TBVSR Ch. 94.2

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The short half-month trip finally came to an end. After returning to China, the public opinion turmoil was finally annihilated, and Cheng Ye’s rational fans gained the upper hand.

Cheng Ye unabashedly showed his love for his daughter and lover in interviews and variety shows, which made fans gradually accept them as Cheng Ye’s family.

There were even CP fans who had started to urge marriage.

In the last semester of Jiang Yu’s junior year, she participated in Esmera’s world tour and became famous.

She and Bu Xi had become the most eye-catching twin sisters on the ballet stage. They would not give in to each other and had equal strengths.

Esmera’s performance of the century was about to kick off, and the repertoire of the performance was still the enduring “Swan Lake”.

After winning this battle, the position of Ballet Queen was within reach.

Esmera relied on voting by judges and teachers, and Bu Xi was appointed as the Swan Queen, and Jiang Yu was her substitute.

Jiang Yu readily agreed and was sincerely happy for her.

Although she had always regarded Bu Xi as her opponent, she was both an opponent and a sympathetic partner.

They grew stronger because of each other’s existence.

Jiang Yu thanked her for the improvement she had brought her, and when it came to stage experience, Bu Xi was indeed much more experienced than herself, so it was reasonable for her to be the Swan Queen.

Anyway, she was still young and had a bright future. She didn’t need to compete with Bu Xi for the queen’s trophy this year.

Even Jiang Manyi felt that Jiang Yu’s mentality in the past two years was much more mature than in high school.

When she was young, this girl was so competitive.

Non-protagonists didn’t dance, and it was a shame not to get the first place. She thought that she was a talented and born queen…

However, Jiang Yu now no longer needed to rely on such a heavy trophy and use the halo of the Swan Queen to prove that she was not an ugly duckling with no sense of existence.

She had an unforgettable love, and a family who loved her…

What was the glory that she thought was extremely important compared to these.

She would never become the kind of person Jiang Manyi worried about in the past… who gave up her sincerity for glory.

This was her biggest gain and growth along the way.

Not long after, Jiang Yu received an invitation from the Bu family.

Mrs. Bu’s 70th birthday dinner, she hoped Jiang Yu would be honoured to participate.

Bu Xi handed the invitation letter to Jiang Yu in person, and told her: “Don’t be too nervous, this is just a family banquet, only family members will participate, and there will be no outsiders.”

“Then… what kind of specifications do I need to prepare? Congratulations?”

Jiang Yu had never attended such a banquet before, but she knew that the Bu family was a very well-behaved family, so she asked, “What kind of congratulatory gift will not look rude?”

“Ouch.” Bu Xi quickly waved her hand: “There is no need for gifts, my grandmother said, as long as you arrive. You and I are of the same generation, just like the children in the family, and you don’t need to prepare expensive gifts like outsiders.”

“Okay.” But Jiang Yu was still very happy and curious: “Why did your grandma specially invite me? I don’t seem to know her very well.”

“Because we are good friends!” Bu Xi said naturally, “You know I don’t have many friends. Grandma heard that we have always wanted to invite you to my house to play, but there is no such opportunity. It just happens to be her birthday, so she invited you to come and meet you.”

Jiang Yu readily agreed to clean up for herself on Mrs. Bu’s birthday. She dressed up and went to the banquet on time.

The banquet was held in a Chinese-style box in Huanyu Century City. As Bu Xi said, it was just a family banquet, so not many people attended the banquet, and they were all members of the Bu family.

For example, Bu Xi’s grandfather, father and mother, etc., other than that, no other outsiders were present.

Jiang Yu didn’t know them either, so she simply followed Bu Xi the whole time and greeted the elders politely.

Mrs. Bu was wearing a plain cheongsam and an elegant pearl necklace around her neck. Although her temple was grey, she was energetic and dignified.

With her smiling eyes, she was always looking at Jiang Yu carefully, making Jiang Yu very embarrassed, so she asked Bu Xi in a low voice: “Why does your grandma always look at me like that?”

“Grandma likes young people, maybe it’s because she likes you.”

“That’s it…”

Jiang Yu picked up the wine glass and politely offered a toast to Mrs. Bu: “Mrs. Bu, I wish you good luck like the East China Sea and a long life like the South Mountain.”

Mrs. Bu said: “You are the same as Xiao Xi, you can just call me grandma.”

“Ah, this…”

Bu Xi said with a smile: “It’s okay, we all call her that way.”

