TCYEC Ch. 69

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The location of the film crew of “Pretending Overload” was selected as Yixian Mountain in Jingxian County under the jurisdiction of Yunzhong City. Although Yixian Mountain was called a mountain, it was not high. It was just a small mountain range, but it had a rare undeveloped natural landscape.

The mountain scenery was beautiful, and the trees were mainly subtropical evergreen broad-leaved and subtropical warm coniferous types. Pristine trees such as Ligustrum lucidum, Ginkgo biloba, camphor trees, alder trees, Castanopsis sclerophylla, Liquidambar formosana could be found on the mountain, and there was another benefit of the mountain. With the crystal-clear stream, people in Jingxian County liked to go to Yixian Mountain to escape the heat in summer.

But the winter in the mountains was not so good.

Within the bounds of Yunzhong City, it rarely snowed in winter, and it was mostly rainy weather. But the cold wind on the mountain blew like a knife directly on the bones of a person. It was so cold that it hurt.

Yu Siyang used to have a very good body. In winter, he only needed to wear a shirt and a woollen coat. Now, even though his age has gotten younger, but his physical fitness was not as good as before.

He was thin, mainly because he didn’t have much strength, and he was afraid of cold.

He had already wrapped himself in the down jacket even before it was the coldest time of the day.

Wrapped in a thick down jacket, he then put on the hat attached to the down jacket, it made him look like a walking oval black ball, and because the dress was too thick, it was a bit inconvenient to move, so he was being half-pulled by Tang Hang to climb the mountain.

“I, I go back, must, increase exercise, exercise intensity…” Yu Siyang gasped. He didn’t expect that a hill that was not too high would be so difficult to climb, and because the hill was not developed, so the road had not been repaired, and the difficulty coefficient of climbing had increased tenfold.

Where is the crew camped? They hadn’t found it after walking for so long. If he knew it, he wouldn’t have pretended to be polite and refused someone to come pick him up. It was really a mistake.

Tang Hang was obviously much more relaxed than him. With a large travel backpack on his hands and a large travel backpack on his back, he was still relaxed when climbing up the mountain. He also joked: “Siyang, your exercise has no effect at all. The strength gained is minimal, the muscle growth is zero, and it is probably useless if you increase the intensity of your exercise.”

Yu Siyang: “…”

Shouldn’t the average person encourage him at this time to imagine a bright future with him? How come it is his assistant’s turn to throw him cold water?

Can’t chat happily with him.

After hard work—mainly Yu Siyang’s—climbing the mountain, the two finally found the crew stationed in an open area.

Hong Zhehao’s eyes were sharp, and he was the first to spot the two of them. Seeing Yu Siyang wrapped up like a black ball, he immediately laughed: “Yu Siyang, are you so cold? You look like a zongzi[1].”

Yu Siyang panted quickly. Director Jin Ce waved his hand as a greeting, laughed at Hong Zhehao and directly resorted to blackmail, and said: “It seems that some people don’t want to eat, little cookies…”

Little cookie!

Hong Zhehao’s eyes lit up, he smiled like a flower in a second, and ran to Yu Siyang in a few strides, and said with a thick skin: “Yu Siyang, I was wrong, even if you are a zongzi, you are also the most handsome zongzi. What about a little cookie? “

You are the zongzi! Yu Siyang’s pushed away Hong Zhehao who was stuck beside him.

Hong Zhehao jumped to Tang Hang’s side and raised his hand to take the travel backpack on Tang Hang’s back. “Tang Hang, such a heavy bag, how hard it is to carry, I will help you carry it.”

There was nothing on Yu Siyang, Tang Hang was carrying a travel backpack on his back. Obviously, the biscuits must be here with Tang Hang.

Hey, he is so witty.

Tang Hang reflexively avoided him. Seeing Hong Zhehao’s expression of “You actually hate me”, he reluctantly unloaded the backpack on the ground, took out a big food bag from it, and beckoned to the rest of the crew and said: “Siyang made some biscuits and brought them for everyone to taste.”

The ten or so crew members put down their work, and rushed over, all looking at the food bag in Tang Hang’s hand eagerly, like a chick waiting to be fed.

They had long heard that Yu Siyang’s cooking skills were excellent. The two crews who had worked before with him were all happy because he always brought delicious food to the studio, and each of them got fat. Even the female stars who wanted to lose weight were not immune.

But in this crew, because the director “Stingy” stated from the beginning that Yu Siyang would not be allowed to bring delicious food, and Yu Siyang was particularly obedient and did not bring it, the people in the crew were only able to eat a little bit of walnut cocoa bread brought for the opening ceremony. Except for bread, they never tasted Yu Siyang’s craftsmanship. They could only watch his frantic delicacies on his Weibo. They could only feel that life was lonely as snow—especially Hong Zhehao.

If they were asked to vote for the most annoying director of the year, they would definitely vote for Jin Ce.

