SLDH Ch. 66.1: Sika Deer

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Qiyang County was a small and impoverished town. There was no convenient transportation or beautiful scenery here, but the folk customs were simple and the people lived and worked in peace and contentment.

There was an endless mountain range outside Qiyang County. Because Qiyang County was extremely poor, no developers were willing to come here to develop and build houses, so this mountain range was well preserved. Local villagers occasionally went up the mountain to collect herbs and firewood. It was said that if they were lucky, they could also see a sika deer.

It was said that the deer could only be seen in deep forests, which showed the tranquility and peace of this mountain range.

“Chirp chirp, chirp chirp~~” In the middle of the mountain, deep in the jungle, in front of a small lake, a little oriole flew from the sky, calling briskly. The paw of the little oriole was stepping on a tough and slender horn, and the owner of this horn was a beautiful sika deer. The sika deer was sleeping soundly by the lake, its long eyelashes trembling slightly because of the cry of the little oriole, like two round fans slowly fanning, and then lifted, revealing a pair of eyes full of spirituality.

“Little oriole?” The sika deer raised its head and let out a clear girlish voice.

“Chirp chirp, chirp chirp~~” Seeing that the sika deer woke up, the little oriole cried twice again happily.

“Mother Black Leopard is about to give birth?” The sika deer stood up happily, and then with a flash of light, it turned into a girl about fifteen or sixteen years old with long hair and two horns on her head.

“Chirp Chirp~~” The horns shrunk a lot because of her turning into human form, and the little oriole couldn’t stand on them anymore, so it had to flap its wings and fly. The girl giggled, stretched out her palm, and motioned for the little oriole to land on her palm.

“Come on, let’s go and have a look.” The girl said happily, then she put the little oriole on her shoulders, and led them to the black panther’s lair. This year’s spring was particularly warm. Many hibernating animals woke up early. The black leopard mother got pregnant in winter. She counted the time, and the black leopard baby should be born almost today.

It was the time for sunset at this time, and the sun’s light was not very strong, but there was still golden sunlight falling through the branches and leaves of the treetops in the jungle. The girl was barefoot and wearing animal skins as she ran quickly among the trees. That picture was very similar to the elves imagined by people in the fairy tale world. Of course, to a certain extent, this girl was indeed an elf. She was an elf of nature, a sika deer demon.

The girl was running fast, when suddenly, a slight sound came from the ground under her feet, the girl was stunned, she stopped in horror, at the same time, countless birds flew out from the jungle, and flew to the sky in a panic.

“Chirp Chirp~~” The little oriole on the girl’s shoulder also became restless, but it still controlled its instincts and did not leave the girl to fly away alone.

“No, there’s going to be an earthquake.” This was the instinct of animals. Animals always sensed earthquakes before humans did.

“Chirp Chirp~~~” The little oriole yelled twice more hastily, as if urging her.

“Little Oriole, you run away first, I’m going to see Mother Black Panther.” After speaking, the girl threw the little oriole on her shoulder into the air, and then transformed into her original shape, running quickly in the jungle. She ran very fast, against the animals who sensed the disaster and were fleeing desperately, the figure of the sika deer almost turned into an afterimage as she went upstream.

Hurry up, hurry up, the earthquake was coming soon.

The sika deer ran like the wind, and finally arrived at the black panther’s lair. The black panther father was anxiously touching his wife’s body with his head, but the black panther mother was obviously in labor and could not move at all.

“Hey~~” Seeing the sika deer, the black panther father cried out twice in a pleading tone.

“I’ll take the black panther mother out.” The situation was clear at a glance, the sika deer quickly transformed into a human form, and bent down to hug the black panther mother.

At this moment, the ground suddenly trembled violently, the mountain began to collapse, and huge rocks rolled down far away. The sika deer girl quickly dodged and hugged the black panther mother to escape the falling rocks, but she had just stood still when she immediately felt the mournful cry of the black panther mother in her arms.

