TBLF Ch. 72

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They practiced on weekends and usually ordered takeaways at noon.

Ji Rang didn’t choose what he ate, and he didn’t talk to his teammates or sit with them. Except for the communication on the court while playing, he was a cold monster outside the court, and no one dared to approach him.

Today was approaching lunch time, Shen Yue was walking to the sidelines with his mobile phone, ready to order lunch, Ji Rang put in a three-pointer, and whispered to him: “I don’t want it, don’t order mine.”

Shen Yue looked back. He glanced at him: “Then what are you eating?”

Ji Rang’s face was awkward: “Someone will deliver it.”

Shen Yue understood, thinking it was this young master who had good taste, and didn’t want to follow them for takeaway, so he didn’t think much about it. After a while, a little girl in a suspender skirt walked in with a bag in her head.

Shen Yue took a look, hey, isn’t this a student in his class?

The practice was not over yet, the little girl obediently walked to the front rows of the stands to sit down, put the bag on the chair next to her, put her hands on her chin, and watched them play.

Ji Rang froze and glanced over his head, almost showing a little smile on his indifferent face, but he held up and quickly covered it.

When the takeaway lunch was delivered, Shen Yue blew his whistle.

As everyone wiped their sweat, they talked and laughed and walked to the stands, they were stunned when they saw Qi Ying. Hey, why did the school flower come?

Wow, did the school flowers come to see us to play?

Then they saw the big man walk over with a blank face, sit down beside the schoolgirl, and take the mineral water in her hand.

Damn, it’s a real puppy love!

You have not allowed us to fall in love early! Why are you doing this!

Qi Ying smelled the strong sweaty, testosterone-laden scent of the teenager next to him after exercise. His black hair was wet with sweat, and his arms and neck were also covered with sweat. There was a cold and hard temperament that made her heart beat faster.

She blushed a little, and said softly, “Aren’t you tired?”

Ji Rang used two towels to wipe his head: “Not tired. Is it hot outside?”

She shook her head, took out the food container in the next bag, and put it on his lap: “Quickly eat, don’t let it get cold.”

Ji Rang smiled, opened the lunch box, and asked her: “Have you eaten yet?”

She nodded obediently: “Eaten, I have cooked it for you.”

He imagined the scene of her cooking, and thought it was cute.

Shen Yue walked over with his own takeaway and stood underneath and laughed: “Hey, you two, are you having a puppy love under the eyes of my teacher?”

Ji Rang bit into his love omelet: “Who’s in love early? Can’t I have a meal with my classmate?”

He looked like nothing really happened, and Shen Yue actually felt that he was making sense.

The teammates eating takeaway next to him were sour with jealousy.

Damn, why don’t we have such classmates?

Qi Ying’s bento was relatively light. She was actually not good at cooking. She was a runaway before and used to eat anything she could get without caring about the taste.

Later, she went to the General’s Mansion, and there was a maid waiting on her, so she didn’t have to do it. The general asked her what she liked to eat. She thought about it, and it seemed that there was nothing she liked to eat, as long as it could fill her stomach. So, the general asked the chef to cook different dishes every day, and she hadn’t eaten repeated meals for a long time.

Later, the general asked her again, the chef has cooked several dishes from all over the world, which one did she like best? She thought about it and replied that she liked them all, and they were all delicious.

At that time, the general squeezed her face and smiled and asked, “Why are you so easy to feed?”

Later, she ate food with the general’s taste.

After coming here, she occasionally went to help Wu Yinghua wash the vegetables. She was very smart. She remembered the steps after reading it a few times, but she didn’t try it herself. This time she made a lunch for Ji Rang, and she didn’t fail even once, and it was served directly out of the pot.

She tasted it. It was not particularly delicious, but it was not unpalatable. It should be much cleaner and fresher than takeaway.

Qi Ying tilted her head to see him eating as if it was the most delicious, with a smile in her eyes, and whispered, “I’ll make it for you again next time.”

Damn, why was she so sweet.

Ji Rang smiled and said yes.

But after this time, he didn’t ask her to deliver food again.

Summer was coming and it was too hot outside. It had been hot for almost half a month, and it was not until the eve of the college entrance examination that it finally ushered in the first cooling rain.

