WMPLT Ch. 32.2

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The webcast barrage dominated the screen

My six brothers!

Huo Cheng is so pretty!

Fuck Pei Xu is too handsome today, I can forgive his stinky face.

Is the tallest one Huo Cheng? Oh…oh…oh…, Brother Huo is still so MAN, Mars CP fans scream!

Oh my god, aren’t they all so pretty? I also can!

Wen Nuo glanced at the crowd of onlookers, and his hands and feet tied up nervously. Hu Ying walked in with his arms around his shoulders, followed closely by the cameraman with the camera on his shoulder.

A group of seven of them, together with their follow-up photos and other staff members, totalling nearly 20 people, walked to the auditorium stage of Zhongwu together.

The road leading to the auditorium stage was darker, Yan Zhi pursed his lips, his expression becoming more solemn.

After tonight, he really didn’t know how many more rivals he would have.

In the future, Huo Cheng really won’t be a problem, and the scariest ones may be the Red flags.

He looked at Hu Ying and the others. Everyone was dressed a little more formally than usual tonight. Hu Ying wore a loose and thin suit, with suit shorts underneath, revealing his white and well-proportioned calves. Duan Yihua was uncharacteristically dressed, a person who liked to wear formal shirts on weekdays, was  wearing a sweater and a baseball cap today, and he looked a lot younger all of a sudden.

Huo Cheng was quite excited, so he turned his head to look at Zhongwu’s campus, and said, “Aren’t we there yet? Their school is so big.”

“You are from University A, aren’t you ashamed to say that other schools are big.” Hu Ying complained, “Don’t you have to ride a bike to attend classes in your school?”

Huo Cheng smiled when he heard the words.

He was wearing a white shirt today. He usually looked so rough, but today he looked a little more expensive, and it could be seen that he had been carefully dressed.

All the people were dressed somewhere between formal and casual with just the right amount of emphasis.

Only Duan Yihua’s uncharacteristic behaviour revealed his inner secrets.

Today’s weather was not good, it was a bit gloomy, and the night seemed to be foggy. As the auditorium stage got closer, the sound of music inside was transmitted through the night.

“Did you hear what song they are playing?” Hu Ying paused, then looked at Wen Nuo and the others.

When everyone listened carefully, they heard the ethereal singing voice from Night Breeze, singing:

I pray to have a transparent heart and eyes that can shed tears.

“”The Brightest Star in the Night Sky”!”

Wen Nuo shouted.

Hu Ying smiled and said: “This is too appropriate for the occasion. Is it the program group’s ghost or the school’s? It’s amazing, the tone and lyrics are not sad, but every time people hear it in the dark, they will feel inexplicably melancholy and moved.”

There were no stars in the sky tonight, but there was one on the ground, and it was the most dazzling one. This was not the first time that Zhai Xingchen had participated in the end-of-term performance, but he felt that this year he was being taken very seriously. Not only was it the super famous teacher of their school who put on makeup for him, but he also had a new set of dance clothes. There was a large group of people in a mess backstage, and even the leaders of their school came to inspect him, even running over to encourage him.

Zhai Xingchen guessed what was going on.

It was estimated that the program team would come to shoot material today.

Teacher Zou from their academy was in charge of their dance. Teacher Zou said to Zhai Xingchen: “Don’t be nervous, just perform normally at your usual rehearsal level.”

The program crew said that they hoped they would not tell Zhai Xingchen, lest he be too nervous and it affect his performance. However, Teacher Zou felt that this was a rare opportunity for Zhai Xingchen.

There were so many students graduating from their dance academy every year, except for two or three lucky ones who could jump out of the results, most of them were still unknown. Being able to be on satellite TV was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you couldn’t miss it even if you die.

So she hinted at Zhai Xingchen and said: “As long as you behave well tonight, the future will be smooth.”

