KHSW Ch. 268

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“Master, Master, I’m back!”

Master Xuanzhen was still meditating and chanting sutras, holding a string of Buddhist beads in his hands. Originally, for a monk, the most important thing was to have no distractions, no matter what happened outside, he must remain calm.

But when he heard this familiar and immature voice, the old monk froze, and then ran out excitedly, but when he saw Xiao Nuo, he kept a straight face, “Xiao Nuo, why are you back?”

“Master, Xiao Nuo missed you so much! Xiao Nuo came here with his parents.”

Only then did the old monk see the two people behind him, “Amitabha, thank you two benefactors for thinking of me.”

Ling Xi and Xu Yizhi also imitated Master Xuanzhen’s appearance, folded their hands together, and said “Amitabha”…

After entering the thatched hut, seeing that there were only a few simple instruments inside, Xu Yizhi asked suspiciously: “Master Xuanzhen, why don’t you stay in the temple, but stay in this thatched hut?”

“Amitabha, if you have compassion in your heart, where can you not settle down? The old man likes tranquillity. If you are in a temple, there is no tranquillity to cultivate.”

Xu Yizhi understood what he meant, and couldn’t help sighing inwardly, in today’s world, there were not many people who were broad-minded and devoted themselves to practicing Zen whole-heartedly.

The old monk knelt down slowly, and gently stroked Xiao Nuo’s head, “It turns out that the hair has already grown.”

“Master, Xiao Nuo has martial arts practice every morning, is Xiao Nuo good?” Xiao Nuo looked at Master expectantly, hoping to hear Master praise him.

Ling Xi looked at them with a smile, she originally thought that Master Xuanzhen would say “great”, but didn’t want to…

“Xiao Nuo, have you forgotten what teacher taught you?”

Xiao Nuo gently lowered his head, “Don’t take credit, don’t be complacent.”

Ling Xi was slightly moved. It turned out that Master Xuanzhen educated Xiao Nuo in this way. No wonder he taught Xiao Nuo to be so sensible. Which is why he had some qualities that children of the same age did not have.

However, it was no wonder that when she praised Xiao Nuo before, Xiao Nuo’s eyes would glow with happiness like stars.

Seeing Xiao Nuo’s lost look, the old monk was almost about to fail, but he just managed to hold on, “Well, just remember.”

Ling Xi also took the opportunity to speak, but she didn’t know if he would agree, “Master Xuanzhen, actually, I have something else to ask for your help this time.”

“The benefactor, please speak.”

A day later, Xu Yizhi left first due to company affairs, but Xiao Nuo refused to go down the mountain no matter what.

In desperation, Xu Yizhi had no choice but to ask Xiao Nuo to ask for leave after returning home.

“The first essence of practicing martial arts is to exercise your mind. You can sit in meditation all day without moving a muscle.”

Ling Xi kept the old monk’s words in mind, although she didn’t know what he wanted, she still closed her eyes and meditated quietly as the old monk asked, with a bowl full of water on her head.

After only one stick of incense, Ling Xi was already a little wobbly.

“Master, mom will be hungry if she doesn’t eat, why don’t you let mom meditate after eating?”

Xiao Nuo looked at Ling Xi who was meditating outside with a distressed face, and ran in on short legs, looking at the old monk pitifully.

The old monk frowned helplessly, “Did the teacher let you eat when you were meditating? Since this is her own request, the teacher should treat everyone equally.”

“Then Xiao Nuo wants to meditate with his mother, and Xiao Nuo won’t eat anymore.”

The old monk knew this little guy’s temperament, “Okay, I will meditate with you as a teacher, don’t think about threatening me by not eating.”

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