WMPLT Ch. 32.1

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This was a big day.

It might even be a milestone day in this season of “Red and Blue Signal.”

Everyone in the program group had such a premonition.

Except for the group of staff who went to Zhongwu, the rest of the people all got up early in the morning. All the cameras in the red and blue cabin were turned on, and all the guests were captured on the monitor screens on the entire wall.

Different from general romantic dramas that recorded first and then broadcast, “Red and Blue Signal” adopted the mode of recording and broadcasting at the same time, which was very challenging for the program group, because you couldn’t guess what the ending would be, and you didn’t know who would end up with whom to pair up, there was no way to select shots based on the overall situation, and to stitch and edit stories.

This required them to have a pair of sharp eyes, to be able to grasp the subtle emotions expressed by each guest, their every look, every word, every action, every interaction, and try not to miss any subtle but potentially important shot.

Especially in today’s stormy hour.

The guests did not disappoint them either, and gave them a big surprise early in the morning.

Because today four people rushed into the kitchen to make breakfast.

They were: Zhai Xingchen.

Yan Zhi.

Duan Yihua.

Wen Nuo.

There were good reasons for Yan Zhi to enter the kitchen today.

He just learned how to make sandwiches from Zhai Xingchen yesterday, so today he naturally wanted to review the past and learn something new.

They didn’t know if he really didn’t learn it or if he was just pretending. But he seemed to have forgotten everything he learned yesterday, so he had to ask Zhai Xingchen from time to time.

There were already enough people cooking in the kitchen, so Huo Cheng couldn’t get in there anymore, and he just watched from across the island.

“Is it okay to cook to this extent, Xingchen?” Yan Zhi asked again.

Before Zhai Xingchen could answer, Huo Cheng smiled and said: “I think Yan Zhi should stop cooking, you are really not this kind of material, I have learned it, but you haven’t learned it yet.”

Zhai Xingchen glanced into the pot, and said: “It’s ok.”

Yan Zhi took out the eggs, the wooden spatula he used was a bit blunt, and he shovelled it several times in a row, but he couldn’t shovel the eggs out of the pot, seeing this Huo Cheng chuckled with a sound.

He was smiling in good faith, and felt that Yan Zhi, as a well-known e-sports master on the Internet, was blown away with his hands, but he didn’t expect his hands to look so stupid in the kitchen.

But Yan Zhi didn’t think it was a kind smile.

“I’ll come.” Duan Yihua said.

“I can.” Yan Zhi said.

Duan Yihua put down his hands, turned to look at Zhai Xingchen, stood beside him, and said, “It smells sweet, what did you add to the pot?”

“I added some honey.” Zhai Xingchen said with a smile.

Although no one noticed his thoughts, Duan Yihua was ashamed of himself.

He had a kind of ambivalence that couldn’t be held back and wanted to attack, but felt ashamed to be seen by others.

He didn’t do anything more, he just stood by Zhai Xingchen’s side all the time, occasionally helping out.

Wen Nuo was almost completely a small Zhai Xingchen, who had been silently washing dishes, wiping dishes, and clearing the operating table.

There was the sound of the door opening outside, Huo Cheng leaned over and took a look: “Pei Xu, you’re back.”

Pei Xu came in sweating profusely, and nodded panting.

Everyone in the kitchen looked at him.

Zhai Xingchen said: “You went out earlier today, how far did you run?”

When he just got up, Pei Xu had already gone out.

“I ran for an extra half an hour today.”

Yan Zhi asked in surprise, “You got up at six o’clock?”

Pei Xu nodded and walked towards the living room. Zhai Xingchen smiled slightly when he saw his drenched back.

This dude was so energetic.

Running so hard was to release the energy that he had nowhere to vent.

Pei Xu slept very late yesterday, with many things on his mind, tossing and turning, he fell asleep around almost two o’clock, and finally woke up before six o’clock.

He had always had a regular schedule, going to bed early and getting up early, but he didn’t expect that the later he went to bed and the later he slept, the earlier he woke up.

