TBLF Ch. 73

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When had they seen Ji Rang smile so softly?

And that too facing a girl.

Ji Rang, which they heard from a Haiyi school student, was violent, fierce and insidious! He would do anything if you didn’t agree with him. He had a grumpy temper and was best at solving problems with his fists! His temperament is wild and cold, he doesn’t look at anyone, and is super fierce!

During this period of time, everyone had also experienced his indifference, but he is handsome. They have not seen the bloody and violent past but only heard about it, which only increased his charm.

Anyway, he treated everyone the same, so it didn’t matter! Everyone was very balanced!

Anyway, they are all women who can’t get big bosses!

But now, the boss squatted in front of a little girl and laced her shoes.

After tying his shoelaces, he raised his head and smiled, with a gentle smile in his eyes that is even more dazzling than today’s big sun.

Who says the big guy like men??? Jealous single Dogs!!!

There was a crackling around and their heart was broken.

Ji Rang stood up holding the water bottle and acted like not knowing anyone was even around him, and asked in a low voice, “Are you hot?”

Qi Ying shook her head and said, “But I still want to eat ice cream.”

He laughed: “Well, let’s go buy it.”

He walked a little bit ahead, the tall man slightly blocked the slanting daylight for her, and his pace was very slow, accommodating her pace.

There was a whisper around.

Qi Ying took a look, turned her head and said to Ji Rang, “There are a lot of people watching you.”

“Really?” The boss didn’t change his face, “I didn’t pay attention, I didn’t see it.”

Qi Ying secretly laughed.

She didn’t feel unhappy at all. Yue Li always came to her these days and told her that so and so confessed her love to Ji Rang and was even angrier than her.

But she didn’t feel angry.

In the past, when she was in the General’s Mansion, there were always people who came to talk about their relatives, in order to push them into the position of the general’s wife. The prince’s daughter, the grandmaster’s daughter, and finally even the emperor’s favorite princess.

But in the end the general refused.

The reason was the same: the world is not peaceful, and he could not guarantee a long unconditional love.

The mama secretly told her that the general was using this way to protect her.

She seemed to understand at that time, but now she understood his original intentions completely.

This person could refuse his majesty’s marriage decree for her, so she trusted him completely.

When Ji Rang noticed that she was laughing, he couldn’t help but laugh as well. He stretched out his hand and rubbed her head twice, “What are you laughing about, little idiot, are you happy when I’m surrounded by people?”

Her eyes were bent into crescents: “Yeah.”

Ji Rang felt that this little girl didn’t play cards according to common sense, “Why?”

“I am very happy to have so many people like you.”

With so many people who like you, will it at least make you feel that you are not so lonely in this world?

Ji Rang looked at the soft light under her eyes, wondering if she could see what he was thinking. He didn’t speak any more, until he walked to the side of the street and waited for the red light to cross the road, Qi Ying heard him whisper: “Don’t want that much.”

It doesn’t need to be that much, it’s enough to have you alone.

At the end of the league qualifiers, the first- and second-year high school students finished their last week of review and finally ushered in the final exams of the semester in the hot summer.

The teachers in each class were explaining that the teacher who prepared the test papers this time integrated the real questions of the college entrance examination. They must carefully review the questions, check them carefully, and come up with the most realistic answer, and face it as the college entrance examination.

Ji Rang was nervous about this for a long time, for fear that he would not be able to break into the 100-person mark.

It was not until the end of the exam when the transcript came out, that he was relieved. Rank ninety-nine, very awesome, and very worthy of his work day and night.

Liu Yao was happy enough to die. Class 9 was originally the class at the end of the grade crane. The top 100 in the grade were all seedlings destined for key universities. Ji Rang squeezed into the top 100 in the grade and ranked fifth in the class.

Holding the transcript and shouting sharply on the podium: “You must learn from Ji Rang! Take him as an example!”

Class 9 students: “…”

Unexpectedly, one day we would be set the example of the school bully, it was too damn magical.

At the end of the final exam, even if this group of high school students are officially promoted to the third year, after the transcript comes out, each high school class will hold a parent teacher meeting to mobilize parents to prepare for the third year.

Ji Rang had never called anyone to attend a parent-teacher meeting.

He didn’t plan to call this time as well.