Jiang Yu finally nodded, not being awkward, she whisperingly called out “grandmother”.

Mrs. Bu heard this address, her eyes showed a bit of unspeakable complexity, and she asked Jiang Yu, “I heard from Xiao Xi that you lived with your mother since you were a child. What does your mother do?”

“My mother is a physical therapist.”

Jiang Yu said without hesitation: “She works in a massage club.”

Mrs. Bu clenched her chopsticks tightly, but her expression was well controlled: “Where is your father, he doesn’t care about you?”

“My father does too. I only found him a few years ago, and he is very kind to me and my mother.”

“I heard, your father is a singer?”


“Have you done a paternity test?”

“Not yet, my father said not to do a paternity test.”

“Then what is the relationship between you and Xie Yuan? I heard that when you entered Esmera, he took special care of you.”

“He is also…he is also my father, but a godfather.”

“Damn.” A sneer appeared on the corner of Mrs. Bu’s mouth.

Jiang Yu approached Bu Xi inexplicably: “What does your grandma mean?”

Bu Xi also felt very strange: “My grandma doesn’t usually do this, she never loses manners. I don’t know why, but today she is a bit abnormal.”

At this time Bu Xi’s mother, Bu Tanxiang, said to Jiang Yu: “Where did you learn ballet before? Did you have a famous teacher to teach you?”

After finishing, she said: “It seems that you have not received orthodox training. I heard that you entered Esmera because of Xie Yuan’s relationship.”

“I relied on my own strength.” Jiang Yu was very dissatisfied with her impolite words: “Uncle Xie helped me a lot, but I didn’t rely on his relationship to get to where I am today.”

“I just said a few words casually, you don’t have to care about it like this.” Bu Tanxiang smiled: “Your temper reminds me of my sister.”

Bu Xi also felt very uncomfortable with the eccentric words of her grandma and mother today, forget about grandma, she didn’t dare to contradict, but her mother also said the same…

Bu Xi said dissatisfiedly: “Mom, Jiang Yu has no conditions to receive more professional basic training since she was a child, but she is very strong and works hard, which is even recognized by Esmera.”

Bu Tanxiang gave Bu Xi a cold look, as if she was being sold and still counting the money.

But today, the whole family was here, so she won’t say anything more.

Mrs. Bu continued: “Student Xiao Yu, do you know about the relationship between Xie Yuan and my youngest daughter?”

“Ah, this…”

Of course Jiang Yu knew, but because it was a secret, she couldn’t say much about it: “I don’t know very well.”

“Then you certainly don’t know. They had a child. The child must be as old as you, and the child is also a little girl.”

“Madam, this is a matter of your family.”

“I’m afraid, it’s not just about my family.”

As soon as the words finished, two bodyguards knocked on the door and entered, and whispered something in the old lady’s ear, the corner of the old lady’s mouth curled up coldly: “It’s really lively.”

Bu Tanxiang asked: “Mom, what’s the matter?”

Mrs. Bu stood up and said calmly: “There is an uninvited guest who came uninvited and barged in even if he is not allowed in. This time, I will see what he wants to do. Let him in.”

Jiang Yu turned her head curiously, and saw Xie Yuan striding into the box, with a tense face, a cold expression, and a very imposing manner.

Xie Yuan scanned around, saw Jiang Yu, immediately walked over and took her hand, “Come with me.”


Jiang Yu didn’t know why, but she was dragged away from the seat by Xie Yuan.

At this time, Mrs. Bu asked the bodyguards to close the door of the box, and said coldly: “Xie Yuan, Xiao Yu is my guest, you can’t just barge in and take her away like this, it’s too rude, or do you think, after my daughter died, you can trample on my old face at will?”

Jiang Yu could feel the strength of Xie Yuan’s grip on her wrist, it was very tight: “Do you have anything to do with her?”

“Student Jiang Yu and our Xiao Xi are friends, so I invited her to my banquet, is that strange?” Mrs. Bu’s hawk-like eyes stared at Xie Yuan: “Why is Mr. Xie so excited?”

Jiang Yu also couldn’t figure it out, why Xie Yuan would rather forcefully break into the Mrs. Bu’s banquet and take her away today.

This was so abnormal.

Even if there was a grudge between him and Mrs. Bu because of Bu Tanyan, it wouldn’t be the case.

Mrs. Bu smiled: “Mr. Xie still doesn’t want me to know about…Jiang Yu’s existence.”

Xie Yuan said coldly: “I am her guardian, and her mother entrusted me to take her away.”

