KHSW Ch. 267

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Pei Shan nodded lightly, “Of course, I understand your concerns, but with Big Boss Xu around, you can completely turn his identity into a blank sheet of paper, which will also be helpful for you to announce your marriage with Big Boss Xu in the future.”

Before Ling Xi told her that she wanted to retire, she could only perfunctorily say: “Then I’ll go back and ask Xiao Nuo when the time comes!”

“That’s fine, I’ll give you time to think about it, and I’ll reply after you finish recording “Blue Sky Dream”.

“No problem, by the way, Miss Pei, do you know when the reality show is scheduled to be shot?” She needed a little time to prepare for it.

“On the 3rd of next month, go to the military camp to report first.”

There was still half a month before that time point, so it should be too late!

“Don’t worry, sister Pei, I will definitely not let you down this time.”

In the silent deep mountain forest, the leaves had fallen off, and it looked a little lonely.

Xiao Nuo was as happy as a little squirrel, running in front of Ling Xi and Xu Yizhi for a while, then turned around and waved, “Mom and Dad, hurry up.”

Although Ling Xi’s physical strength was not very good, she still gritted her teeth and persisted. Seeing Xiao Nuo waving in front of her, Ling Xi couldn’t help but sigh, it was better to practice martial arts!

Xu Yizhi felt sorry for Ling Xi who had walked too much, “I’ll carry you.”

Ling Xi looked into Xu Yizhi’s eyes and shook her head lightly, “I came here this time to exercise my physical strength, if I can’t even walk this far, I will definitely be finished when I go to the army camp.”

Xu Yizhi squatted down indifferently, “It’s okay, Jingyu will help you.”

Seeing Xu Yizhi who had already bent down, Ling Xi felt warm in her heart, as if she had been stuffed with a hot water bottle, “But, is it good to be like this in front of Xiao Nuo? How embarrassing is it to be seen by the baby?”

Just as she was talking, Xu Yizhi waved to Xiao Nuo, “Xiao Nuo, come here.”

Xiao Nuo happily ran down with a small schoolbag on his back, “What’s wrong, Dad?”

“How familiar are you with this forest?”

“Very familiar, Xiao Nuo often came here when he was practicing martial arts.”

“What if you’re blindfolded?”

Ling Xi probably guessed what Xu Yizhi was going to do, and tugged at his sleeve with a strange expression, “Husband~”

She saw Xiao Nuo touching his head, which was still a little prickly, and then nod, “It’s okay.”

Xu Yizhi took out a piece of black lace from his pocket as if by magic. It was originally prepared for Ling Xi’s hair, but now it was used on Xiao Nuo.

He helped Xiao Nuo tie up his eyes.

“Husband, Xiao Nuo will fall down like this, should I take it off?”

“Mom doesn’t need to pick it, Xiao Nuo can do it.” Then he ran forward like a gust of wind.

Seeing a tree in front of Xiao Nuo, Ling Xi wanted to remind him, but seeing his small body dodge slightly to the side, Ling Xi gradually let go of her heart. She didn’t expect baby Xiao Nuo to be so familiar even with the trees.

“Can you come up now?” Ling Xi was distracted, but Xu Yizhi bent down again and lightly measured her face. Under the sunlight, she was in a trance for a moment.

Xu Yizhi was carrying a big bag in his hand, but it didn’t prevent him from carrying Ling Xi on his back.

Quietly lying on Xu Yizhi’s back, remembering that the last time she came here to climb the mountain to look for Xiao Nuo, it was also Xu Yizhi who carried her on his back.

“Honey, I didn’t expect you to have such great strength. I’m so envious!” When she went to the army camp, it would be a disadvantage to have no strength.

“On the bed~, the strength is stronger, do you want to try?”


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