—— Nima, you don’t eat it yourself or let others eat it. It’s horrible.

The cookies that Yu Siyang brought were not the cookies he made yesterday. He was in a bad mood yesterday and made a lot of almond shortbread, chocolate biscuits, brown sugar biscuits, card biscuits, fresh milk cookies, chocolate soufflés, almond tiles, etc., all kinds of biscuits, were originally intended to be brought over to the crew to eat, but Nong Yuan left with more than half of them.

Due to the location shooting, the location chosen by the crew was far away from the downtown area of Yunzhong. It was a bit unrealistic to drive back and forth to work. They could only live with the crew in a small farmhouse rented near the location.

The scheduled shooting time for the location was 17 days, which meant that Yu Siyang will not go home for more than ten days.

Nong Yuan just went to Xue’s villa to eat delicious food for two days. He hadn’t eaten enough yet, but he was about to stop cooking, especially last night when he ate Yu Siyang’s new dish—the crispy fried matsutake, which was delicious… he shockingly started weeping.

This crispy fried matsutake was made by Yu Siyang trying to Westernize Chinese food. The first thing to do was the puff pastry. The puff pastry was divided into two parts: watery skin and oily filling.

He added egg, lard, sugar, and water to the flour and beat until the dough was smooth to form a watery skin. In addition, he kneaded the flour, lard, and New Zealand butter to form a greasy core, wrapped the greasy core with the watery skin and rolled it out with a rolling pin in the Japanese shape. He continued to roll it out, repeated three times, and then put it in the refrigerator to chill. This was the puff pastry before it was baked.

When the meringue was refrigerated, he cut the matsutake into cubes, he heated up the butter, added onion and matsutake, salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper to fry together. When Yu Siyang was frying, he also topped some of the brandy treasured by Mr. Xue. This brandy was fermented and distilled from Bai Yuni grapes, had a soft and mellow special aroma, which inspired the freshness of matsutake to the greatest extent.

He put the fried matsutake mushrooms in the puff pastry that had been rolled into a cup shape, sprinkled some shredded cheese on the surface, and baked it in the oven for about ten minutes, and then the cheese was thoroughly roasted.

The puff pastry was thin and crisp and would break apart after a light bite. The cheese was rich in milky aroma, but it was only a foil for the umami flavor of matsutake.

The crispy matsutake made by Yu Siyang was as big as the palm of an adult man. The crispy pastry was not easy to hold with chopsticks, so it had to be held in the hand to eat. When you held it in your hand, and took a bite, the rich and fresh fragrance of the puff pastry, cheese, and matsutake bloomed in the mouth domineeringly, immersed in every taste bud, the taste was rich in layers, and the scent was also extremely rich.

The first thing one felt at the entrance was the freshness of matsutake, followed by the sweetness of cheese. If one tasted it carefully, then you found that hidden under the deliciousness and sweetness was the elegant and soft aroma of brandy. The three aromas were mixed together to become the ultimate taste in enjoyment.

After eating such an extreme delicacy, the Professor of Anthropology sat at the table and fiddled with Aunt Wang’s roasted chestnut chicken with his chopsticks. The more he fiddled, the more he lost his appetite.

——Xiaoyu’s dishes are delicious in colour, flavour, and fragrance, but Xiao Wang’s dishes are not as delicious in colour, flavour, or fragrance. Sure enough, there is no harm if there is no contrast.

Aunt Wang stared at the professor with an indifferent face.

Humph, he dared to dislike her cooking, so he could go out to eat, and shouldn’t come to the Xue’s villa to eat dinner.

“Xiaoxiu, before you met Xiaoyu, did you eat these things?” Nong Yuan picked up a piece of chestnut and put it in his mouth. His face wrinkled immediately, and he used a lot of self-control to force himself to swallow the chestnut-really. It was salty, so salty that he wanted to beat the salt seller to death!

Xue Chengxiu used the chopsticks and ate the lettuce without changing his expression and did not remind Nong Yuan- that taunting Aunt Wang’s cooking skills would result in Aunt Wang wearing small shoes[2].

Who made the Professor eat four crispy matsutake mushrooms by himself yesterday?

Because some brandy was added when frying the matsutake mushrooms, this dish could not be eaten by Mumu, so the professor ate four of them by himself.

Xue Chengxiu was robbed of food and was a little angry.

——Mu Mu’s two are obviously mine and Yang Yang’s, each person getting one, but Uncle Nong is disrespectful of tradition.

“Oh, when will Xiao Yu come back from the filming?” Nong Yuan sighed and said melancholy: “Fortunately, I took half of the biscuits he baked yesterday, otherwise how could I live this day?”

Nong Yuan said and took a piece of almond shingle from the small rattan basket where the biscuits were placed and ate it.