The sika deer girl was startled, and looked down at the original den, only to find a newborn black panther cub trembling together. It turned out that at that moment just now, the baby inside the black panther mother was also born.

“I’m going to save it, you wait for me.” The sika deer girl let go of the black panther mother, and her figure flashed, avoiding the falling rocks and approaching the den, then she reached out to grab the panicked little black panther into her arms. After which she flashed back non-stop and put the little black panther in her arms in front of its parents.

“Get out of here quickly and run to the south. I’ll go inside to see if there are any other animals that haven’t come out.” After speaking, the sika deer girl turned and ran to the place where the earthquake felt the strongest. Behind her, the black panther father ran out desperately with his cub and his wife.

The earthquake came too fast, and the source of the earthquake seemed to be in this mountain range. When the ground began to tremble, a huge gap opened along the center of the mountain range, and countless falling rocks rolled down from the mountain, hitting many animals who had no time to escape.

The sika deer girl ran all the way, whenever she saw animals that could be saved, she would reach out to save them. She had been in this mountain range since she was born, and every animal here was her friend. When she was rescuing the animals, the animals were also reminding the sika deer girl to run quickly, saying that there was danger behind, but the girl kept rushing back regardless, because she heard the black bear’s cry.

That was Uncle Black Bear. When she was young, Uncle Black Bear went to the lake to catch fish for her to eat.

The sika deer girl couldn’t ignore Uncle Black Bear’s voice, she ran so desperately that her body almost turned into wind.

“Uncle Black Bear.” Finally, she saw the shouting black bear in front of the mountain wall. The black bear’s body was very tall, but at this moment its tall body was being pressed down by an even bigger stone. And under it was a shivering baby bear.

Uncle Black Bear had been telling the baby bear to run fast, but the baby bear was unwilling to leave his father. It had grabbed uncle Black Bear’s leg desperately without even raising its head. Uncle Black Bear was very anxious, his strength was about to run out, and he was about to be unable to support the stone.

“Uncle Black Bear, I’ll help you.” The sika deer girl snorted softly, using her demon power, she rushed over and smashed the stone that was pressing on Uncle Black Bear.

“Roar~~~” The big black bear didn’t care about thanking her, he just patted the little bear and continued to run for his life. The baby bear whimpered and turned to look behind him.

The sika deer girl understood, the sobbing of the baby bear was calling for its mother.

Aunt Black Bear? The sika deer girl looked towards Uncle Black Bear’s cave which was not far away, but had been completely blocked by falling rocks, however she could still feel the breath of life of Aunt Black Bear inside. Thinking about it, Aunt Black Bear must have been a step too late when she was running away and was blocked by rocks in the cave.

“I’m going to save my aunt.” The sika deer girl dodged among the falling rocks, avoided all the stones and ground cracks with incredible movements, and arrived in front of the cave in an instant. Then, with her demon power, she knocked away the stone pile blocking the cave with her horns.

“Roar~~” Aunt Black Bear, who had given up hope, raised her head suspiciously, but her instinct for survival made her wake up quickly, so she straightened up quickly, and her huge body squeezed out of the cave.

At the same time, the ground shook violently again, and the already precarious mountain body collapsed again. Countless rocks peeled off from the mountain wall, and densely fell like raindrops, making people have nowhere to hide.

The sika deer girl’s face was pale, but she gritted her teeth, covered her whole body with demonic power, and savagely knocked away every rock that hit the black bear’s family of three. But her demonic power was limited, not to mention that she had consumed a lot of demonic power on the way here, and after hitting an unknown number of boulders, the sika deer girl finally lost her strength. Her body was hit head-on by a rock, and she fell down the hillside with a bang.

“Roar~~” the black bear roared angrily, but more and more stones kept rolling down, and quickly buried the body of the sika deer girl. And no matter how hard the black bear tried, he still couldn’t get close to the sika deer girl.

The earthquake came and went quickly. In addition to the collapse of the mountain after the earthquake, it took only a few minutes in total. After that, the forest returned to silence again.

