IHSB Ch. 89

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The result of this competition was beyond everyone’s expectations. Who would have thought that such a big dark horse could be produced.

For this contestant named Gu Li, everyone’s impression of him really echoed that sentence, “Being loyal to talent begins with appearance.”

It was a player whose looks surprised them with a talent that surprised them.

The smile on Nuan Nuan’s face hadn’t fallen since the end of the game, it was bright and soft, and her eyes were full of pride for her brother.

Especially when she saw her fourth brother say “Nuan Nuan, I won” to the camera, her little heart was thumping with excitement. Her fourth brother was really amazing.

When Bai Mohua took her to find her fourth brother, Gu Mingli hadn’t changed his clothes yet, and a group of people were surrounding him, among them were the drivers who had raced with him just now, and there were also some smart businessmen in suits and leather shoes.

Of course, those businessmen saw the value of Gu Mingli and wanted to invite him to join the club.

At present, there were several people from several clubs. For Gu Mingli, who was the young man from Xia who broke the siege and won over Chris and Andre, each of them had the attitude that he was bound to win, and the conditions offered were higher and higher. Well, they just wanted to grab him.

This kind of treatment was envied by many racing drivers, and they hoped that they were the ones surrounded by those big clubs.

“Sorry, I don’t have thoughts of joining the club yet.”

Gu Mingli, who was envied, maintained the same attitude towards those clubs, and everyone was refused.

The rejected clubs didn’t understand. Wasn’t he stupid not to join the club with such an advantage now?

But Gu Mingli insisted and these people couldn’t help it.

“You’re really good.” Getting rid of those who invited him into the club, the dark-brown-haired youth gave Gu Mingli a thumbs up, and praised this fascinating boy like a black panther in somewhat broken Chinese.

Andre was a native of Saudi Arabia. He was very tall and had a bold personality. In the final stage of the chase, although he lost in the end, Andre did not feel unwilling or jealous at all. Instead, he felt unprecedented excitement.

“Chris has been chasing me for so many years but failed to overtake me. I didn’t expect to be overtaken by you. The last part of the chase was really exciting.”

He danced and spoke in Chinese mixed with some Saudi language, but it was not difficult to let people understand.

Gu Mingli accepted Andre’s praise with a smile.

“I’m so proud this time. When we meet again in the next game, I will definitely regard you as my opponent.”

Gu Mingli clenched his fist and touched his fist. “I’ll also look forward to the next time we compete.”

Even though he was young, he did not suffer from stage fright at all.

Chris also came over to praise a few words, and he was not someone who couldn’t afford to lose.

Among the people here, probably only Kerr and his companions looked at Gu Mingli unwillingly and enviously.

Especially Kerr, thinking of being provoked during the game, he was narrow-minded and vengeful, and he couldn’t swallow this breath anyway.

“Gu Li, you are crazy. How dare you challenge me like that on the field. I will make you look good.”

After threatening him, he left. If he did anything here, his G-racing career would be over.

Gu Mingli watched him leave coldly, not paying attention to Kerr’s threat.

But Andre and Chris were a little worried, “Gu Li, you have to be careful, Kerr is a despicable person, he might find someone to beat you.”

Gu Mingli nodded, thanking them for their kind reminder.

“I’ll be fine.”

“I hope so, good luck Gu Li.”


As soon as Andre’s voice fell to the door, there was a soft milky voice.

This healing little milk voice instantly attracted the attention of most people, and then they saw a delicate little cutie flying towards the boy like a beautiful butterfly.

And the unruly flamboyance between the young man’s eyebrows also faded a lot in an instant, and there was a nice smile and tenderness in those eyes.

He squatted down on one knee and opened his arms to catch the white and tender little cutie.

“Nuan Nuan.”

Gu Mingli smiled brightly, holding the little girl who flung herself into his arms and rubbed her little furry head.

“Fourth brother~”

The little girl’s soft and glutinous milky voice was filled with obvious joy, her little arms hugged the boy’s neck tightly, and her hairy head arched on his body.

“Fourth brother, you are so amazing. I… My cousin and I have watched all your games. Everyone likes you so much.” The little girl’s eyes were shining, and her little face was flushed with excitement. She was always shy and obedient, and it was the first time she spoke like this, and she gestured excitedly with her small hands.

“They all said that the fourth brother is amazing.” She was very proud.

Gu Mingli smiled even more, pinching her cheeks on both sides with his slender fingers with well-defined bones.

“Are you happy?”

The white jade-like girl raised the corners of her mouth, showing her neat teeth, and nodded vigorously with her eyebrows curved.


“This is the first trophy brother got, I’ll give it to Nuan Nuan.”

Gu Mingli turned around and took out the trophy for this competition and stuffed it into the little girl’s arms.

Suddenly being stuffed with such a big trophy, Nuan Nuan struggled to hold it in her small hands and staggered, and it took a lot of effort to stand crookedly.

Her little face was blushing, “Fourth brother, it’s so…so heavy!”


“Gu Li, is this your sister? She’s so cute.”

“I wish I had such a cute sister.”

Laughter erupted from all around, and the warm little face turned even redder.

Only now did she realize that there were so many people here. Just now, she was only looking at the fourth brother, and she didn’t realize that, these people were all looking at her.

Knowing that the little girl was shy, Gu Mingli couldn’t restrain the corners of his mouth from rising. He took the trophy and put it down. As expected, Nuan Nuan threw herself into his arms as quickly as he expected, and buried a delicate little face that was red to the ears in his arms, then her thin white hands grabbed his clothes and she did not come out for a long time.

Nuan Nuan was ashamed to see others, and felt that she had lost a lot of face and was unwilling to come out, but her reaction was in exchange for more laughter, of course they were all kind.

“Hey Gu Li, is this your younger brother?”

A tall man suddenly patted Bai Mohua on the shoulder and shouted in a very loud voice.

Bai Mohua “…”, couldn’t laugh anymore.

His fair face also gradually turned red, angry.

Gu Mingli hugged Nuan Nuan and stood up straight, with a smile in his eyes, without refuting, he just looked at Bai Mohua with an expression of enjoying the show.

The people here were all tall and strong, at least about 1.8 meters. Bai Mohua’s height of more than 1.7 meters and his thin body stood out among them like a younger brother, not to mention that he was still young.

So it was not their fault that they all considered him Gu Mingli’s younger brother.

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