RCFS Ch. 256

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After stopping the treadmill, Ye Yunxi took out a bottle of mineral water from the freezer, twisted its cap open, walked slowly to the railing, and raised her head to drink water.

Her long hair was tied up in a high ponytail, completely revealing her delicate face. Beads of sweat rolled down her fair neck. She had just gone to drink water. At this time, she looked so handsome that the people looking up at her from downstairs subconsciously felt their throats tighten.

The noisy scene suddenly became quiet.

After drinking the water, Ye Yunxi slowly twisted on the cap of the bottle and maintained her position leaning on the railing, with her dark eyes slightly lowered, like a king overlooking the world.

“What’s the fuss about?”

The words were indifferent, but because of the power of Ye Yunxi, everyone’s hearts trembled.

Zhan Hong had prepared a lot of things to say, but at this moment she couldn’t say a word.

“She wants to join the club.”

Sun Chao said hurriedly.

“You are the reviewer. Since this kind of thing gives you the right, don’t ask me.”

She was the president, but not everything needed to be done personally by the president, right?

Sun Chao said quickly: “What I reviewed here is that she failed.”

“No, that’s not right!”

Zhan Hong said hurriedly: “Ye Yunxi, look at my report card, my results are the best here. It’s absolutely impossible for me to not pass!”

She quickly handed over the transcript, but Ye Yunxi was upstairs, so she simply ran to the stairs.

Sun Chao and others were startled and wanted to chase her, but she had already gone far away. Seeing that this girl was about to go upstairs, a high-pitched cry suddenly came from mid-air. Hades spread his wings and swooped down, and Zhan Hong was frightened. She screamed wildly, stepped on the air and fell down.

Fortunately, she didn’t climb high and there was a wool carpet on the ground. Zhan Hong was not injured at all. She struggled to get up, pointed at Hades and cursed loudly: “Dead beast, a thing without eyes!”


Hades spread his wings and looked vicious and mean!

Zhan Hong trembled in fright, quickly took a few steps back, and then returned to the door.

Unwilling to leave, she gritted her teeth, then she raised her head and said angrily: “Ye Yunxi, what are you doing? Is your club not recruiting people anymore?”

Ye Yunxi looked down and said indifferently: “Get out.”


What did this person say ? What? Her joining would definitely be the biggest help, why not have her?

“Sun Chao has already said that you don’t meet the requirements, so get out. This is the Yehuang Club, not a place for you to act recklessly!”

“You just trust him so much?”

Zhan Hong found it incredible that she didn’t even look at her resume.

“Do I believe him?” Ye Yunxi felt ridiculous: “He is the backbone of Yehuang, of course I believe him!”

At that moment, Zhan Hong’s face turned red. She thought she would definitely be able to enter Yehuang, but she couldn’t!

So what did it matter if she made such a fuss?

What a joke!

“Please get out!”

Sun Chao frowned, and Ren Qi and Fang You, also gathered around and stared at Zhan Hong with cold expressions.

“Okay, just wait, you will definitely regret it!”

Zhan Hong threw her resume on the ground and turned away.

“Wait a minute.”

Ye Yunxi’s voice above her head made her feel happy. She regretted it, right?

She said that with her achievements, she would be sought after no matter where she went!

She snorted!

“Why, you want me again? Then I have to add conditions!”

Do you think she will stay if she wanted her to?

“Take your things and go.”


Zhan Hong’s nose turned crooked with anger!

The resume was still lying on the carpet. Hades screamed and spread his wings, swooped down, grabbed the resume with one claw and rushed towards Zhan Hong.


The golden eagle’s claws were comparable to the sharpest knives, and the resume was torn into pieces before it even reached the hand. It flew like heavy snow, covering Zhan Hong’s face!

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