After waking up, he didn’t intend to get up at first, it was just dawn, and it was still early, he originally wanted to squat for a while, but who knew that after lying down for a while, he suddenly couldn’t stop thinking about Zhai Xingchen.

He really thought of him the moment he closed his eyes, and the first thought when he opened his eyes was also about him.

It was not thinking about missing, or simply thinking about this person.

Thinking that he was going to dance today, thinking that everyone would see him dancing today, what he cared about was not only the people in the red and blue hut, but also thousands of netizens.

As he thought about it, he became more and more sober. It was a feeling that he couldn’t describe. Talking about irritability was not irritability, and talking about desire was not desire, just like you had to grab something in your hand, grab hard, or you had to get up and run hard.

It was a force, a force in the body.

He got up and went for a run. This time he ran farther than ever before, sweating profusely and blood rushing. He ran to the reef extending from Fuzhou Mountain to the sea, watching the waves beating against the stones, and the blue sea, until he couldn’t see the end.

At that moment he turned out to be disappointed.

When you like someone but don’t get them, it turns out that the background color of this liking was melancholy.

Because he couldn’t cook at night, Zhai Xingchen made a very rich breakfast today.

“Ready to serve dinner.” Zhai Xingchen shouted.

Huo Cheng went to help serve the meal, and Wen Nuo ran upstairs to call Hu Ying and Lin Qingning.

Hu Ying actually woke up a long time ago, he and Duan Yihua got up almost at the same time, but when he went downstairs and saw Duan Yihua go to the kitchen to help Zhai Xingchen, he came upstairs again, just to give the two of them a little more private space.

He pinched the pink rabbit by the bed, and silently praised himself for the assist!

It was a pity that what he didn’t know was that not long after he went upstairs, Huo Cheng decided that they should all go to the kitchen to join in the fun.

“Where’s Pei Xu, hasn’t he come back yet?” Hu Ying asked as soon as he got downstairs.

“He’s back, probably in the shower.” Duan Yihua said.

Duan Yihua seemed to be a little different today, taking the initiative a lot.

Everyone walked towards the dining table together, and Lin Qingning was the first to sit down.

He sat in the middle seat on the right.

“Pay attention to the way of arranging seats today.” Guo Bing instructed everyone.

The staff cut the panoramic shots to the big screen.

Hu Ying took a step back this time, waiting to see where Duan Yihua and the others would sit.

Duan Yihua kept holding the bowl, waiting for Zhai Xingchen to leave together.

Yan Zhi remained in the kitchen, also holding something in his hand.

Huo Cheng had no reason to stand and wait, so he took the lead in sitting in the middle on the left, facing Lin Qingning, but just missed one person.

“Both of them are good at choosing.” The staff said, “The middle is a safe position, you can ensure that there are people on the left, right and opposite of you! This also increases the chances of you sitting with the person you like!”

Wen Nuo still sat on the right. The most window position on the side.

Yan Zhi, Zhai Xingchen, and Duan Yihua came to the dining table, and Zhai Xingchen sat at the farthest position on the left, next to Huo Cheng.

“Look at the corner of Brother Huo’s mouth, tsk…tsk…tsk…”

On the big screen, Huo Cheng grinned indistinctly.

Then a more dramatic scene appeared, Duan Yihua was half a step faster than Yan Zhi, and slowly pulled away the chair opposite Zhai Xingchen.

The camera did not capture Yan Zhi’s face, but he sat silently between Lin Qingning and Duan Yihua.

Opposite to him was Huo Cheng.

Huo Cheng grinned again at the corner of his mouth, then his eyes flicked past Duan Yihua’s body, and he slowly restrained his smile, lowered his head and took a sip from the water glass.

Hu Ying sat next to Huo Cheng.

Screenwriter Liu couldn’t help feeling: “Hu Ying is so smart.”

In this way, the seat on the left by the window was reserved for Pei Xu.

Hu Ying sat in the middle of Huo Cheng and Pei Xu, diagonally across from Yan Zhi, who ensured the maximization of his own interests, seemingly passive, but actually very active.

In this way, on his left were Zhai Xingchen, Huo Cheng, Hu Ying, and Pei Xu.