Zhai Xingchen nodded, then turned to look at the mirror next to him, in the mirror, he was wearing a white robe with a thin red gauze coat like cicada’s wings, and a golden mask hung around his neck, he was wearing a Hanfu, but he did not wear a wig, so it was his own black and soft hair, paired with his fair and small face, he looked both modern and ancient all in one, only the corners of his eyes were red, his black eyebrows were raised, and when he looked sideways, it could charm all living beings.

There was a sudden commotion in the noisy auditorium. Everyone looked towards the entrance and saw a row of handsome guys coming in accompanied by cameras. Someone immediately grabbed the arms of the roommate excitedly on the audience: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

“WeChat said they came to our school to record, I thought it was a joke! Look, Yan Zhi! The one with glasses, he is my boyfriend’s idol! No, no, I have to call my boyfriend quickly.”

But, it was already too late, because with the entry of Yan Zhi and others, a large number of students had already chased after them. The auditorium that was already full was crowded into a ball, and the aisle was full of people.

At this time, the live broadcast screen turned to the stage. On the empty stage, there was only one big lamp shining on it, and the curtain was glowing with golden warm light.


Why did you point the camera at the stage?

I want to see handsome guys!!

You won’t be broadcasting live today, let us watch the show, right?

Who will play, and the guests will be on stage?

Zhai Xingchen, he didn’t show his face in the live broadcast just now, isn’t he just a student of Zhongwu.

Although Zhai Xingchen is really good-looking, I want to see Yan Zhi and them even more!

That is, what is so interesting about dancing? What we are watching is a romance drama, not a Spring Festival Gala!

At this moment, the live broadcast screen was suddenly divided into eight screens. The stage was still the largest screen, occupying two-thirds of the entire screen, and the cameras of the remaining seven small screens were aimed at Pei Xu and the seven guests.

“Director, you are too good at it!” The staff couldn’t help flattering.

Guo Bing said triumphantly: “Who wants to watch a stage play? What is more important than the performance is of course every expression of the other guests! You guys pay close attention to me, mark out any good scenes, and cut them all later. We will put it in the feature film!”

Wen Nuo licked his lips, looked back at the audience, and said, “There are so many people.”

Huo Cheng also looked back when he heard the words, and for some reason, he was a little nervous, his palms sweating.

Pei Xu, who had always been the most indifferent, showed the gloomiest expression. He leaned back in the chair, stretched out and held his two big hands, and repeated this.

“It’s about to start.” Lin Qingning said in a low voice.

He glanced at the opposite camera, coughed lightly, and sat up straight.

The light in the auditorium suddenly dimmed, leaving only a ray of light on the stage, and then there was a man and a woman, two Chinese dance student hosts came on stage, what they said, Huo Cheng and the others could no longer hear, and all eyes were fixed on the entrance of the stage.

They had all seen the performance list beforehand, and Zhai Xingchen’s performance from the classical dance department was the first to open.

“Look, Xingchen is there!” Wen Nuo suddenly shouted excitedly.

All seven of them looked towards the entrance of the stage and saw a group of boys and girls in Hanfu taking the stage one by one, entering from behind the curtain one after another. Zhai Xingchen lined up in the line with his head slightly lowered. The belt was tied on his slender waist, making him look tall and handsome, with a pearly star color.

Huo Cheng was dumbfounded.

Pei Xu, Yan Zhi and the others also watched intently as Zhai Xingchen gradually walked out from behind the curtain.

At this moment, they forgot everything, only the well-dressed Zhai Xingchen in their eyes.

“The next stage is the dance brought to you by the Chinese Classical Dance Department, “Lanling King Entering the Battle”, everyone applaud and welcome!”

The host exited, the stage gradually dimmed, and the last ray of light went out.

The expectations of the viewers who watched the live broadcast were all raised.

It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming!

Zhai Xingchen must not let me down!

I had a premonition that it would look good!

Zhai Xingchen, mom is here, go!