“You are her Guardian.” Mrs. Bu walked in front of him with a cane and looked at the father and daughter who looked almost identical in front of her: “I think you are her biological father.”

Jiang Yu’s eyes widened when Mrs. Bu said this and she said in disbelief: “You…what are you talking about!”

“Let me explain more clearly, Jiang Yu, your mother Jiang Manyi and my daughter were very good friends. And Jiang Manyi is unmarried and childless, you and her have only an adopted relationship. I have reason to think that you are my granddaughter.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yu was stunned: “You said… adopted…”

Seeing that something was wrong with this situation, Bu Xi also stepped forward to speak for Jiang Yu, but Bu Tanxiang immediately grabbed her and shook her head at her.

“Grandma, Jiang Yu is my friend!” Bu Xi broke free from Bu Tanxiang’s grip, and defended: “Since Uncle Xie doesn’t want her to come to our family’s banquet, let him take her away!”

Mrs. Bu turned a deaf ear to Bu Xi’s words, and only stared at Xie Yuan, trying to get confirmation from his eyes: “Mr. Xie has always been indifferent to external affairs, how could he be so nice to a little girl suddenly, and even recognize her as his child? It is really suspicious.”

“I have never cared about your family affairs, and I hope that you will not stretch your hand too far and interfere with my family affairs. Since A Tan’s death, you and I… have no relationship.”

“You still have the face to mention Xiao Yan.” Mrs. Bu became emotional suddenly: “If you hadn’t seduced her, she would have the brightest future, and she would become the best ballet dancer ever! But for you…”

“Is it for me, or for the vanity of your Bu family?”

Mrs. Bu shook her head: “It is the mission of every Bu family girl to fight for the glory of the family. Otherwise, why do we exist? The superior life, the enviable eyes of others, all the glory and aura… are earned by every generation of ballet dancers in the family, and she should be proud of her surname.”

Xie Yuan gritted his teeth: “But she is not a dancing machine, she was a person.”

“I don’t want to tell you these old things now, and it doesn’t make any sense.” Mrs. Bu looked at Jiang Yu: “My granddaughter has great potential, and may even surpass Xiao Yan.”

After the Midsummer Night Dance, Jiang Yu’s image was engraved in Mrs. Bu’s mind.

Almost every night, she dreamt of her.

Since Bu Tanyan passed away, there had been no dancer who could stand up to the situation in the Bu family. Even if there was a Bu Xi, Mrs. Bu knew very well that compared with Bu Tanyan, Bu Xi could only say that she was qualified, but definitely not the best.

And Jiang Yu could afford the word “best”.

What Xie Yuan was most worried about was finally about to happen. He took Jiang Yu to his side in a protective gesture, and said in a deep voice, “Let’s go.”

Jiang Yu was carried away by Xie Yuan, when Mrs. Bu said in a deep voice: “I will train Xiao Yu well, she will be more promising than Xiao Yan.”

Xie Yuan turned his head coldly, and said four words: “No, unless I die.”

“Xiao Yu, didn’t you always want to win the queen’s trophy?”

Mrs. Bu said to Jiang Yu loudly: “I can let you be the heroine of “Swan Lake” this time, and you will play the Swan Queen.”

Jiang Yu turned her head and looked at Mrs. Bu in disbelief: “What did you say ?”

Not only Jiang Yu, Bu Tanxiang was also shocked by her this sudden decision: “Mom, how could you do this, Xiao Xi has been training for so long for the role of the Swan Queen! How can you…she is also your granddaughter!”

Bu Xi felt even more stupid.

Mrs. Bu said coldly: “She may not be able to win the queen, but Jiang Yu will definitely be able to.”

This short sentence completely defeated all of Bu Xi’s confidence.

She sat on the chair in a daze, her eyes turning red.

The fact that she had been unwilling to admit for a long time was ruthlessly exposed by her grandmother.

She couldn’t compare to Jiang Yu, just like her own mother could never compare to Bu Tanyan…

In fact, from their conversation just now, Jiang Yu had already guessed a lot.

Why Xie Yuan was so nice to her, why others always said that she looked like Bu Tanyan, why her mother was always evasive, why [Knowledge] app had never sent Cheng Ye’s entrusted remuneration… There was only one reason for all these.

She was not the child of Jiang Manyi and Cheng Ye, her biological father was…

Jiang Yu clenched Xie Yuan’s sleeves very hard.

He was her dad!

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