KHSW Ch. 266

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Inside Pei Shan’s office.

“Have you heard? Lu Yaqin has been blocked.”

Sister Pei usually didn’t care about such nosy matters, why would she talk about it with her today?

This made Ling Xi a little confused.

“Well, I heard it when I went upstairs.”

“It seems that Mr. President’s strength is quite good.”

Pei Shan’s mood seemed… not bad? This realization surprised Ling Xi a little.

“Sister Pei, I came here to apologize to you. I shouldn’t have kept these things from you and let you down.”

“Okay, stop, I don’t want to hear your apology now.”

Pei Shan put all the documents aside, and said with a serious face: “Ling Xi, you have to remember that I am your manager. The person you trust the most, only if I understand you, including your past, can I be prepared for emergencies, do you understand what I mean?”

“I understand, Sister Pei, that…Actually, I have face blindness and insomnia, and before I got married with Yizhi, I had a relationship with Chi Jiayang, the former boss of ‘Xingmei’, and something happened.”

Pei Shan’s pupils shrank slightly. Other things were not a big problem, but the most important thing now was “face blindness”. If she was asked to be an “informant”, how could she not even be able to tell people apart?

“Face blindness? Then how do you usually distinguish people?”

“I am more sensitive to smells and sounds. As long as I remember it with my heart, there is no problem. Sometimes I judge a person based on his appearance, but this method is a bit unreliable, because once someone changes a hairstyle or clothes, it’s easy for me to misjudge people.”

Pei Shan gently tapped the table with her fingertips, it seems that she still had to continue to observe Ling Xi.

This “Blue Sky Dream” was an opportunity…

“By the way, the list of people participating in the variety show “Blue Sky Dream” has been released, please take a look.”

Ling Xi took the list of personnel in Pei Shan’s hands, and looked at them one by one, “Liming, Yu Jiayin, Bing Yanyan, Mortina, Chi Jingyu? Are there just six of us?”

Ling Xi’s face was full of shock. In her previous life, there was no Liming at all, Yu Jiayin, Mo Tina, and Chi Jingyu, only Bing Yanyan remained unchanged.

In other words, she had really changed the life trajectory of many people. Things that did not happen in the previous life may change in this life…

“That’s right, just six people.”

“But Chi Jingyu is not an artist? Why is he also on the list?”

“I don’t know, go ask your CEO husband.” Pei Shan spread her hands, and she had completely accepted the fact that Ling Xi was married to Xu Yizhi, but she was a little bit aggrieved after chewing on this “dog food”. What the boss said that day was simply… She found it unbelievable when she thought about it now. It really was “dog food” that was forcibly stuffed into her mouth. Afterwards, she realized that what kind of “dog food” was it? It was actually dog hair”.

Hearing Pei Shan say the words “CEO Husband”, Ling Xi’s face flushed slightly, and she always felt a little embarrassed when she heard it from someone else.

“By the way, your baby is called ‘Xu Nuo’, right?”


“It’s a good name, and the appearance is very ok. It combines the advantages of you and Boss Xu, and has the potential to be a child star. Do you want to consider letting him debut?”

Let Xiao Nuo debut? Ling Xi had never thought about it before, she just wanted Xiao Nuo to live the most ordinary and happy life, and she originally planned to quit after filming “Haihu Bay” herself!

“Sister Pei, are you sure you are serious?”

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