On the silent stage, even a slight cough could be heard. There seemed to be a sound coming from a very subtle place, the sound was getting louder and louder, it was a whisper, the whisper was bleak, solemn, and there seemed to be a group of figures floating around the curtain, then the whispering sound gradually died down, and the clearer and brighter flute sounds sounded, and the curtain started withdrawing slowly, and a group of beautiful boys appeared under the golden light. In the middle was a male dancer in Hanfu with his back to the audience, standing solemnly, tall and thin.

Wow, this is Zhai Xingchen, this figure, I love it!

The barrage was gone, and everyone held their breath.

It seemed as if there was a sound of “Dang Dang” from a pipa in the deep distance, and after three consecutive “Dang Dang” sounds, the intensive sound of the pipa fell down. Zhai Xingchen slowly stretched out his arms amidst the dense sound of the pipa, and immediately they heard the “boom” of the big drum, and he turned around. The hem of his Hanfu flew into an arc. With a side somersault, he landed steadily on the ground, light and elegant, free and smooth.


A beautiful bridge in front of the clouds!

Fairy dancing!

The guests are all dumbfounded hahaha, look at Wen Nuo and Huo Cheng!

Huo Cheng on the screen opened his mouth.

Wen Nuo’s little face was almost flushed red with excitement.

Zhai Xingchen’s dance moves were fierce, sassy, open and close, people moved with hands, clothes fluttered with people, his body was flexible and his movements were light, it seemed as if the gravity of the earth had lost control of him, his body was so soft that the strength he was displaying was unbelievable, he was as graceful as a dragon!

“The Brave and Fearless Masked Man, His Voice and Appearance and King Meilan’s Mausoleum”!

Who dares to say that Zhai Xingchen is not offensive enough!

This strength, this flexibility, this super body control!

His body is too beautiful, a commendatory masculine beauty!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…, turn around and kill me!

His skirt can dance!

Is this jumping ability what humans should have!

This trembling, I’m dead!!!

Up and down, up and down, swaying, he jumped on everyone’s heart, when he jumped out of thousands of scenes, he made everyone’s heart surge.

In the climax of the passage, he tossed and fell, his body was like a snake, he twisted and looked up, his hair was messed up, but he still jumped up, his robe fluttered and fluttered, until he jumped into the palms of the dancers around him, with the dancers forcefully throwing him into the air, he rolled backwards and landed on the ground, but his body did not stop at all. It rotated three times in a row, and then it was the bridge in front of the cloud three times in a row. In the end, it seemed as if the body had completely lost control, and it seemed that it was about to pounce on the partner’s body. In the arms, there was a wave of the long sleeves, and there was a “squeaky” sound, as if the whole body was brought back by the sleeves, stagnating in mid-air.

At this moment, everything was silent, only his heaving chest and red ears could be seen.

When the high-pitched female voice sang, Zhai Xingchen pushed up the mask, revealing a flushed face, and the screen was almost made invisible by the barrage.

It’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

I’m really dead!!!

The dance gradually came to an end, Zhai Xingchen’s body leaned down, his sleeves fell off, revealing his thin white arms, his arms were so long, his fingers were so beautiful, the golden light shone on his fluttering thin robe, which also dyed his robe a golden color.

In the lingering and touching drama, Zhai Xingchen smiled slightly, panting slightly, with tears in his eyes, he reached out and placed the mask on his head, covering his beautiful face again, at the moment when his movements were frozen, “Boom”, with the sound of a drum, the beam of light on his body instantly turned bright red, and he was dressed in fiery red clothes, as if he was about to burn.

On the big screen, an ancient painting of King Lanling in red appeared.

At this moment, the stage and the ancient painting complement each other and became one.


However, I am uneducated, I can say it all over the world!

Goose bumps all over my body. Absolutely!

Even Pei Xu and Yan Zhi, who had watched the rehearsal intermittently, were shocked.

Wen Nuo burst into tears with excitement.

Huo Cheng, Hu Ying and the others all looked dull.

“Yes, yes, yes,” said the staff member.

“Now it’s real.” Screenwriter Liu said.

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