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The bell rang and the exam began.

The invigilator in the first examination room randomly circled the examination room twice and found a place to sit down. The examination room was sorted by grades, so in the first examination room, students generally answered the questions more seriously and he didn’t need to look around too much.

However, there was an exception in the examination room today.

The invigilator stared at the first place student and frowned. The student sitting there was actually sleeping on his stomach! The invigilator stood up and walked to Yu Mo’s side. As soon as he was about to knock on the table, his eyes were attracted by the full test papers.

Every question on the test paper had been answered.

The teacher’s movements paused slightly. He also taught geography, and he could naturally see that the student hadn’t answered casually. The invigilator hesitated for a while, but still didn’t wake him up, and Yu Mo woke only in time to hand in the paper.

The same was true for the second subject. Yu Mo quickly finished answering the questions and fell asleep on the table. This time the invigilator couldn’t read the test papers and called Yu Mo once, but Yu Mo ignored him and continued to sleep. The invigilator’s face turned blue, but he didn’t care about him anymore.

As soon as the bell rang after the second examination, Yu Mo stood up and walked out of the classroom quickly, but the invigilator did not respond. When Chi Fang handed in the papers, packed up his things and left the examination room, he saw Yu Mo already standing outside the door.

When Yu Mo saw that Chi Fang didn’t even tie his scarf, his face sank, he frowned and took a step forward, then he took the scarf from Chi Fang’s hand. Chi Fang smiled helplessly, “Aren’t we not out of the school building yet?”

But he didn’t refuse either, standing there with his schoolbag in one hand, he let Yu Mo fasten the scarf around his neck. After eating at a small restaurant outside, Yu Mo stared at Chi Fang again to take the medicine, and then sent Chi Fang to the examination room.

Pang Zifei looked at them silently, waited until Yu Mo left, and leaned forward, “I say, Chi Xiaofang…”

“En?” Chi Fang set out his pen and ruler, as the first test in the afternoon was mathematics.

“Did you catch Yu Mo’s handle[1]?” Pang Zifei was curious, “How can he be like taking care of his father, so afraid that you will bump and fall.”

Chi Fang’s hand paused slightly and he met Pang Zifei’s gaze. There was a smile in it. Pang Zifei suddenly felt a chill on his back. Before Chi Fang could speak, he stood up and said, “I’m going to the examination room!”

Pang Zifei ran away.

Chi Fang curled his lips, then the smile on his face faded. His body was still slightly feverish, and even his head was a little dizzy, but he had to take the math test, even though he did not feel well.

However, as Pang Zifei said, Chi Fang had also realized that Yu Mo’s attitude towards him seemed a bit too good.

Probably because I’m his only friend, right? Chi Fang thought.

The math test had begun.

As Yu Mo said, Chi Fang read the whole test paper twice, and decided that he had no more points in his mind, then he started working on the multiple-choice questions. Mathematics questions were actually quite easy if you knew the rules, and the knowledge points of each question did not have too much deviation. Chi Fang continued to do it all the way, but still got stuck on the eighth question.

The point was, he didn’t remember what the formula required to be divided by what.

Chi Fang didn’t hesitate and gave up doing it for later. Some of the following questions were familiar to Chi Fang and he quickly completed them, while for others he had no ideas at all, so Chi Fang just left them empty. After finishing the first check, Chi Fang just turned back to the paper and started to do the questions that he did not know well.

The two-hour exam time passed quickly.

When the bell rang, Chi Fang was still in a daze. He almost forgot that this was an exam but thought that he was studying in the Yu family home.

The exam for the last subject was quickly finished. Chi Fang watched the teacher put the test paper up, and noisy discussions had already begun in the examination room. Chi Fang didn’t join them. He packed up his schoolbag. When he walked out the door, he was not surprised when he saw Yu Mo. He smiled at Yu Mo.

Then the whole person fell on Yu Mo.

Chi Fang just felt that he was trembling, not to mention the strength to walk, he did not even have the strength to stand. The spirit that supported him for these two days disappeared as soon as the exam ended. A higher fever had also broken out.

Yu Mo caught Chi Fang, ignoring his blushing. He reached out and touched Chi Fang’s forehead, “No, you are going to the hospital.”

Chi Fang still resisted going to the hospital in his heart, so he hesitated to agree.

Yu Mo didn’t hesitate anymore. He took Chi Fang’s schoolbag in his hand and helped Chi Fang walk out. While walking, he called the driver and asked the driver to park the car near the school gate.

Chi Fang stopped struggling, anyway, he had already finished with the exams and it was just an injection. He was already in his twenties, so could he still be afraid of injections?

Pang Zifei followed to help Chi Fang to the school gate, as he watched Chi Fang get into Yu Mo’s car, Chi Fang still smiled and waved to Pang Zifei, “I will send you a message later, you go home first.”

