TCYEC Ch. 67

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“Uncle Nong, how did you know that the man was having an affair just now?” Yu Siyang asked curiously. All of this can also be guessed. It was simply too godly, and it can no longer be defined as “science”. This was simply a god-stick.

Nong Yuan laughed: “Wasn’t there a group of people watching the fun, I just heard two people whispering about it.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

The truth was so simple and unpretentious, he was a little disappointed.

“Xiaoyu, a good way to get to know a person is through the people around him.” Nong Yuan held the steering wheel and drove the car to a famous park in Yunzhong City. “From the people around him talking about him, you can roughly piece together the basic character portrait of this person.”

After hearing these words, Yu Siyang’s head dropped slightly, silent.

“What’s the matter?” When Nong Yuan was waiting for the red light, he turned to look at him, wondering what was wrong with what he said just now, Xiao Yu looked like he was hit.

“Uncle Nong, is what others say really right?” Yu Siyang asked in a low voice.

Once Bu Shuowu accused him of stealing valuables from the hotel, Master came forward to protect him. Although there was no substantive evidence to prove that he did it, he had never been able to prove that he did not do it. If Bu Shuowu did not show his true colours, he would not have known that someone who he had always trusted framed him.

Since then, the private rumors about him in the hotel have not stopped, new employees will be warned by old employees not to approach him, so as not to be stolen by him. An elder sister of the cleaning department helped him in public by saying a few words, and he was beaten up by her husband.

Everyone looked at him with tinted glasses, is he actually the kind of person they think he is?

Nong Yuan saw that he was depressed, thinking that he was depressed because he had suffered online bullying twice before, and comforted: “Like and hate are human subjective emotions, but humans are an objective existence. Xiaoyu, everyone is the same. It’s impossible to ask everyone to like you, and it’s impossible for everyone to hate you. As an objective person, you just have to have a clear conscience.”

Yu Siyang raised his head and looked at Nong Yuan with his eyes wide open, his surprise was beyond words.

Is that so?

“Xiaoyu, you are a talented and hardworking child, you should be more confident.”

Yu Siyang opened his mouth, as if a thousand words were stuck in his throat.

He had always been bad at interpersonal communication. To put it bluntly, he has low emotional intelligence and could only immerse himself in work. Before he was crowded out by so many people, he was still maintained by his master, and the eldest sister in the cleaning department secretly cared about him. He himself took a sigh of relief when he made some achievements which led those who crowded him out and slandered him, to look at him with admiration.

It turned out that he did it.

He won the Bonova Gold Award when he was twenty-five years old. If it weren’t for an accident, he was confident that he would get a Michelin star before the age of thirty.

——I should indeed be more confident.

“Thank you.” Yu Siyang smiled again.

Nong Yuan smiled as he was about to say something, but he heard Yu Siyang suddenly say: “Uncle Nong, let’s go back.”

“Go back?” Nong Yuan asked in surprise, “You want to go back so soon after coming out?”

Yu Siyang nodded. With a serious expression, he said firmly: “Let’s go back.”

Although Nong Yuan didn’t understand why he suddenly wanted to go back so resolutely, they planned to stay outside for one day and go to a business reception at night to observe people with different social statuses. But since the child wanted to go back, he didn’t force it. Anyway, there was still half a month in his vacation, so he can be taught anytime.

The car turned around at the intersection ahead and drove back.

In the Xue family villa at this time, Xue Chengxiu folded his arms, sitting on the main seat with a big horse with a golden sword behind him, looking at Xue Li on the opposite side with a cold expression.

Xue Li was less than sixty years old, but he looked like he is eighty now, and Xue Chengxiu also could not believe it. A few months ago, when he saw this man in the imperial capital Xue’s house, he was still very high-spirited and well-maintained.

It seemed that there is something wrong with his beloved son, and he is very anxious.

Xue Chengxiu suddenly thought of what Yu Siyang said when he quarrelled with the doorman at the Emerald Hotel a few days ago. Now it is more appropriate to use that sentence here.

Thinking about this, the cold expression on his face disappeared, and a malicious smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he said, “I feel relieved to see that you are not doing well.”

