SLDH Ch. 66.2: Sika Deer

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At 5:36 p.m., people all over Huaxia received a message on their mobile phones at the same time: An earthquake occurred in Qiyang County, with an intensity of 4.8, and there were no casualties.

At this time, the last class of S University had just ended, but the students were not in a hurry to leave, and they were discussing about the earthquake in the classroom.

“Why was there another earthquake? There have been many earthquakes recently.”

“Is there anyone from Qiyang County in the class? Hurry up and call back to ask.”

“There are no casualties, it’s a blessing among misfortune.”

“These are just preliminary statistics. Who knows what will happen in the future, I hope no one will be injured.”

“Didn’t the news say that? The earthquake center was in the mountains, and the area is not large, so Qiyang County was only affected a little, and there should be no major problems.”

“Hurry up look, someone posted a video on the Internet, saying that a few seconds before the earthquake, a large flock of birds flocked above the forest.”

“Where, where~~~”

Someone soon shared the video in the class group, and Mi Wan was about to point and open it to take a look, when a phone call came in suddenly. It was Xu Zhuang who called, and Mi Wan answered the phone quickly.

“Boss, I want to ask for a few days off.” As soon as the call was connected, Xu Zhuang’s voice came from the other end of the phone, his tone full of anxiety.

“What’s wrong?”

“There was an earthquake in my hometown, I want to go back and have a look.” Xu Zhuang said.

“Your home is in Qiyang County?” Mi Wan was taken aback, it couldn’t be such a coincidence.


“Then are you okay at home, have you called yet?” Mi Wan asked with concern.

“I’ve called and everything is fine at home, but I’m still worried and want to go back and have a look.” Xu Zhuang said.

“Then hurry up and pay attention to safety.” Mi Wan didn’t ask any more questions, and directly approved Xu Zhuang’s leave.

“Thank you.”

After hanging up the phone, Mi Wan clicked on the video that the students were discussing. The video was very short, only a dozen or so seconds before and after, but the scenes of birds fleeing in panic seemed to be the end of the world, making people feel uneasy.

Hope everything’s ok.

Mi Wan couldn’t help praying, and then she suddenly thought of Fan Chen: Fan Chen felt something when the landslide last time, and she didn’t know if he felt it this time?

Mi Wan wanted to send Fan Chen a message several times to ask, but in the end, she couldn’t send it. After thinking about it, she decided to wait and see tomorrow’s news. Anyway, the earthquake was over, and she was only asking Fan Chen to know about the situation after the earthquake in advance, and she would know this point by watching the news later. It was just… If Fan Chen really went there, then his wound should have widened again.

Otherwise, she would go back to refine medicine early today, and it just so happened that Ji Jingjing’s eggs were also delivered.

Thinking of this, Mi Wan had already organized her schoolbag spontaneously, planning to go to the pet store to make medicine for Fan Chen and bring it back.

When she was in the Wanwu Park last time, Mi Wan used her spiritual power to explore the movement of the wood-type essence, so this time when refining the medicine, Mi Wan deliberately adjusted the way the spiritual power moved in the potion, with the intention of nourishing Fan Chen’s wounds with the circulation path that was infinitely closer to the essence of wood. Therefore, this time the medicine refining time was longer than before. By the time she finished refining the medicine and packed it, it was already past nine o’clock in the evening.

Mi Wan stretched her waist and went home with the thermos bottle filled with medicine. On the way home, she kept thinking for a while how to give the medicine in her hand to Fan Chen so that it would look natural and not awkward, but when she got home, she realized that she should not have worried because the Lord Demon King was not at home at all.

It seems… he really went to Qiyang County~~

Qiyang County.

The scope of the earthquake was not large, and fortunately, the main earthquake area was in the nearby mountains. Although the surrounding counties and villages felt very strong tremors, except for some broken glass windows, there were no signs of it. And there was nothing like collapsed buildings. Without the collapse of buildings, the casualty situation would naturally be much more optimistic.

Despite this, the Qiyang County government still sent many rescuers to the villages near the mountains to see if there were any injured people who needed help. The rescue team was very conscientious. They checked village by village until the last village, but only found some ordinary people who were slightly injured. With that, it could be concluded that there were no major casualties in this earthquake.

