LGHIHW Ch. 36.1: Arc 1.32

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The principle of the Tesla coil was to boost the power supply. As long as the total power was kept within a safe range, it would not kill anyone.

That purple lightning crackled and exploded, one after another rushing into Lin Yayan’s body. It looked very scary, but it only made the other party unconscious and did not hurt her life.

Zhuang Li turned off the power and waited until the roar of the machine completely stopped before slowly walking down from the console and gently touching Lin Yayan’s arm with his toes.

“Master, she’s unconscious!” 7480 said calmly.

Zhuang Li walked half a circle around Lin Yayan, his thin eyebrow on the left raised slightly, and the word disgust written all over his face. He had to move this woman into the operating room, but he hated the thought of touching her body.

Just when he was in a dilemma, Xuan Ming walked over quickly, surrounded by a group of bodyguards, with a very gloomy face.

Seeing Lin Yayan lying on the ground, he was stunned, and then he breathed a sigh of relief: “I saw her on the surveillance camera. She walked into the laboratory all the way but was not photographed by any camera. If it hadn’t been for the last moment when she took the initiative to expose herself, we couldn’t have found her at all!”

Zhuang Li touched Lin Yayan’s arm with the toe of his shoe and said in a lazy tone: “Ah, because the fabric she is wearing is made of nanomaterials with negative refractive index and can turn invisible. Negative refractive index means that light cannot be reflected from it. Do you understand?”

Xuan Ming nodded and said: “I understand. If light cannot be reflected, it cannot enter our eyes, so we cannot see her.”

But in fact, he knew that this kind of clothes was not as simple as negative refractive index, but absolutely something like hiding in the gaps of space and time. But even if Little Curly explained clearly, others won’t believe it.

Sure enough, after hearing this, the bodyguard standing aside questioned: “Is the current invisibility technology so advanced?”

Zhuang Li ignored him, picked up the dagger and picked at the button on Lin Yayan’s chest. He wanted to take off her clothes and study it.

“It’s useless.” 7480 reminded: “The Lord God will not leave this kind of advanced technology in other planes.”

As soon as it finished speaking, the night clothes with a few buttons unbuttoned turned into light spots and disappeared, leaving Lin Yayan lying on the ground wearing a set of underwear.

Her body had been systematically transformed, and she was as beautiful as the goddess of love and desire born from foam, with every inch of her white and greasy skin exuding an alluring halo.

The several bodyguards had no time to marvel at the clothes which had mysteriously disappeared before they were shocked by the beautiful scenery in front of them. Some of them swallowed hard and spurted blood from their noses.

Zhuang Li threw the dagger at Lin Yayan casually and shook his head in disinterest, not worrying at all whether the sharp blade would scratch her delicate skin. Without the clothes, Lin Yayan was just a guinea pig to him.

Xuan Ming stared at Curly Hair for a long time, and then he let go of his tense heartstrings after confirming that he was not interested in this woman.

“These kind of clothes are really magical. It shows that the power behind the scenes is extraordinary. What are you going to do now?” he asked in a low voice.

“Take her to the operating room. I have something to show you.” Zhuang Li walked to the desk and took out a tissue and wiped his hands repeatedly. He touched the woman’s dagger and found it dirty.

“Carry her away.” Xuan Ming waved to several bodyguards.

A group of grown men gently lifted Lin Yayan and took her to the operating room. Finally, they looked at the boss hesitantly, as if they were sympathetic towards her and ready to plead for mercy.

It seemed that the heartthrob aura was still very lethal to ordinary people.

Xuan Ming pulled a white sheet and covered Lin Yayan from head to feet like a dead person. Then he asked with a cold face, “What’s wrong? Do you have something to say?”

The glamorous halo suddenly lost its effect, and several bodyguards immediately retreated, looking solemn.

Zhuang Li walked in pushing a cart and explained while adjusting the amount of anesthetic: “Mr. Xuan, do you remember the nano-scale spy chip I told you? This woman also has one in her head. Although you didn’t question it last time, but I still want to show you the definite evidence.”

He pulled away the white cloth, put the anesthetic mask on Lin Yayan’s head, and finally turned on a brain-scanning machine and said, “Mr. Xuan, do you remember what this instrument is?”

Xuan Ming remembered it too well. He used all his connections to buy this machine from a military research institute. The lowest version cost hundreds of millions, and it was also investigated by the relevant departments.

“What kind of interferometer is it said to be?” He tried to recall the awkward name.

“Superconducting quantum interferometer.” Zhuang Li corrected: “With it, my next plan will be possible to succeed. It is currently the most sophisticated measuring instrument in the world and can detect any weak magnetic field. The reaction can even scan the internal faults of the nanochip.”

Zhuang Li pointed at Lin Yayan’s brain and continued: “The nanoscale chip is much smaller than a brain cell. The magnetic field it emits cannot be detected by ordinary scanners.”

“And what’s even more powerful is that this spy chip is equipped with a driver and can swim around in the brain at will. The human brain has a total of more than 10 billion brain cells, which is more than the planets in the solar system. You can liken the vastness of the difficulty of salvaging a meteorite in the universe with the difficulty of catching this chip.”

While talking, Zhuang Li had already turned on the interferometer, translated the measured magnetic field response into a 3D image, and projected it on the LED screen nearby.

Xuan Ming knew everything but had to pretend to be confused: “But last time you didn’t use this quantum interferometer to take out the chip in An Bao’er’s brain.”

Zhuang Li shook his head and said: “That’s because I knew in advance where An Bao’er’s chip was hidden in the brain, and An Bao’er was eager to trust me and cooperated with my work, so I could paralyze the brain cells in that area and cut off the chip’s perception so that it couldn’t escape before she or the chip could react.”

“But this person,” Zhuang Li put the probe close to Lin Yayan’s scalp and said as he moved it, “she won’t cooperate with me, and her chips will also be on high alert for me, so I must get a device that can detect them. A moving machine.”

As he spoke, many brain cells suddenly appeared on the densely glittering LED screen with snowflakes. Wherever Zhuang Li moved the probe, the images of the brain cells also changed. There was no doubt that this picture was the world in Lin Yayan’s mind.

Suddenly, the interferometer made a soft beeping sound, as if it had detected some foreign object.

Zhuang Li immediately moved the detector to follow the sound and chuckled: “Caught it.”

Xuan Ming stared at the LED screen closely and saw a disc-shaped thing suddenly appear among the dense brain cells. It was made of metal and had a circle of tentacles inlaid on the edge. It looked like a paramecium or a UFO.

“Is this it?” Xuan Ming asked in a deep voice.

“This is the spy chip.” Zhuang Li fixed the detector and sighed: “Mr. Xuan, you should believe me now, right?”

“I have always believed in you, so I never asked questions or interfered with any of your actions.” Xuan Ming quickly explained in a few words.

“Then you won’t hand this woman over to the relevant departments, will you? You have to know that the technological content of this spy chip far exceeds the world’s top level, and the invisibility cloak that turns into a point of light and disappears is also the best proof. No scientific research institute can catch it, except me, so please leave her to me.”

Zhuang Li finally revealed his true purpose. If Xuan Ming hadn’t seen the surveillance camera and suddenly ran over, he could have quietly killed Lin Yayan.

“I won’t hand her over to the relevant departments. I didn’t see anything tonight.” Xuan Ming raised his hands in a gesture of compromise.

“Very good.” Zhuang Li nodded with satisfaction, and then confidently directed the group of free laborers: “Help me fix her hands and feet on the operating table.”

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