Xue Li’s face changed, and he was about to say, “Unfilial son”. But thinking about the purpose of his visit today, he abruptly tolerated the anger and tried his best to make his smile look kind and loving. “Why don’t you let Yunmu come down to see Grandpa?

“Does he have a grandfather?” Xue Chengxiu looked at Xue Li ironically.

At the beginning, he took Mu Mu back to Xue’s house, but the old man opposite said that he would never admit that an unknown child was his grandson.

Now that he looked like this, he obviously came to ask for something, but he didn’t know if he was asking for the safety of the Xue family or the safety of his beloved son.

Xue Chengxiu was right, but he underestimated the thickness of Xue Li’s face and overestimated his shame.

Xue Li wanted both Xue’s family and Xue Chengji to be safe and sound. For this reason, he was willing to retreat now, give the Xue family to Xue Chengxiu completely, and live abroad with Mrs. Xue and Xue Chengji.

When he made such a request, Xue Chengxiu laughed very shamelessly: “Do you think it’s possible? Why are you so naive when you are so old?”

“Why do you have to destroy the Xue family and your brother? “Xue Li’s face turned pale, and he used the utmost self-control to keep himself from uttering bad words. Now was not the time to take a moment’s breath, the most important thing was to placate the Xue family and son.

“I don’t have a brother.” Xue Chengxiu made no secret of his malice and threw what Xue Li had said back to his face, “I will never admit that an unknown wild species is my brother.”

“Xue Chengxiu”, Xue Li yelled violently and waved his right hand, flicking a cup on the coffee table to the ground, and with a bang, it smashed to pieces.

Xue Chengxiu’s expression changed on the spot. If it weren’t for Xue Li being an old man, he would want to beat him out.

The cup that was broken by Xue Li was given by a fan of Yu Siyang. Although All Star Entertainment and Yu Siyang himself had solemnly stated that they will not accept any gifts from fans, they couldn’t hold the fans back from inserting the gifts into his hands. Fortunately, it was not a valuable thing.

The cups were a pair, which was made by the fan. The two cups put together to form a complete circle. When Xue Chengxiu saw the pair of cups, he immediately took one, which was broken by Xue Li.

“When you finish speaking, hurry up and go to other people’s homes to be prestigious. The older you are, the more capable you are.” Xue Chengxiu has completely lost his patience, and he spoke even more rudely.

“Chengxiu, how can you let go of Chengji?” Xue Li had a distressed expression on his face, as if he wanted to kill Xue Chengji, making him look like an extremely pitiful father.

“I won’t let him go.”

Xue Chengxiu didn’t say a word. It was Yu Siyang who ran into the living room who said this.

He urged Nong Yuan to drive faster, and when he came back, he just heard Xue Li’s words and was very angry.

Xue Li’s sadness passed when he saw a beautiful-looking young man walked towards him with an angry face.

“After doing so many things that hurt the nature and reason of people, do you still want to retreat?” Yu Siyang said angrily: “The law will not let Xue Chengji go. You should go to jail and see your son in the future.”

“Who are you? Is there any place for you to speak here? You have no education.” Xue Li was also furious.

Xue Chengxiu sneered: “He is one of the victims. Do you think he is qualified to speak?”

Yu Siyang walked to Xue Chengxiu’s side, and he saw the broken cup on the ground so loudly. He immediately stopped beating and pointed to the fragments on the ground and asked: “Who broke the cup?”

Xue Chengxiu immediately pointed to Xue Li.

Yu Siyang glared at Xue Li fiercely, angry and distressed. It was a small gift given to him by a fan. It was the heart of others, and the cup was a pair. This bastard old man said, “You run to someone else’s home. When you come, you also smashed other people’s cups. It really depends on age. You are so uneducated and disrespectful. It was no surprise that you taught Xue Chengji kind of bastard son.”

Xue Li said that Yu Siyang was “uncultivated.” In less than a minute, Yu Siyang threw this sentence back to his face, and he was already in his fifties, and it was unbearable for people under twenty to say so to his face.