On the day of the parent teacher meeting, he practiced with the team on the playground. After all, the exam was over, and the semi-finals will be held next week. The opponent was not weak. He said he would show Qi Ying the first place, so he can’t relax.

The parent teacher meeting started at 8 o’clock in the morning, and Yu Cheng specially asked for leave to attend the parent teacher meeting for Qi Ying.

She ranked fifth in the whole year and third in the class this time. When Liu Qinghua saw Yu Cheng, she praised her like a flower. What a good and obedient child, hardworking, as long as she kept up the status quo next year, entering Tsinghua or Peking University was absolutely fine.

Yu Cheng was so happy that he couldn’t close his mouth[1].

The parent teacher meeting was to be until ten o’clock, and the students will come back to class after it was over. After all, they are prospective seniors. After finishing the final textbooks in summer vacation, a round of review will begin as soon as the school started in September.

After the team had practiced playing, Ji Rang saw the time and thought that the parent teacher meeting must be over, so he wiped off his sweat, and walked to the classroom holding the basketball.

When he walked to the gate of Class 9, he saw Ji Weiyan.

The parents in the classroom had finished talking, and only Ji Weiyan was still standing under the podium. Liu Yao looked happy talking to him. Ji Weiyan looked mild and nodded with a smile.

Ji Weiyang glanced at someone at the door and turned to look around. When he saw Ji Rang, his smile became softer: “Arang.”

Liu Yao also saw him and said happily: “You’ve finished training? I’m telling your dad about your results. This time you really did a very good test. As long as you maintain steady progress during the third year of high school, you will surely have no problem in the college entrance examination!”

Ji Rang’s sloppiness was gone, only cold resistance was left, there was no emotion in his eyes, and he asked him blankly, “What are you doing here?”

Liu Yao said, “How are you talking to your dad, kid?”

Ji Weiyan didn’t mind his attitude but smiled gently: “Mr. Liu called me and said that there would be a parent teacher meeting, so I came over.”

Ji Rang sneered and spoke like a thorn: “Who admits that you are my parent?”

Liu Yao always knew that the relationship between father and son was not good, but he didn’t expect them to meet like enemies. What else did he want to say, Ji Weiyan smiled at him, and said softly: “Teacher Liu, I want to talk to Arang alone for a while. I’ll trouble you.”

Liu Yao sighed and left through the back door.

Only two of them were left in the huge classroom.

Ji Rang’s eyes were cold, and his tone was impatient: “I have nothing to say to you, and you don’t need to care about my affairs.”

Ji Weiyan approached two steps forward and looked at him helplessly: “I don’t want to fight with you, I only heard that your grades have improved. I am very happy and wanted to come and see you. “

Ji Rang sneered: “It has nothing to do with you.”

Ji Weiyan nodded: “Yes, it has nothing to do with me. I know it is because of Yingying. But even so, I am very happy.” His eyes were complicated, and he looked at him with a trace of emotion: “As long as you can grow up well, I and your mother will be at ease.”

It was okay for him not to mention his mother, but the mention of her made his eyes even more hostile, and he slammed the basketball in his arms in front of him. The basketball bounced under force and hit the desk next to it.

The textbooks piled on the desk crackled and fell to the ground, sandwiching his roar: “You are not qualified to mention my mother!”

This topic was always a taboo between them.

Ji Weiyan was silent, looking at the rapidly blood-red eyes of the young man in front of him, for a long time, then he gave a wry smile: “Yes, I am not qualified. You can resent me, but I just want to tell you, don’t hurt yourself with this resentment. All of us hope you are well.”

Ji Rang laughed as if he had heard some big joke, and pointed to himself: “You hope I’m good?” His expression was grim, and his voice was almost squeezed out of his teeth: “Which one of you wants me to have a good life? It’s all for the reputation of the Ji family. Isn’t it for your so-called military reputation? It’s been corrupted by me over the years, right?”

He chuckled lowly: “But I’m fine. Even if I’m not, I’ll be fine.”

The more they cared about the so-called reputation, the more he wanted to corrupt it with evil.

The more they wanted him to grow up and grow into what they hoped, the more he will do the opposite, do all the things that bad boys would do, and grow up to look like someone they would hate.

The obsession in his heart is so deep, like a poisonous thorn, like a dragon, poisoning himself and devouring others.

A group of students heard the roar outside the corridor. He seemed to have recovered a trace of will from his loss of control, and took his spiteful gaze away from Ji Weiyan and cast it into the scorching light outside the window.