The black bear roared and rushed back, it tried to push away the high pile of stones and rescue the sika deer underneath, but those stones were too big and high, no matter how hard it hit, it was only able to shake just a few small stones.

Slowly, the escaped animals returned to the forest, birds fell from the sky, and wild beasts came running down the mountain. They smelled the scent of the sika deer girl under the rock, and all of them surrounded the rocks.


There were constant roars from the herd of beasts. Many of them had been helped by the sika deer girl during their escape, but at this moment, they could only surround the stones, roaring helplessly. A stone that even a black bear could not lift, they were even more powerless.

“Chirp Chirp~~” The little oriole fell from the sky. It stood on the stone, flapping its wings anxiously, and then countless birds flew to the sky above the stone, circling and chirping in unison.

All of a sudden, the howling of wild beasts and the singing of birds continuously resounded over the forest, transforming into an indescribable force, spreading far away from the mountain range that had just experienced a disaster.

Who will help us?

Who will save the mountain god?

Yes, the sika deer girl, this sika deer with demonic power, who could understand their speech and could transform into a human form, was the mountain god in their hearts.

Suddenly, a soft and powerful force condensed above the group of beasts, appearing suddenly as if responding to their shouts. This power was the same as their mountain god’s, but stronger.

Did God hear their cries and send someone to help them?

Fan Chen’s figure, just like that, landed from the sky under the expectation of the beasts.

Before falling to the ground, Fan Chen had already noticed the situation in the forest. He was a little surprised, because it was not a demon or a spirit that called him this time, but thousands of ordinary animals. They seemed to have an extremely strong desire, and this desire condensed a special power, which was conveyed to his ears.

“Save the mountain god?” Fan Chen lowered his eyes, looking at the place that was piled up with rocks like a small mountain.

After thinking for a moment, he slowly raised his right hand, a huge demon power was released from his palm, and then a huge vine emerged from the cracks in the stone, and the vine stretched continuously, like the tentacles of a giant octopus, wrapping around all the stones until they were thrown into the distance and a dilapidated figure was revealed underneath.

It was a sika deer, covered in blood, with bent limbs, and whose bones could be seen faintly from her abdomen.

“Chirp Chirp~~” The little oriole flew over in a hurry, it seemed that it still wanted to land on the familiar horns, but at this time the horns were so mutilated that only a little root could be vaguely seen, the pair of tough and powerful horns were all broken.

“Chirp Chirp~~” The little oriole flapped its wings and flew back, and stopped in front of Fan Chen, singing non-stop.

“I can’t save her, and I can’t help her.” Fan Chen couldn’t bear it, but he really couldn’t help it. This was a sika deer demon at the peak of the third rank. Originally, as long as she still had a breath, he could help her recover some demon power, and if she took a good rest, the sika deer could heal on its own in at most half a year. But this sika deer seemed to have exhausted the demon power in its body before it was hit by a boulder, so that it had no demon power to protect the demon core under the serious injury.

Her demon core had been completely shattered.

The demon core was shattered, the demon power could not be condensed, and the sika deer demon was hopeless. Even if he took her back now, found Mi Wan, and used the best Bingya grass, it won’t help.




Countless animals began to scream and scream, they kept pleading for the demon king who suddenly appear, only thinking that this extremely powerful existence in front of them must have a way to save their mountain god.

Fan Chen didn’t know what this sika deer demon did in the woods to make so many animals love her so much, but if he had to save her, he would have to be a dead horse as a living horse doctor.

“You really want to save her?” Fan Chen lowered his head and glanced at the surrounding animals.

All the animals responded in unison. Although the sounds they made were different, they had only one meaning: they wanted to save the mountain god.

“Then… get out of this forest, maybe there is a possibility to cure her.” After finishing speaking, Fan Chen didn’t mention anything, and disappeared into the forest in a gust of wind.

After the animals understood Fan Chen’s meaning, they moved quickly. Uncle Black Bear leaned down and motioned for other animals to lift the sika deer onto his back. He wanted to take the girl out of the forest and find a way to cure her.

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