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Mrs. Bu looked at Jiang Yu expectantly: “Didn’t you always want to get the queen? Go home with grandma. The Bu family will provide you with all the resources. You will become a dancer that surpasses your mother, and your name will go down in history.”

Jiang Yu calmed down, looked at Bu Xi who was already weeping on the opposite chair, and said coldly, “I refuse.”


Mrs. Bu did not expect Jiang Yu to say these two words.

Among ballet girls, who didn’t want to be queen, who didn’t want to win the glory that no one could match except Bu Tanyan, but not everyone had this ability.

Jiang Yu could, and had a chance, as long as she went home, all of this was within her reach.

But she refused?

Mrs. Bu, who had always been calm, was a little at a loss as to what to do: “You… think clearly, I’ve only given you one chance.”

Bu Xi also raised her head, looking at Jiang Yu with tears in her eyes.

“Actually, I have been asking myself this question for a long time, between my heart and my dream, how should I choose.”

“The last time I made a choice was in the training report performance. I chose the boy I like.”

Jiang Yu firmly looked at Bu Xi calmly, as she said, “This time, I will still make the same choice, I will choose the girl I like.”

On the deserted street, there were sometimes roaring cars passing by.

The cool wind blew on the face, like being lightly brushed by feathers.

Xie Yuan took Jiang Yu’s hand and walked slowly under the moonlight, like a pair of ordinary father and daughter.



“Dad, Dad.”

“Yeah, yes.”

“Dad, Dad, Dad.”

The corners of Xie Yuan’s mouth could not be restrained, as he felt unprecedented satisfaction.

A few times of being called “Dad” made the distance between the two of them a little shy, and suddenly shortened a lot.

Xie Yuan stopped and pampered her by straightening her collar.

The movements of his fingertips were delicate and his eyes were gentle, as if such a movement had been practiced thousands of times in his heart.

Jiang Yu also stood on tiptoe, reached out and touched his slightly stubbled chin, and used her fingertips to trace the contours of his face, from eyes to nose to lips—, “My father is so handsome, he is so handsome, he is much handsomer than that stupid big guy, I really have my dad’s genes.”

“You didn’t say that before.” Xie Yuan enjoyed his daughter’s touch very much, and closed his eyes: “Didn’t you say that you are exactly the same as Cheng Ye?”

“I am exactly the same as my dad, he used to be my dad, now you are!”

Xie Yuan smiled: “So the objective facts don’t matter at all, does our family Xiao Yu think who is the dad?”

“It can also be said like that…”

The father and daughter, who had just met, didn’t want to go home, so they walked on the bustling commercial pedestrian street.

Jiang Yu listened to the stories that Xie Yuan told her about falling in love with Bu Tanyan in the past, and these stories, Jiang Yu had already heard a lot from Teacher Ling Xuan, but listening these stories from Xie Yuan, it was another scene.

She began to outline her mother’s appearance stroke by stroke in her mind.

Passing by a jewellery store, Xie Yuan led Jiang Yu in without hesitation, and came to the hair accessories counter.

Xie Yuan chose for a while from the assortment of cabinets, then he chose a hairpin with a big red bow, and pinned it above Jiang Yu’s ponytail.

Jiang Yu smiled sweetly at him: “Dad, is it good-looking?”

Xie Yuan looked at it for a while, and then took off a cute plush hairpin and pinned it to her bangs… After selecting for a while, he finally chose that one bow, and went to checkout.

The first gift that a man with tens of billions of assets chose for his daughter was a bow-tie clip worth 9.9 yuan.

But Jiang Yu loved this clip more than all other exquisite and expensive gifts.

The hairpin with the bow tie was a bit naive, but Xie Yuan just wanted to be like all ordinary fathers, accompanying his daughter to go shopping, accompanying his daughter to choose hair accessories, and give his daughter dresses as a reference… This was just the beginning. From now on, he would never miss any important moment in her life.