“What will happen to me in the future has nothing to do with you, and it has nothing to do with the Ji family. I don’t want to see you again.”

He leaned over, picked up the basketball on the ground, and walked to the window seat in the back of the classroom.

Ji Weiyan stood stiffly on the spot, sighed silently for a while, and walked out.

Outside the classroom, there was a little girl standing against the wall, her lips tight.

Ji Weiyan was taken aback, and a smile came out on his stiff face: “Yingying.”

Qi Ying watched him silently.

Ji Weiyan regained his gentle voice: “Uncle invites you to eat ice cream, okay?”

She shook her head.

He smiled: “Aren’t you curious about Arang? I can tell you.”

She still shook her head, paused, and whispered: “He will tell me what he wants to say.”

Ji Weiyan was surprised that she could speak, and the smile on his face finally softened a lot: “You can speak.” He lowered his eyes and sighed, “Good girl, go.”

When the words fell, he turned and left.

Qi Ying stared at his back, the figure that was always straight, with a somewhat exhausted slumped posture. After a while, she retracted her gaze and walked to the door to look at the teenager in the back row of the classroom.

He was lying on the desk, surrounded by the sunlight, and the sun was shining brightly outside the window, but he seemed to be alone in the winter and snow, and his whole body was cold.

Qi Ying pursed her lower lip and ran back to the Class 2 classroom. When she came back, she held a strawberry candy in her palm.

She walked over, squatted down beside him, and whispered, “Candy?”

Ji Rang let his body move, but still did not look up. For a long time, a low mute voice came out: “Yingying, I’m a little uncomfortable.”

She was on her knees, with her small head resting on his lap, and whispered, “You don’t be sad, I’ll accompany you.”

That is what he had said to her.

He smiled, his face buried in his arms, his voice was low and dull: “Little idiot, did you overhear from the corner of the wall just now?”

She rubbed her head lightly against his leg: “I didn’t mean it, are you angry?”

He leaned back, still lying on his stomach and face down, he could see the little girl squatting beside him. She leaned upward, and he leaned downward, looking at each other in the small and low space: “Not angry, I won’t be angry with you.”

She chuckled softly and didn’t speak. She just half-kneeled, resting on his leg, looking at him obediently.

Ji Rang’s heart was painful and soft. He took out a hand, rubbed her fingertips against her face, and whispered, “May I tell you my secret?”

She let out a “huh”.

He rubbed her face with his fingers, and whispered: “In the past, there was a little boy who had a very happy family. His father was an armed policeman and his mother was a painter. The little boy wanted to be a policeman since he was a child. After winning the national shooting championship, he wanted to be as good as his father.”

“But later, there was a riot. During that riot, the little boy’s mother was kidnapped. The father of the armed police was ordered to save people. When he arrived at the scene, he found that another pregnant woman had also been kidnapped. .”

Having said this, his fingers were shaking uncontrollably, and he left her cheek for fear of hurting her.

Qi Ying felt the boy’s heavy and depressed breathing.

She stretched out her hand and held the boy’s cold fingers.

She had soft hands which were always warm, starting from his fingertips, warming his cold body a little bit.

“The situation was very urgent. The gangster was going to shoot the hostage soon. At that time, there was only time to save one person. The armed police father did not choose to save his mother, but saved the pregnant woman.”

He thought he would never remember this past in his life.

But speaking in front of the little girl, it didn’t seem to be as uncomfortable as imagined.

Qi Ying pillowed his knees, rubbed it, stretched out her hand to wrap around his waist, and asked in a low voice, “What about the little boy?”

“The little boy was very sad and couldn’t accept it. But those people told him that the choice made by the armed police father was correct. This was his righteous sacrifice and his responsibility as a soldier. It seemed like his mother…” He paused. He smiled lowly: “Damn it.”

But why?

Why use her sacrifice to exchange for the honor that belongs to them?

The pregnant woman survived, but the child in her belly eventually died.

He hated the moral justice of these people, he hated their so-called sacrifices, and he even felt sick. He threw away all the trophies he had won and trampled on his dream of being a policeman.

He lived in a muddle-headed manner, until one day, he saw the rescued woman appear at his house.

Ji Weiyan rescued her.

And also married her.

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[1] Stop smiling.

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