Seeing that Xue Li was about to speak again, Yu Siyang immediately interrupted him and said, “I feel very lucky that you have never taught Xue Chengxiu. Otherwise, wouldn’t your Xue family be all bastards? “

Xue Chengxiu: “…” Is Yang Yang boasting about mee or scolding me? Well, it should be a compliment to me.

Nong Yuan came one step later than Yu Siyang because he went to the parking lot. Hearing Yu Siyang scolding Xue Li angrily, he stood in the hallway and smiled hard—Old bastard Xue should be thankful that he had no heart disease, high blood pressure, or something else. Or else his blood vessels would burst with anger.

Xue Li took a deep breath, decided not to care about the uneducated kid, turned to Xue Chengxiu, put on a serious tone, and said: “Chengxiu, I used to ignore you too much. I am here to apologize to you, you are already the heir of the Xue family, why do you have to destroy the Xue family?”

“Humph, this is rare.” Yu Siyang sat down beside Xue Chengxiu and said to him.

“…” This kid was really annoying, Xue Li continued: “If you let Xue Chengji go, the entire Xue family will be yours.”

Yu Siyang continued to mess up and interjected: “Old man, murdering and paying off, owing debts and repaying money, money cannot always solve the issue.”

“…Even if you don’t think about yourself or me, what about your two uncles? What about those relatives?” Xue Li said, “How innocent are they? Why do you want them to have nothing?”

“How innocent?” Nong Yuan couldn’t listen anymore. He walked into the living room from the hallway, looked at Xue Li with sharp eyes, and said coldly: “How many people in your Xue family are innocent? How many people are clean? The older you are, the thicker your face is.”

“Nong Yuan!” Xue Li stood up in shock.

The two of them hadn’t dealt with each other for decades, especially after Xue Chengxiu’s mother passed away, so the contradiction was intensified and magnified. When Nong Yuan was still young, he almost fought once when he saw Xue Li.

Xue Chengxiu, together with the Pei family, brought down the Xue family and stirred up the wind and rain in the imperial capital. Everyone was at risk. The families of the imperial capital secretly laughed at the Xue family and said that Xue Chengxiu was destroying the Great Wall by himself, but Nong Yuan was in favor of Xue Chengxiu to do this.

Although Nong Yuan was a scholar, the family behind him was a force that cannot be underestimated. He himself enjoyed special allowances and had his own contacts. He hated Xue Li no less than Xue Chengxiu. Therefore, he also contributed to the current situation of the family.

“This is not a place you can come, go away.” Nong Yuan said coldly.

Xue Li may be able to fight in front of Xue Chengxiu, but he was afraid of Nong Yuan from the bottom of his heart-he was really afraid of being beaten like when he was young.

But he was really not reconciled, he put down his prestige to beg the eldest son, but failed to achieve any goal, and was insulted by a stinky boy who didn’t know the height of the sky.

“Chengxiu, please think about it.” Xue Li whispered to Xue Chengxiu and walked around Nong Yuan.

Xue Chengxiu said coldly: “There is nothing to consider.”

Yu Siyang nodded in agreement: “That is, Xue Chengji should sit in the prison and not come out to harm others.”

Xue Li turned his head and stared at Yu Siyang viciously.

Yu Siyang raised his chin and stared back unflinchingly.

He ruined other people’s homes, and still thought about living a happy life?

Dream on!

Xue Chengji should really die too.

Xue Li hummed and left. Nong Yuan patted Yu Siyang on the head and said, “The fighting power of Xiaoyu is quite big.”

“Uncle Nong, Yangyang’s father’s company was calculated and bankrupted by Xue Chengji.” Xue Chengxiu explained in a low voice, “His father committed suicide, and his mother could not bear the blow and passed away.”

Nong Yuan was startled, and hurriedly said, “Sorry, Xiaoyu.” No wonder he was so rude to Xue Li.

“Uncle Nong, I’m fine.” Yu Siyang shook his head.

It was not him who really experienced the pain of loss. Although he could not empathize with him, he would never forgive these people who caused the destruction of the Yu family.

“Yang Yang,” Xue Chengxiu called Yu Siyang, after deciding to tell him the one thing he had initially wanted to hide, and asked: “Your second Uncle Yu Zhongmin wants to see you, do you want to see him?”

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