On his right were Duan Yihua, Yan Zhi, Lin Qingning, and Wen Nuo.

“It looks like a storm is coming!” Guo Bing said excitedly.

The eating area was really worthy of being a Shura field full of details.

Because there was a performance in the evening, during breakfast, Zhai Xingchen said to the others: “I may not be able to come back to make dinner tonight, so please come back after eating outside.”

He said, looking at Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng: “It’s better not to cook.”

It was too dangerous.

Huo Cheng said: “Don’t worry about us, just concentrate on your business.”

Hu Ying deliberately asked, “What are you busy with?”

Duan Yihua coughed immediately.

Hu Ying just drank water and laughed.

Unexpectedly, Zhai Xingchen said directly: “I have a performance for the final exam tonight, and the end is estimated to be after nine o’clock.”

Because the program team asked them to keep it secret, when Zhai Xingchen said this, Hu Ying was afraid that the surprise would be leaked in advance, so he didn’t continue to ask.

“Do you need to buy a new pot at home?” Hu Ying asked, changing the subject.

Zhai Xingchen said: “I’ll go shopping tomorrow. I’ll basically be on vacation from tomorrow. I have a lot of free time.”

“Are you going to the supermarket? Let’s go together.” Duan Yihua said.

Hu Ying immediately looked at Duan Yihua.

Duan Yihua looked at Zhai Xingchen and said, “I happen to be going to the supermarket to buy something too.”

Hu Ying looked at Zhai Xingchen with a mysterious smile on his lips.

It seemed that his assist last night was very effective.

Duan Yihua had started to act!!

His heart beat faster, but he seemed to be happy for Zhai Xingchen, but also a little disappointed.

When a good friend fell in love, they spent less time with you, and it was natural to be disappointed.

Hu Ying thought.

The mood of Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng was even more complicated.

Yan Zhi thought, as expected, they were about to start to act one by one!

Among the eight of them, Duan Yihua’s status was about the same as that of Lin Qingning’s. He belonged to the kind who didn’t have a strong sense of presence, and his personality was relatively moderate, but he was the one who had received Zhai Xingchen’s heart-warming text messages, so he was actually very dangerous.

For him and Huo Cheng, there were now three rivals in love!

At this moment, Pei Xu came over after taking a shower and sat down at the dining table.

Everyone had their own thoughts and went out one after another.

Whether it was for the program group or for netizens, this would be a very long day.

Huo Cheng was not discouraged, he continued to learn how to cook in his spare time today.

He was born with a drive, not afraid of hardships, difficulties, or failure.

Yan Zhi went to the flower shop and ordered a bunch of pink baby’s breath.

He felt that Zhai Xingchen seemed to like pink better.

The auditorium stage of China Dance had performances almost every week, and it was open to the outside world, but the most grand ones every year were the two end-of-term performances in July and January.

It was not yet six o’clock, and the auditorium, which was usually not full, was already full.

In the middle of the first row of the auditorium, eight seats were left vacant.

Xiao Zhou opened a milk tea shop next to Zhongwu. At seven o’clock, when there were many people, there was a long queue outside the milk tea shop. There was a sudden exclamation from the crowd, Xiao Zhou turned his head and saw a row of luxury cars parked outside the gate of Zhongwu.

“Wow, Rolls-Royce Phantom, it’s nearly a million dollars. This car, fuck it.”

“Maybach, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari! One, two, three, four, five, six… Is our school going to hold a luxury car exhibition?”

“They are all the latest models in the past two years.”

The staff of the program group asked Guo Bing nervously: “Are we being too high-profile?”

Guo Bing said: “Isn’t the main focus of the first season the rich family romance drama, with so many top rich second generations, isn’t it worthy of the audience?”

The boys were all tempted when they saw a luxury car, so many people picked up their mobile phones to take pictures, and after the cars all stopped, people got out of the luxury cars one after another.

Under the golden street lights, in the hazy night, when those people got out of the car, the girls next to the boys also exclaimed.

Because all the people who got out of the luxury cars were long-legged, fair-skinned and beautiful, and they were handsome guys who were particularly rich at first glance!

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