Passing by a dessert shop, Xie Yuan went to buy two more ice cream cones. He and Jiang Yu each licked the cones and walked on the bustling street.

The corner of Jiang Yu’s mouth was covered with ice cream foam, and Xie Yuan took out a tissue and wiped it off for her—

“It’s time to go home.”


Jiang Yu actually rehearsed the scene of meeting her father countless times in her mind.

When she met Cheng Ye, the two of them hugged each other and wept there, deeply moved.

However, when she recognized her real father, there was no exaggerated recognition scene.

The two just held hands tightly, walking on the street in the bleak autumn wind, her father’s hand was very warm, warming her heart.

In the palm of her father, she seemed to have returned to the appearance of a child.

In fact, her father-daughter love for Xie Yuan had slowly developed from him rescuing her from danger time and time again and accompanying her when she was most desperate.

So today’s acquaintance was just a matter of course.

In her heart, Xie Yuan had long been regarded as a father, a father who could be a backer and a harbour.

Xie Yuan sent Jiang Yu downstairs of her home, and after a long silence, he said to her: “Xiao Yu, Dad didn’t protect Mom well, so he couldn’t bring Mom to you. Mother Jiang has always regarded you as her own daughter, and I promised her a long time ago that you will not be taken away forcibly from her. So, you can continue to live with them.”

After all, a complete family was only when there was a father and a mother. Jiang Yu lowered her head and looked at her own shadow. After a long time, she said, “Dad lives alone.”

His eyes suddenly turned red. Since A Tan left, his eyes had never been red, but at this moment, he couldn’t restrain his emotion, and his throat came up: “Do you really… want to live with me?”

“Well, Mother Jiang has father Cheng Ye. But, I just want to be with my own father.”

After she finished speaking, Xie Yuan nodded, turned around and left, with the corners of his mouth still raised, so happy that he wanted to burst into tears. It turned out that his worries all along were just wishful thinking. He wanted her to live in a happy and complete family, and wanted her to get more love. But he never considered that the reason why his daughter travelled thousands of miles to find her father was not to get more and better love, she just wanted to love him.

At the Esmera Art Center, the cygnets were in full swing, doing intense training for the century performance of “Swan Lake”. As the substitute of the Swan Queen, Jiang Yu came to the classroom to rehearse early every day. That morning, when she came to the classroom, she found that Bu Xi had been waiting for a long time.

After what happened that night, Bu Xi didn’t come to Esmera for many days, and Jiang Yu sent her a text message, but she didn’t reply.

Mrs. Bu said that night that she could give Jiang Yu the role of the Swan Queen. This sentence deeply hurt Bu Xi’s heart, and even trampled on her self-esteem.

Jiang Yu knew what a proud girl Bu Xi was. In the contest with Jiang Yu in the past few years, even though the trend of losing the wind had become obvious, she had never given up once, and she was still working hard and challenging… The relationship that had finally thawed, could it be because of Mrs. Bu’s few short sentences, it was about to break again?

Jiang Yu was very disturbed, as she walked into the classroom, and wanted to say something.

But no matter what she said, she was afraid it couldn’t make up for the scars in Bu Xi’s heart.

However, just as Jiang Yu organized his words several times, Bu Xi turned around and saw her, walked towards her aggressively, and stretched out her hand.

Jiang Yu saw that she was coming in a bad way, so she subconsciously reached out to block her, but unexpectedly, Bu Xi stretched out her hand to hug her, by taking her in her arms.

Jiang Yu’s blocking hand was still on her chest, and she wrapped her whole body into her arms at a loss.


“Thank you, I love you!”

Facing Bu Xi’s sudden confession, Jiang Yu didn’t know how to respond: “Ah.”

“I love you, I love you, I love you!”

“Sorry, I have someone I like… a man.” She emphasized: “man.”

Bu Xi hugged her and wanted to cry, but when she heard her words, she laughed angrily again, and pushed her away: “Who told you to be that kind of happy.”