It seemed that on the two days of the college entrance examination every year, God will give these hard-working students a little bit of face, and it will rain down, so that they have a cool and comfortable exam environment.

In the two days of the college entrance examination, the first year and second year of the high school were on vacation, and the first year of high school still had a leisurely vacation, but the second year of high school had already begun to fret. After all, as soon as the college entrance examination was over, they were the ones who would enter the Devil Period of High School.

The end of the month was the final exam.

After the exam, they will have make up classes until mid-August. The summer vacation was only half a month, and then they will enter their formal senior year in September.

Although the schedule was very tight and the pressure of study was quite high, it was necessary to relax as well. The comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, and physical fitness was the correct education route.

So, on the eve of the tense final exam, the relatively large college basketball league began its first qualifier.

A total of ten schools, two by two drew slots, Shen Yue was lucky, and drew a weaker school. The first qualifier was won without any suspense.

This time the league was being played in the Municipal Gymnasium, which could accommodate 20,000 people, and almost every school had people who came to watch it. As a result, Ji Rang, who was tall, handsome, and looks cold, became famous.

People with good looks are the focus everywhere.

He was determined to get the first place and MVP every game, so it was hard for him not to be in the limelight.

At first, the girls in those schools cheered for their school’s team, but then they directly started calling “Ji Rang, jiayou.”

Every time a Haiyi school student who came to watch the ball game chatted with the girls of each school, it was the same: “Hey, does your school Ji Rang have a girlfriend?”

Haiyi school student: “…”

You have never heard of the school tyrant. Doesn’t he have a reputation? Don’t you know that he plays the ball and kills people?! And he doesn’t allow us to fall in love early, do you know?!

Of course, they didn’t know.

Only the bad boys and rich second-generation circles who often fought in various schools have heard of Ji Rang.

These good students had nothing to do with who the bully of another school is.

It can be said that those who didn’t know were fearless, and the boss began to receive fancy confession and love letters.

Just as they finished a game at halftime, Ji Rang was sitting in a chair and wiping his sweat, the lead dancer of the cheerleaders took a water bottle, came up to him and said softly: “Ji Rang, give you water.”

Ji Rang glanced at her but didn’t answer.

After seeing him play with the ball for a while, the players playing with him gradually grew courageous and coaxed out: “Yo …”

Ji Rang threw an eye-knife at them: “Your mother? Shut up!”

Players: “……”

Well Woo[1], the gangster is fierce.

Cheerleader girl: “Wow, he’s so handsome!”

Team member: “?”

After trying so many times, everyone found that the cold and handsome boss Ji Rang did not have any beautiful girls in his eyes. He had not taken water from anybody, let alone a love letter.

He saw boys more than girls.

So, a girl asked: “The sexuality of your school…. Ji Rang, isn’t it wrong?”

Haiyi school student: “?”

I dare not say I dare not say, for fear of being beaten to death by the big man.

One week before the final exam, they finished the last round of the qualifiers.

Under the leadership of Ji Rang, Haiyi School successfully promoted to the semi-finals and had to wait until the end of the final exam to decide the outcome.

At this time, everybody was afraid they won’t see Ji Rang playing for more than half a month. Many girls ran to the safety exit outside the stadium and waited. Some wanted to try again for the last time, and some just wanted to see his handsome face.

The players greeted and dispersed.

Ji Rang had already changed into a black T-shirt and looked indifferent, walking out with a bottle of water.

He always had a cold face and looked fierce. He rejected a lot of people. People seldom appeared in front of him. It would be too embarrassing to be scolded by him due to his bad temper.

There was a little girl standing at the entrance of the passage, waiting there, looking bored.

The onlookers asked: “Who is that? It’s to give a love letter again. Wow, the sisters are courageous! The last fight before the final exam!”

“Ji Rang seems to be in a bad mood today. He was attacked by six middle schools when he was on the court. Can this girl not see the signs, dare to move forward at this time.”

Ji Rang had already walked out as they were chatting.

The setting sun stretched his shadow so long.

He walked up to the girl, squatted down, put the mineral water aside, and then helped her tie her shoelaces…

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[1] A crying sound.

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