been empty, no one talked to him, no one ate with him, and no one practiced martial arts and Zen with him, he couldn’t help but think of Xiao Nuo, worrying whether he had eaten, slept well, had he practiced martial arts, had he fought with others?

Now it seemed that his worries were superfluous. He hadn’t seen him for more than a month. Xiao Nuo had grown taller and stronger. More importantly, seeing that Xiao Nuo liked his mother so much, and had such a good mother, Xiao Nuo must be taken care of by his mother, and he could leave with peace of mind.

When he passed away, there would be nothing to worry about…

Ling Xi’s stomach had been “gurgling”, but she could only endure it.

She was so hungry… her heart~ her butt hurt from sitting, it was so numb… But she had to bear it, and if she bore it, she’ll pass the test. Even Xiao Nuo could do it, so could she…

Participating in the “Blue Sky Dream” reality show this time was not child’s play, she must go all out…

As the sun was setting, the old monk finally came out, “The benefactor has a good heart, you can get up now.”

Hearing the old monk’s words, Ling Xi slowly opened her eyes. Just when she was about to move her legs, she felt sore and numb. Upon seeing this, Xiao Nuo immediately ran forward and took down the bowl on top of Ling Xi’s head, “Mom, Xiao Nuo can pinch it for you, it will be fine in a while.”

A pair of white and tender hands gently pinched Ling Xi’s legs, “Okay, thank you baby.”

Ling Xi stood up slowly while supporting the stake, her legs felt like they were cramping, they were sore and painful, her heart hurt, her back hurt, everything hurt…

Yao Ru originally thought that Ling Xi would be caught by now, but she didn’t want to… “Tiantian, where is the little boy named ‘Xu Nuo’ you mentioned?”

“Mom, the teacher said that he asked for leave today and didn’t come.”

“Ask for leave? Did you ask how long he will be on leave?” Yao Ru’s brows frowned.

“The teacher said, it seems to be more than half a month.”

Yao Ru slammed the steering wheel hard, why did she miss it every time, Ling Xi, you won’t be so lucky next time.

A university dormitory.

“My male god is really handsome, but why does my male god want to pretend to be husband and wife with Ling Xi! It’s so annoying!”

Today happened to be the last episode of “Idol Beside You” that Ling Xi participated in. In it, Ling Xi and Liming pretended to be a couple and spent 24 hours in the mountain village.

Hearing the word “Ling Xi” mentioned by his roommate, Meng Zimiao, who was reciting CET-6 English words on the bed, suddenly stopped, “Did you just say Ling Xi?”

“Yes, I hate Ling Xi now, how can my idol pretend to be husband and wife with her?”

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