“Captain, the investigation is over, and there are no major casualties.” The rescue team reported.

“Great, I’ll report it right away.” Despite an earthquake, there were no casualties, this was the best news.

“There is a situation, captain, there is a situation here.” Suddenly, an anxious voice came from the walkie-talkie in the rescue captain’s hand, “North side of the village, at the entrance of the mountain road.”

Hearing this, the captain ran in the direction of the entrance.

“What’s the matter, what’s the matter? Is someone injured?” It was already past nine o’clock in the evening. There were no street lights in the village, and the mountains were pitch-black. Before anyone could get close, the rescue captain shouted.

“Captain, you… you’d better see for yourself.” The team members standing on the periphery cautiously made room for the captain.

The rescue captain froze for a moment, then quickly squeezed in, and then took a step back in shock because of the shocking scene in front of him.

Wocao! What’s that? Is that a bear. A bear that was more than two meters tall and almost three meters tall?

The rescue captain’s legs turned a little weak, but fortunately he was still rational, so he didn’t cry out in panic. After taking a few breaths, the rescue captain was about to stand up straight and think about what to do when he suddenly discovered that there were a few pairs of golden eyes behind the huge black bear.

Aigoo, what is this? Wolf? Or a leopard?

The rescue captain’s legs that had just stood upright suddenly went limp again.

“What… what’s going on?” The rescue captain felt his voice tremble a little.

“Captain, you…look over there.”

Under the guidance of one of the team members, the rescue captain looked at the ground beside the giant bear. There seemed to be something lying there, but the light at night was too dark, and they dared not directly take out the flashlight to show some light, because they were afraid of irritating the big black bear, so they could only vaguely see the body of an animal. Moreover, around the animal’s body, there were countless small shadows swimming, and it seemed to be a mouse by its size.

The rescue team and the animals stood facing each other in this way, with a distance of about ten meters between them, and no one moved on either side. Perhaps it was because the animals did not attack in this weird confrontation. The rescue captain suddenly mustered up his courage and swept the lying animal body with the flashlight in his hand.

“That’s… a sika deer?” Everyone recognized it at a glance.

“Roar~~” the black bear suddenly yelled, the rescue captain shook his hand, and the flashlight fell to the ground with a snap.

However the black bear just roared but did not move. It stared at them with a pair of dark eyes, which seemed to be shining with…the light of expectation?

At this time, a villager who had been collecting herbs in the forest all year round guessed: “This black bear probably wants us to save that sika deer.”

Everyone turned thoughtful after he reminded him.

An earthquake just happened in the mountains, and then a bunch of animals ran out of the forest. There were bears, panthers, wolves, and countless mice. They surrounded a dying sika deer and looked at humans attentively. Was this scene really calling for help?

“I’ll try~” The rescue captain gritted his teeth and decided to go over to test it out. After all, he did see a look of expectation and pleading for help in the black bear’s eyes just now.

“Captain!” The other team members were worried.

“It’s okay, if they wanted to attack, they would have attacked earlier, you all stand back, I’ll go alone.” After the rescue captain finished speaking, he took a step forward carefully, looking at the black bear, trying to communicate, “I’ll… go over and have a look at that sika deer, don’t attack me.”

The rescue captain pointed at the sika deer, not knowing if the black bear understood, he took another tentative step forward. Immediately, the little mice that had surrounded the sika deer suddenly spread out from both sides, and quickly lined up in two rows. Between the sika deer and the rescue captain, they lined up in two straight lines, forming a mouse road. That posture was clearly lining up to greet the rescue captain.

The scene in front of them stunned everyone, and also confirmed the conjecture of the rescue captain. He quickly walked a few steps and began to check the sika deer’s injuries. With just one glance, the rescue captain gasped. The sika deer was seriously injured. Even if he was not a veterinarian, he could conclude that the sika deer might not be saved. The rescue team leader raised his head and looked at the surrounding animals looking attentively, he was speechless for a while.

At the same time, someone among the rescue team behind secretly recorded this scene with a mobile phone and posted it on the Internet.

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