“Thank you for giving me the Swan Queen.”

“Oh, that one.”

Seeing that Bu Xi didn’t seem to mind Mrs. Bu’s words, Jiang Yu breathed a sigh of relief: “What do you mean I will give it up to you? It was because I didn’t have enough stage experience that the teachers chose you. If you really asked me to let it go. I can’t bear it!

“But you rejected my grandma. If you didn’t refuse, I would definitely be out of the Swan Queen.”

“You deserve it. It has nothing to do with me. It’s your grandmother who did something wrong.”

Bu Xi laughed and said sincerely: “Actually, I have been feeling very uncomfortable these two days, so I didn’t come to school, and I don’t know how to face you. But then I figured it out, and admitting that other people are better than me doesn’t seem to be a big deal.”

Jiang Yu patted her on the shoulder: “You have to play well, because if anything goes wrong with you, the Swan Queen is still mine. Don’t forget, I’m your substitute.”

“I will not give you a chance!” Bu Xi smiled and said, “We’ll see.”

Jiang Yu smiled and took the initiative to hug her again.

“I thought you had put it down a long time ago.”


“Just now… without thinking, you said that I have someone I like. ” Bu Xi whispered in her ear, “Do you really still like him?”

“Do I really, still like him?

Jiang Yu asked herself this sentence all night, and also suffered from insomnia all night.

In the past two years, she really thought that she had let go, and would no longer not sleep all night, tossing and turning. No, when she thought of him again, her heart hurt so much that she felt that she was about to die.

There was always a voice in her heart telling her: Qiu Li doesn’t love you anymore, he has someone he likes, and the poor thing is just you. But was this voice really her voice?

Jiang Yu was not so sure.

She took out her phone, opened the [Knowledge] app, found Qiu Li who hadn’t been in contact with her for many years, and sent him another message: “A Li, are you still there?” However, as soon as this message was sent, it was bounced back by the system.

“Sorry, this user account has been cancelled.”


Jiang Yu jumped up from the bed, sat up in shock, and quickly sent a message to ask the [Knowledge] service account: “What does it mean that the user account has been cancelled?”

Service number: “If the entrusted customer dies, the account will be automatically cancelled.”

Jiang Yu’s brain “boomed”, and her whole body collapsed, and she asked the service account tremblingly: “How could…”

Service account: “The entrusted customer was blocked last week. Sentenced to death, the task of [Saving the Devil Boy] failed, but the client applied to [Knowledge] company to withdraw the task before the death penalty, so even if the task fails, the reborn person does not need to pay the same amount of remuneration.”

The wall collapsed in an instant.

Emotions poured out like a mountain torrent.

Jiang Yu didn’t notice that she was already in tears, until the tears fell on the screen of the phone- “Why is the death penalty, he was clearly indefinitely, even…even if the mission is blocked, he is still indefinitely…how come…”

Service No.: “The reborn person changed his past, but failed to change his future.”

“What do you mean?”

“The original charge was the crime of intentional injury, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment; but because of the changes in the past, the crime of intentional injury was no longer established. Now he was charged with endangering public safety- thus the death penalty.”


Service number: “Now the company officially announces that the task of [Saving the Devil Boy] has failed.”

Jiang Yu: “Wait… wait a minute!”

Service number: ?

Jiang Yu: “Is there still a chance now? I mean, the current Qiu Li…has not committed a crime yet? I can still save him, right!”

Service number: “Not yet, the reborn still has a chance to save the client, change the trajectory of the future.”

Jiang Yu quit the app, and booked a ticket to Haicheng with trembling hands.

This time, she no longer hesitated, no longer hesitated.

Facing death directly, any hypocritical reason became so pale.

This time, even if Jiang Yu had to kidnap him, she would take him back to her side, even if she had to hide him, or lock him up, or tie him up…

She would never let him leave her again.

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