IHSB Ch. 91

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Besieged at the airport for a long time, Gu Mingyu managed to appease the excited and crazy fans, and when he got in the car, he looked tired.

The assistant poured him a cup of hot water distressedly.

“Brother Yu, don’t get out of the car next time, don’t you still have bodyguards?”

“It’s okay.” A magnetic and lazy voice sounded.

Some people had said that Gu Mingyu’s voice was like the voice of the legendary sea monster, and just a word could make people’s hearts flutter.

This was indeed the case, even though he had been with him for a long time, the assistant could feel his heart beating faster when he heard him talking.

It’s too foul, too foul, how can there be such a perfect person in the world, even the hair is perfect.

But now Gu Mingyu, who looked tired, had a fragile feeling, which made people feel so distressed.

Gu Mingyu leaned back and took off his sunglasses, revealing an impeccable face, beautiful and affectionate peach blossom eyes, and a red tear mole just right at the corner of the eye, which added a bit of charm to the snow-white skin.

The conspicuous red gemstone earring on the left earlobe was very conspicuous. If it was worn by other people, it was not easy to control the dazzling red color, but on him, it seemed to add a proud snow plum-look to the whiteness, which was very beautiful.

Gu Mingyu had a beautiful face that transcended gender boundaries, and waist-length black hair, but as long as he looked at others, no one would ever mistake him for a woman, because his noble and elegant temperament was more like a noble son of an ancient royal family.

After closing his eyes and sleeping lightly in the nanny car for a while, he arrived at the company. Gu Mingyu put on his sunglasses and walked down. His manager greeted him.

“Are you back? Did everything go well?”

Gu Mingyu hummed in a lazy and affectionate voice.

In the elevator, his hands were naturally pushed in the pockets of his trousers, and even at any stop, he was impeccably beautiful.

Sure enough, good-looking people were so perfect no matter what they did.

“During the time I was filming, no one scolded me on the Internet, right?”

Gu Mingyu turned his head slightly to look at his agent.

The agent: “…”

He knew it!

This guy looked perfect, but in fact… he was very narcissistic. Not only did he use a trumpet to sneak into his fan base to watch fans blow his rainbow fart, he even took the lead in doing it! Shameless to the extent of breath-taking.

He couldn’t see someone scolding himself, especially the attack on his face. It could be said that he had no talent or even that he was playing big names or other black materials, but people were not allowed to say that he was not good-looking and had had a plastic surgery. The guy rolled up his sleeves and went into battle by himself, making sure not to spray that person with any dirty words.

Forget about it, he still felt that spraying with a small account was not enough, if he hadn’t tightly controlled his star account, he would really be able to do the thing of spraying black powder with his star account.

“Don’t worry, they were quiet after you left, no one said you were ugly.”

Very well, Gu Mingyu was satisfied.

“Oh, by the way, your brother is here.”

Gu Mingyu paused, took off his sunglasses, narrowed his beautiful and affectionate peach blossom eyes, like a noble and lazy big cat.

“What is this brat doing here?”

When the elevator arrived, Gu Mingyu stepped out with his long, straight legs.

“Should have come to see you.”

“Hey… that little bastard would come to see me so kindly? He must have done something to take refuge here.”

Manager: “…”

“By the way, he even brought…”

Before the manager could finish speaking, Gu Mingyu had already pushed open the door of his lounge, and then he saw his own brother who was sitting on the sofa like a bandit leader with one leg crossed and his arms spread across the back of the sofa, and he also had a soft little girl on his lap.

Sitting next to him was a handsome and clean boy who was seriously drawing something with a pen and a notebook.

This weird trio made him hesitate, wondering if there was something wrong with the way he opened the door, his arrogant brother who had neither father or mother in his eyes let a little girl sit on his lap?

It was at this moment that his cell phone rang, and it was his mother who called.

The three people in the lounge looked over at the same time when his cell phone rang. Two pairs of clean and bright eyes fell on him shining brightly.

“Hey, what’s the matter, mom.”

Normally, he might still be glib, but now that he was being watched by several pairs of eyes, with a thick skin like his, he opened his mouth and spoke in a serious manner.

“Mingyu, you were in closed filming before and we couldn’t contact you. Your sister was found back. She is the little sister of your uncle’s family. You liked to hug her when you were young. Let me tell you that she is very warm and soft. Also, she is very beautiful, you hurry back, Nuan Nuan and your uncle and the others should be able to come home today…”

Gu Mingyu held the mobile phone and listened to his mother talking about the younger sister of his uncle’s family, his beautiful eyes fell on the body of the white dumpling carved with jade sitting on his younger brother’s lap.


His magnetic voice was slightly picky. Maybe he didn’t need to go back, and he could see the good-looking, obedient and soft sister his mother was talking about right in front of his eyes.

The warm, moist and clear eyes looked nervously at the beautiful elder brother at the door, her thin white fingers nervously grasped the hem of the fourth elder brother’s clothes, and when she heard her third brother softly calling out to her, the little girl’s eyes bent into clean and bright little crescents.

The light pink petal-like fleshy lips slowly rose, revealing a soft and sweet smile, the delicate smile was very beautiful.

And Gu Mingyu was not only narcissistic, but also a super face con, since he was a child, and because of this reason, he had been fighting with wits and courage against his uncle’s family since he was a child, vying to hug his sweet sister.

Now he also really wanted to hold that delicate and soft little girl in his arms and pinch her.

Nuan Nuan jumped off her fourth brother’s lap, looked anxiously and nervously at the third brother at the door, while in Gu Mingyu’s eyes, she looked like a pitiful little milk dog waiting for its master to call.

“Okay, I see.”

After hanging up the phone, Gu Mingyu walked in slowly.

“Come here.”

He raised his hand and beckoned in Nuan Nuan’s direction.

The little girl’s eyes lit up instantly, and she ran to his side with small steps.

Gu Mingyu smiled, really like a poor puppy, very obedient.

Nuan Nuan raised her exquisite and beautiful smiling face, stared at him with clear and clean eyes, her curly eyelashes trembling slightly, and her two thin white fingers were twitching nervously.

“Third…Third brother.”

The thin and soft voice was as soft as a milk cat. This timid and obedient appearance was really pitiful. The manager and assistant next to him were envious on seeing it, and they couldn’t wait to hold out all the good things in the world in front of her.

Looking at the delicate and beautiful little girl who looked like a porcelain doll, Gu Mingyu only felt that the tiredness in his body was swept away, and his slender fingers with well-articulated joints were slowly pressing on the little girl’s fluffy and soft hair.

Nuan Nuan blinked her beautiful big eyes, her eyebrows were crooked and her head was arched into the third elder brother’s palm, then the corners of her mouth were raised and she smiled obediently and shyly, she was very happy.

The third brother touched her head.

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