Pang Zifei didn’t reply, watching the car drive away.

“Wow, wasn’t that Yu Mo just now? Isn’t his family very poor?”

“Well, the car just now is more expensive than a one-hundred-square-meter house. If it is poor, then we don’t have to live.”

“Unexpectedly, Yu Mo is handsome, his grades are good, and his family still has money. If he can work hard, would he be able to fight for a few years less.”

The little girl felt like a person stopped in front of her as soon as she finished speaking. As soon as she raised her head, she faced a somewhat fierce face, scaring the girl back three steps. Pang Zifei glanced at her casually and left.

Yu Mo asked Chi Fang to tilt his head and lean on his shoulder to sleep for a while. He wanted to open his mouth to let the driver drive faster, but then he thought of Chi Fang’s motion sickness. Chi Fang would feel sick if he drove too fast. It was the first time that Yu Mo felt this dilemma. Once he decided, he usually followed through quickly, but he hesitated only when it came to Chi Fang.

Fortunately, there were not many cars on the road that day, and the driver quickly drove the car to the hospital. Yu Mo bowed his head, awakened Chi Fang, who had fallen asleep in a daze, and carefully wrapped him before taking him out of the car.

Yu Mo had never been to the hospital and was not very clear about what was going on in the hospital, so he handed the matters over to the driver.

During the injection, Chi Fang stared at the tip of the needle earnestly for a long while, then he turned his face, feeling tangled. Yu Mo was sitting across from him, and when he saw the situation, he looked at the needle and then at Chi Fang. He suddenly said, “You had done several math problems from the exam today.”

Chi Fang subconsciously recalled when he heard him speak. Then, “Well, you told me about the big problem of geometry, and I did it.”

“There were also proofs, and you had done similar ones.”

Chi Fang nodded, then he suddenly felt that the back of his left hand was cold. He turned his head blankly and found that the nurse had stood up, adjusting the speed of the drip for him.

“It’s finished?”

The nurse responded, adjusted the bottle, and glanced at the time. “It will take about an hour. The patient can sleep for a while. It’s better to sweat the fever out. Family member, remember to take a look. When it’s finished, press the bell.”

Yu Mo paused at the word family member before reacting. He answered with a rare, “En.”

He didn’t know if there was a hypnotic ingredient in the medicine. Chi Fang lay down for ten minutes, and his eyes were a little open. It didn’t open, but he still subconsciously touched his mobile phone, Yu Mo held Chi Fang’s hand that was shaking, not letting him stick it out of the quilt, “What’s the matter?”

“I have to tell my mother, otherwise she will worry.” Chi Fang said in a daze.

Yu Mo paused and asked, “Shall I do it?”

Chi Fang thought for a while, but his already fuzzy head couldn’t think of anything else, so he whispered, “Unlock password is my birthday. Call second brother and ask second brother to tell mother… “

After that, Chi Fang fell asleep.

Yu Mo paused, entered Chi Fang’s birthday, and opened the lock screen.

There were no games on Chi Fang’s mobile phone, and the screen wallpaper was the one included with the system. Yu Mo didn’t look at it much. He turned to the phone number with second brother written in the address book and called.

The call was connected quickly, and the voice of a very enthusiastic man came from the phone.

“Brother, what’s the matter? The exam is over? Would you like your second brother to take you out to play?”

Yu Mo paused, and said, “I am Yu Mo.”

The phone went quiet for a long time before the voice spoke again. But he had become extremely calm.

“You called?”

“Chi Fang is ill and was given an injection in the hospital.” As soon as Yu Mo finished saying this, the person on the phone interrupted.

“Which hospital?”

Yu Mo thought for a while then said the name of the hospital. The person on the other side snorted. After saying something, he hung up the phone.

Ten minutes later, the door of the ward was knocked, and Yu Mo looked away from the drip bottle and saw a man dressed in a black suit walking in. The man should have just left a party, and his outfit was incompatible with the atmosphere of the hospital. The man first glanced at Chi Fang and made sure that Chi Fang was okay, before he set his gaze on Yu Mo.

“Thank you.” Chi Zheng raised his eyebrows, “Troubled you to take care of my little brother, it’s so late, I’ll let the driver take you home.”

This person was hostile to him.

Yu Mo calmly met Chi Zheng’s gaze, his gaze was heavy, but he could not see any emotion, he retracted his gaze for a while, and shook his head.

Chi Zheng frowned, but his eyes fell on Chi Fang’s sleeping face, and he swallowed the rest of the words. He found a chair in the ward, sat down beside Chi Fang, and looked at Yu Mo.

When Chi Fang woke up, there was a strange atmosphere in the ward.

He silently turned his head and glanced at Yu Mo, then at his second brother, his strong desire to survive made him choose to shut up.

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[1] Learn something incriminating about him.

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