While the professor was thinking about Yu Siyang while eating lunch, Yu Siyang was dressed in a fluttering white costume, shivering by the blower, and had to resist the shaking and devote himself to filming.

As a man with a strong wind effect, often in the same scene, others were static while Dongfang Zhe was a dynamic gif, even if he was being chased by the demon leader, he was frightened and pointed with a sword. Looking at the other party, he couldn’t stop his gif effect, and his hair and clothing corners were always flying around.

The demon leader who hunted down Dongfang Zhe and Ximen Guang was naturally invited by the leader of the martial arts world. Dongfang Zhe and Ximen Guang were being chased by him all the way from Yuhai Villa to the city, and from the city all the way to the mountains, Ximen Guang has Martial arts but he can’t beat the leader of the demon cult, not to mention Dongfang Zhe, who had the philosophy that he is lighter and better, and everyone else is a scumbag.

The demon leader chased and tried to kill the two people along the way, Ximen Guang was beaten and vomited blood all the way. If Dongfang Zhe did not have some weird props in his hands to cause trouble for the demon leader, they were afraid they would have already died.

At this moment, Ximen Guang was seriously injured and couldn’t run. He was lying on the ground and vomiting blood constantly. Dongfang Zhe held Ximen Guang’s sword and pointed at the leader of the demon cult, shivering.

Seeing that the two were on their way, the demon leader didn’t rush to kill them. Instead, he gave a smile, like a cat teasing a mouse, and said a lot of nonsense.

“You, don’t come over here,” Dongfang Zhe said in a frightened manner, sternly: “I tell you, I still have a big move. As long as I use the big move, you will definitely die.”

“Oh, is it? You plan to kill me, so tell me how I die?” The demon cult leader slowly approached Dongfang Zhe with a wicked smile.

Dongfang Zhe trembled and moved back a little, trying to express his death in the worst manner. “Intestinal puncture, bad hands and bad face, stench all over, and pus in the mouth…”

But he didn’t want to. Although the leader of the demon cult was not good-looking, he was extremely narcissistic, always feeling that “I am the most handsome in the world”, the most annoying is that others used his face to tell him such things.

Hearing Dongfang Zhe cursing him to have a rotten face, he was immediately furious, “I hate that others want to ruin my handsome face. For such a person, I usually kill him with the palm of one hand.” As he said, he raised his palm to shoot.

Dongfang Zhe was so scared that he sat on the ground, closed his eyes and yelled, suddenly caught a cold and slippery thing in his hand, he threw it towards the demon leader without even looking, and waved his hands desperately. The dance was almost like a hot wheel.

“Hey, sacred stick,” Ximen Guang called to him weakly, “Don’t yell, the leader of the demon cult was killed by you with a poisonous snake.”

Dongfang Zhe moved and opened one eye timidly to look at Ximen Guang. He whispered: “He’s dead?”

Ximen Guang nodded while vomiting blood.

Dongfang Zhe opened his other eye again and secretly went to see the leader of the Demon Cult. He saw the person who had just killed him with a palm, his face was as dark as the one he had fished out of the ink, although he looked like that because it was too dark. It was not too clear, but his expression still barely showed his unwillingness.

The leader of the demon cult had died too badly.

“Hahaha…” Dongfang Zhe stood up like a carp, and returned to a flamboyant appearance, laughed: “I said I have a big move, look, he’s dead, right?”

Ximen Guang vomited another mouthful of blood with a face of disbelief. Is it true that he hadn’t seen it? This sacred stick obviously had a shit luck, so he caught a very venomous red fire snake. The snake was caught. When he was furious and was about to bite him, he was thrown into the face of the leader of the demon cult. The leader of the demon cult was unprepared for a while and was bitten by the red fire snake on the face, and he was instantly poisoned to death. Before, that he helped them “kindly” behead the Red Fire Serpent, otherwise the angry snake would bite the two of them next.

Sure enough, any high-powered martial arts, in the face of the shit luck of the gods, would be second, the killer was like this, and now so is the demon leader.

Ximen Guang was very fortunate that he was just tossed in a mess, and his life was not in danger for the time being.

Thinking about this, he vomited another mouthful of blood, finally unable to hold it up, and fainted.

“Cut–” Jin Ce shouted, “Very good, it’s over.”

When the director called to cut, Tang Hang immediately ran over to wrap Yu Siyang in a down jacket. The field affairs immediately turned off the blower, and Guan Yahua brought a bowl of ginger soup to let Yu Siyang drink, for fear of his small body being frozen and catching a cold.

Hong Zhehao was a bit better than him, not as cold as him, and his costume was thicker than his, but Guan Yahua also stuffed a bowl of ginger soup in his hand.

“Thank you.” Yu Siyang tremblingly closed his eyes and drank the ginger soup.

Wrapped in a down jacket and shivering, filming summer scenes in winter was really life-threatening.

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[1] A type of rice dumpling.

[2] Deliberately giving him bad food.

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