IHSB Ch. 90: Third Brother Gu Mingyu

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“I’m his brother!”

Bai Mohua’s voice was super loud, obviously he was older, okay? What’s going on with all those eyes, Bai Mohua had a pair of tricks!

“What! You are so young!”

Several people showed expressions of shock and disbelief.

Bai Mohua: “…”

He choked!

He was angry again, and perfectly channelled his anger towards Gu Mingli.

When he went back, he was stunned along the way and didn’t give him a good face.

Gu Mingli hugged his soft and fragrant younger sister and followed him slowly, with a careless smile on his lips.

“Hey… you’re so stingy, it’s not what I said, why did you vent your anger on me.”

He walked ahead with a depressed face and ignored him.

Gu Mingli shrugged his shoulders, “You’re being unreasonable, how can you vent your anger at me, such an adult.”

Bai Mohua turned his head and gave him a fierce look, “Then why didn’t you explain? Also, you almost hit me yesterday, I remember.”

Gu Mingli raised his eyebrows and smiled flamboyantly, “Are you so stingy? That’s just to scare you.”

Bai Mohua was very serious, “It’s not a matter of stinginess. Look at my hand, it’s not healed yet!”

He said angrily, raised his hands and rolled up his sleeves. On his slender wrist, the circle of red fingerprints was very conspicuous. Not only did it not disappear after a night, but it became even darker.

Gu Mingli’s eyelids twitched, “Why is your skin like Nuan Nuan? It’s still so tender even at the age of twenty.”

He muttered, but he also knew it was his fault.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen. Does it hurt? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Hearing his apology, Bai Mohua felt a little embarrassed, and he pulled down his sleeves to cover it up.

“It…it doesn’t hurt. Forget it, it just looks scary.”

Gu Mingli: “…”

His temper was a bit like Nuan Nuan’s, so soft that it made people feel easy to bully, and once his attitude softened, this person would turn into another person and put away the thorns all over his body.

“But you were really handsome during the competition. Gu Mingli, can I draw some pictures of you?”

Bai Mohua began to feel familiar as soon as he let go of the anger in his heart, his delicate and fair face was full of sunshine. A clean smile followed him, his cat’s eyes were slightly curved, and when talking about painting, the smile on his mouth was endless.

Nuan Nuan had seen the paintings drawn by her cousin, and she followed along and nodded her head very hard.

“Yeah, my cousin’s painting is so beautiful, and he even drew one for me, which is very beautiful.”

Gu Mingli looked at Nuan Nuan, “You always say ‘awesome’ to everyone when it comes to feelings?”

That’s annoying. The two words were specially emphasized by him.

The little girl’s white and tender face turned red, “Nuan Nuan… Nuan Nuan is just telling the truth.”

The boy pinched her little face and refused to comment, but turned to ask Bai Mohua.

“I remember my aunt said that you don’t draw portraits easily.”

Bai Mohua scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly, “That’s because I didn’t find any good-looking ones to draw.”

“Oh? You have such a picky eye, there are so many good-looking people in the entertainment industry now, but you haven’t found anyone you’re satisfied with?”

Bai Mohua snorted, “Not only must the appearance be good-looking, but also the bone structure must be even and good-looking. I don’t pay attention to the entertainment industry, but there is one person I want to draw.”

Gu Mingli became interested, “Who?”

Just as Bai Mohua was about to say his name, his eyes lit up when he saw the screen on the advertisement on the opposite building, and then he pointed at it, “Him!”

Both Gu Mingli and Nuan Nuan looked over, and saw on the huge billboard on the opposite side, a young man with a beautiful face, who was beyond gender boundaries, smiling at the camera, instantly amazing everyone, and they even faintly heard a lot of people screaming.

“Ahh…!!! Yuyu is back!!!”

“What! Where should I go to pick him up the airport!”

“Yuyu!!! I love him to death.”

“Hurry up… At xxx airport, now it’s still too late.”

“Oh my god, there was no news before.”


And it was news of his imminent return home.

In just a split second, news of the upcoming comeback of the international film star Gu Mingyu was overwhelming the Internet, and seven or eight of the hot searches were occupied by him alone, and this… was just a piece of news.

This was enough to get a glimpse of the influence of this person.

Nuan Nuan looked at the crazy people around, regardless of gender, she couldn’t close her small mouth.

This… was too exaggerated.

“It’s this coquette again!”

Gu Mingli clicked his tongue, and raised his hand to pinch Nuan Nuan’s soft little face, “He used to be the prettiest in the family, but now that Nuan Nuan is back, I’m afraid this position will have to be given up.”

Nuan Nuan looked at her fourth brother blankly, and said “Huh?” in a daze.

Gu Mingli laughed loudly, “Didn’t the little idiot recognize? He is your third brother, Gu Mingyu.”

Nuan Nuan was completely dumbfounded.

That person…that beautiful person turned out to be her third brother!

“Third brother!!!”

Bai Mohua was also stunned for a moment, and then said foolishly, “That’s right, his name is Gu Mingyu.”

Unlike Gu Mingli, who he occasionally saw when he went to Gu family house, he only saw Gu Mingyu when he was very young. He only remembered that he was a good-looking person, but he basically never saw him later.

Because he was very busy in the entertainment industry and he himself only knew how to draw and paint at home. He still knew Gu Mingyu through a person he knew in the circle, and that person was also a fan of Gu Mingyu.

At that time, he simply thought that this person was good-looking and wanted to draw him, and he didn’t think much about Gu family.

Gu Mingli was speechless, this person was really stupid.

He pressed the tip of his tongue against his cheek, pinched the same silly Nuan Nuan and asked.

“Since he’s back, he will definitely go to the company first. The company is here. Does Nuan Nuan want to take a look? This guy doesn’t seem to know you’re back.”

Although it was not the first time for her to see one of her brothers, but every time she had to see one, she would be very nervous.

After all, they didn’t know each other at all before, she was worried about whether her brother would like her and she looked forward to every meeting, her little face was wrinkled together because of the entanglement.

So Gu Mingli directly made the decision for her.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to meet your third brother.”

Nuan Nuan’s thin white fingers grabbed his collar and whispered softly, “Then…then should I bring a gift for third brother?”

Gu Mingli: “What gift does my family’s Nuan Nuan wants to bring?”

Nuan Nuan tightened her fingers on his collar, her little face looking nervous.

“I…I’d better bring a gift for Third Brother.”

That pitiful appearance made her look like a soft little puppy.

Bai Mohua on the side felt a bit sour, “Nuan Nuan didn’t give me a gift yet.”

The little girl comforted him in a childlike voice, “When I came to my uncle’s house, I didn’t know that my cousin was coming back, so Nuan Nuan did not buy a gift for my cousin. Well, cousin can choose whatever he likes.”

Bai Mohua, who was especially easy to coax, was ready in a short while, and the three of them went directly to the mall.

After choosing the gift, Gu Mingli took them to a taxi and went directly to the entertainment company where Gu Mingyu worked, as he called his brother’s manager.

Gu Mingyu, who was returning to the company in a business car, didn’t know that a big surprise was waiting for him.

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