KHSW Ch. 265

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Ou Mengxue was very aware of her current situation, as long as she was in front of Wang Suping, she would not get any benefits.

Seeing Ou Mengxue admitting her mistake, Chi Jiayang gave up, “If I find out that you are disrespectful to my mother again, you can try it.”

At this moment, Yang Huilin walked in, “Jiayang, you misunderstood Mengxue, I saw with my own eyes just now that your mother broke that bowl.”

What seemed to be defending Ou Mengxue was actually intensifying the conflict between Ou Mengxue and Wang Suping.

Chi Jiayang looked at Yang Huilin with an unknown meaning in his eyes, “This is our family matter, so I won’t bother Auntie.”

Compared with Chi Jingyu’s mother, he was more willing to trust his own mother. After speaking, he walked out of the kitchen and passed Yang Huilin’s side.

Ou Mengxue looked at Yang Huilin with gratitude in her eyes, “Aunt Yang, thank you for speaking for me.”

A faint smile floated on Yang Huilin’s face, “We are all living under the same roof. Now that I saw it, I can’t just ignore it.”

After speaking, she turned and left.

Ou Mengxue looked at Yang Huilin’s back and thought to herself that only Chi Jingyu’s mother was kind to her in this family… Ling Xi, it’s all because of you.

Yang Huilin, who turned around, sighed softly, and her eyes were filled with hatred for Wang Suping. She did this to make Ou Mengxue let go of her guard. Maybe, she could use this to make Ou Mengxue take advantage of her. This incident exposed what Wang Suping did more than what was known 20 years ago.

She could tell that Ou Mengxue was definitely a ruthless character. With her ability, she would definitely find Wang Suping’s handle…

Yao Ru squatted at the entrance of the kindergarten for several days, but did not see Ling Xi coming to pick up the children.

“Mom, didn’t you say that I’m going to shoot an advertisement later? It’s so late now, will I be late?”

Yao Ru said impatiently: “Tiantian, wait a minute, mom will be fine soon.”

Then she took the phone, “Hello? Is it Ou Mengxue? I’m Yao Ru, last time you said that child’s name? Is it Xu Nuo? Okay, I see.”

Hearing the word “Xu Nuo”, Yao Tiantian’s eyes flashed with doubts, and she said after her mother finished calling, “Mom, there is also a kid named ‘Xu Nuo’ in our class.”

Yao Ru immediately turned around with wide eyes, “Tiantian, is he your classmate?”

Yao Tiantian nodded obediently, “Well, he is a young monk with a bald head and only a few hairs. The students in the class don’t like to play with him because his family is very poor.”

Yao Ru was slightly surprised, how could it be a monk? Moreover, Ling Xi was a star, so her family shouldn’t be poor! After all, this was an aristocratic school, and those who could go to school here must be rich people!

“How does Tiantian know that his family is poor?”

“Because children from rich families always have a lot left over when they eat, but every time he eats, he eats all the rice in the bowl, not even a single grain of rice is left.” Yao Tiantian said with disgust.

It turned out that in the eyes of children, eating your plate clean was a sign of being “poor”!

Yao Ru didn’t care too much, but she was excited to find Ling Xi’s “handle”. Ling Xi, this is the price you have to pay for the role…

Yi Ling Entertainment.

“Have you heard? An artist named ‘Lu Yaqin’ from ‘Star Charm Entertainment’ was banned recently.”

“What? What’s the matter? Why was she blocked?”

“It seems to be because Lu Yaqin tried to seduce President Xu at a banquet last time but failed, and it ended up like this…”

“Didn’t you say it was Ling Xi? Why wasn’t she been banned for seducing Mr. Xu?”

“Who knows? Maybe it’s because Ling Xi is good-looking!”

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